Autel PowerScan PS100 Circuit Tester: How to Use?
Cables And Adapters / June 16, 2021

With the built- in flashlight, AVOmeter, test light, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, continuity tester, and bad ground indicator, the Autel PowerScan PS100 is truly the ultimate in power and affordability, allowing users to check circuitry in one single step. It offers a fast and accurate solution for every technician to electrical system diagnostics. Read this post to check what it can exactly do and how to use it.   Here is the full package of Autel PS100 Circuit Tester. 1 ×Autel PowerScan PS100 main unit 1 ×Rugged blow molded case 1 ×20ft circuit extension cable 1 ×Probe tip 1 ×Battery hookup clip 1 ×Cigarette lighter adapter 1 ×User manual   What can PowerScan PS100 do and how to use? There are four working modes for Autel PS100 to diagnose the electrical systems, which can be accessed by depressing the Mode Button and cycling through each one. Mode 1: DC Voltage Mode 2: AC Voltage Mode 3: Resistance Mode 4: Tone On/Off Before diagnosis, supply vehicle battery power firstly. -Connect the PS100 battery hookup clips (red clip and black clip) to the vehicle battery as follows. 1.DC Voltage testing: While the tool in this mode, contact the probe tip to a circuit,…

W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool Any Good?
Cables And Adapters / April 13, 2021

Some customers want to find a tool to reset ABS SBC for Benz W211 R230. Our engineer recommends them to choose W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool. What’s good about it? Read this post carefully.   W211 R230 ABS SBC Reset Tool comes with W211/R230 ABS/SBC Tool main unit, OBD2 cable and CD with software. It works on W211 (E-Class) and R230 (SL-Class) with SBC systems, and makes the car maintenance easier without replace the new control module. It’s quick, easy and safe to use with LED indications. Just powers ON when plugged into vehicles OBDII diagnostic connector.   It is ideally suited for: – Brake centers – Independent for Mercedes Ben z workshops – Tire Service centers – Service garages – Quick service centers – For Mercedes Ben z Specialist centers – Automotive Repair Workshops   These types are supported by W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool so far: BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 012 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 013 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 015 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 018 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 019 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 020 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 023 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 025 BOSCH NR: 0 265…

OEM PDR Dent Puller Tools Kits for DIYer Guide
Cables And Adapters / January 12, 2021

There are two new OEM brand PDR Dent Lifter Tools Kits have been released at, which will easily help DIYer or car owner to repair their car dents.   Option 1: 81PCS PDR Dent Lifter Tools Kit Paintless Hail Repair Slide Hammer Puller Tab Price: only £38.00 It comes with the goods as below. Glue Gun GT-10 Dent Rubber Hammer with 9 pcs Tap Down Pen Tools Repairable Car Dent Types for 2 in 1 Dent puller+ for Dents Puller Repair Tool How to use 81PCS PDR Dent Lifter Tools Kit? 1.Confirm dent by line board 2.Glue Gun heat glue stick 3.Clean the dent with a clean rag 4.Adhibit Puller tab on the dent after 3-5min 5.Use 2-in-1 upgraded slide hammer 6.Use Dent lifter for small dents 7.Use another Dents Puller Repair Tool 8.Spray the alcohol on the residual glue and then clean it up with scraper 9.Repair car dents successfully   Option 2: PDR Paintless Dent Repair Tools Dent Puller Bridge DIY Car Body Hail Removal Kit Price: only £18.00 It comes with fewer tools than option 1. How to use Dent Repair Bridge Tool? 1.Clean the dent with a clean rag 2.Insert glue stick into the…

2020 Probes Adapters for Iprog+ Pro Xprog M Without Soldering

Today let’s talk about new 5 in 1 probes adapters for Iprog+ Xprog-M for in-circuit no need soldering. It’s same as old probes adapters (item No. SF269), both of them are cheap but have high quality. They are made from different manufacturers, so there is a little difference in the appearance. The 6.0mm probes adapter colors are different.   Check the comparison chart about these two probes adapters (price, appearance): Product New 5 in 1 probes adapters  Old probes adapters IMG Item No. SF269-B SF269 Price  £17.00 £34.00 (UK ship No Tax) SOP8  - DIP8  - 2.54mm 3.0mm 6.0mm The two probes adapters above can work with both iprog+ programmer and Xprog Box programmer, which can make your work much easier without soldering. 5 in 1 probes adapters for iprog+ connection diagram: SOP8 with iprog+ pro clone                                       DIP8 with iprog+ pro clone                                       2.54mm with iprog+ pro clone 3.0mm with iprog+ pro clone 6.0mm with iprog+ pro clone   5 in 1 probes adapters for Xprog Box ECU programmer connection…

Lonsdor JCD 2-in-1 Multifunctional Programming Cable for Fiat User Manual
Cables And Adapters / June 18, 2020

New Lonsdor JCD 2-in-1 multifunctional programming cable comes with 2 different interfaces to program keys for different cars.                                             What car models are supported by Lonsdor JCD 2-in-1 cable? It supports Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Maserati.   What’s the advantage of JCD 2-in-1 multifunctional programming cable? -Avoid dismantling too many parts, make the key programming easier -Compatible with Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S and more key programmers and diagnostic devices on the market. -Flexible selecting of the probe or the connector according to vehicle models. -3.2 meters length is plentiful for vehicle models with start module based in trunk. -More and more new models with the same IMMO will be applied in the near future   How to use new Lonsdor JCD 2-in-1 programming cable? Connect K518 or other key programmers with car OBD via the any of JCD 2-in-1 cable depends on the car model   Will update the detailed car models here once get the test from the technician who works at  

Xhorse Toyota 8A All Key Lost Adapter User Manual 

This post comes with the user manual of Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-smart key all keys lost adapter. Part 1: Xhorse Toyota 8A All Key Lost adapter function Part 2: Xhorse Toyota 8A All Key Lost adapter vehicle coverage Part 3: Xhorse Toyota 8A all keys lost adapter how to use Part 4: Xhorse Toyota 8A all keys lost adapter FAQs In detail… Part 1: Xhorse Toyota 8A All Key Lost adapter function Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-smart key adapter for all keys lost, works well with VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool Max& Mini OBD tool without dismantling the IMMO box. Note: the Toyota 8A adapter cannot be used alone, needs to work with VVDI2 or key tool max. Part 2: Xhorse Toyota 8A All Key Lost adapter vehicle coverage Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-smart key adapter supports Toyota 8A H chip (non-smart) all keys lost from year 2014 to 2019 via OBD, without disassembling Immobilizer box, incl. Levin, Corolla, Rav4, Prado, Land Cruiser, Camry, Highlander, Reiz and Sienna. Part 3: Xhorse Toyota 8A all keys lost adapter how to use Here is the full package including platform adapter, OBD connector and harness adapter. Platform adapter with harness adapter can be directly connected to the transfer box…

Probes Adapters For IPROG + V82 / XPROG User Guide Manual
Cables And Adapters / March 17, 2020 has released a new probe that can be used for iprog+ ecu programmer and Xprog-M box no need welding line.   What’s probes adapted for Iprog+ for in-circuit:   Probes adapters for Iprog+ comes with 5 cables incl. SOP8, DIP8, 2.54mm, 3.0mm and 6.0mm.   The function of probes adapted for Iprog+ is to make connection more easily for iprog+ car ecu programmer and xprog. Take iprog+ as an example. If use iprog + work with odometers, it needs to weld line on the dashboard as below. But if you works with probes, just connect it directly, very easy and convenient!   Probes adapted for Iprog+ for in-circuit Connection diagram: Probes SOP8   Probes DIP8 Probes 2.54mm Probes 3.0mm     Probes 6.0mm FYI Best price to get combined package:   Item No. SE147-SF269: V82 Iprog+ Car Key Programmer + Probes adapted for IPROG+ (€129.07): Item No. SE147-1+SF269: V82 Iprog+ Pro Key Programmer with 7 adapters +Probes adapted for IPROG+ (€137.97): Item No. SE147-B+SF269: V82 Iprog+ Pro with 7 adapters + probes adapted (€137.97): Item No. SM53-SF269: XPROG-M 6.12 ELDB ECU chip tuning tool with probes adapted (€212.53):