2022 Top 6 Mileage Correction Tools at obdiitool.co.uk
Mileage Programmer / January 11, 2022

We’ve rounded up our 6 favorite mileage correction tools at obdiitool.co.uk:  Xtool X100 Pro2, Digiprog 3, OBDSTAR X300M, Yanhua Digimaster 3, GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster and OBDSTAR ODOMaster.   Top 1: Xtool X100 Pro2 https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/xtool-x100-pro2.html Price: £173 free shipping (UK ship) Function: Odometer adjustment + OBDII diagnosis+ Immobiliser+ EEPROM Pros: It is the best seller among these mileage correction tools. Comes with multi-language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, Russian Supports free update for free for life Key Programmer with EEPROM (Basic 2000-2014 year) supports new keys/ immobilizer/ remote controller/vehicle Identification Number programming and reads keys from immobilizer’s memory Cons: It doesn’t support mileage correction for universal cars, Japanese cars such as TOYOTA (some car models), Honda and other new cars after 2015 year. Some customers gave feedback that it failed to work on their cars. So you’d better ask our customer service if your model is supported before purchasing. More info: Xtool X100 Pro2 Nissan Pin Calculator Car List + How to Read XTOOL X100 PRO2 Key Programming& Odometer Correction Feedbacks Xtool X100 Pro2 Unbiased Customer Reviews XTOOL X100 Pro2 Update Error & Solution (Solved) XTOOL X100 Pro2 “No APPLICATION” Error How to Solve XTOOL X100 PRO2 “System File…

Mileage Programmer / February 22, 2021

GODIAG GD801 ODOMASTER is a new professional mileage correction tool. It’s available with multi-language, supports odometer adjustment, OBDII diagnosis and Oil Service Reset. The software can be updated for free for one year by one-click upgrade. It can be used for the most of  vehicles expect Bentley, Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Honda so far. Though the software update date will be later than OBDSTAR ODO Master, it’s cheaper than ODO Master and covers more function than X300M.   Check the comparison carefully. Function GODIAG  GD801 ODOMASTER (SM68) OBDSTAR ODOMASTER  (SP350) OBDSTAR X300M (SM52) Image Price £460.00 £615.00 £168.00 Software function Read Odometer √ √ √ Write Odometer √ √ √ Read Flash √ √ x Write Flash √ √ x Read EEPROM √ √ √ Write EEPROM √ √ √ OBDII Diagnosis √ √ √ Oil Service Reset √ √ x Wide Vehicle Coverage √(Do not support Bentley, Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Honda) √ (Do not work on Honda) √ One-Click Upgrade √ √ x Software update Free Update Online for One Year Free Update Online for One Year, No Need Tokens No more update Language English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish (Default English, for the other language,…

OBDSTAR Eagle Car Mileage/VIN detector User Manual

The new OBDSTAR diagnostic tool- OBDSTAR Eagle car mileage VIN detector is coming soon in September 2020.   What is OBDSTAR car mileage/ VIN detector? The purpose of it is to detect whether the car VIN or mileage has been tampered. Besides that, it also can identify the status of the vehicle via OBD so as to provide scientific basis for vehicle identification and value evaluation. Note: the appearance is same as OBDSTAR ODOMASTER.   Who should need OBDSTAR car mileage/ VIN detector? It’s better to be used by second-hand car market and insurance companies.   What’s the highlight of OBDSTAR car mileage? -Appearance: Industrial design, 5-inch display -Update: WIFI one-key upgrade -O.S: Android 5.1.1 -Language: English -Function: Read the VIN code and mileage values of different modules of the car through OBDⅡ Compact dimensions are giving the possibility of performing the inspection almost Everywhere Lower the following risks: Fraud and insurance/maintenance costs Remarketing B2C Fraud and insurance/maintenance costs   What is the specification of OBDSTAR VIN detector? CPU: RK3128 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7 Battery: 2500mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD (TF) card supported Storage capacity: 16GB LCD: 5.0 inch LCD resolution: 800*600 Touch screen: capacitive touch…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/ODOMASTER/X300 PRO4 Renault IMMO Help Function

Offer the Renault IMMO Help function car list for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus, ODO Master and X300 Pro4 key programmers. In the help function, you can check the car model, pictures, tips and remote, etc. Make the operation more easily. Car make Car model Year Submenu Renault CLIO 2006-2012 Smart Key System Renault CLIO 2006-2012 Immobiliser Renault CLIO 2000-2008 Renault CLIO IV -2015 Renault CLIO IV 2016- Renault DOKKER Renault DUSTER 2014-2018 Renault DUSTER 2010-2014 Renault ESPACE 2015- Blade key Renault ESPACE 2015- Card Key Renault ESPACE 2002-2015 2 KEY Renault ESPACE 2002-2015 3 KEY Renault FLUENCE 2008-2016 Renault KANGOO 2008- Renault KANGOO 2003-2008 Renault KOLEOS 2016- Blade key Renault KOLEOS 2016- Card Key Renault KOLEOS 2010-2016 Renault KOLEOS -2010 Renault KADJAR 2016- Blade key Renault KADJAR 2016- Card Key Renault LAGUNA 2007-2011 Renault LAGUNA -2007 2 KEY Renault LAGUNA -2007 3 KEY Renault LATITUDE Renault LOGAN 2013- Type 1 Renault LOGAN 2013- Type 2 Renault LOGAN 2010-2013 Renault LOGAN 2006-2010 Renault MASTER 2008- Renault MASTER 2002-2007 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2008-2011 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2006-2009 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2002-2006 Renault MEGANE 2015- Blade key Renault MEGANE 2015- Card Key Renault MEGANE 2008-2015 Renault MEGANE 2002-2008 Renault MODUS 2004-2012 Immobiliser Renault…

VNPRO VW Super Mileage Programmer Car List& Function Test
Mileage Programmer / June 12, 2020

Today introduce a new cost-effective odometer correction tool– VNPRO super programmer. What can VNPRO super programmer do? It’s specially designed for Brazilian and Indian VW to adjust mileage, read out Immobilizer PinCode, CX code and key ID.   What car models are supported by VNPRO VW super programmer? -NEW JETTA 2015-2019 – NEW BORA 2015-2019 – New C-TREK 2016-2020 – New VISTA 2015-2019 – Brazilian POLO 2015-2020 – Brazilian GOLF 2015-2020 – Brazilian SASTA 2015-2020 – Indian VSTER 2015-2020 – Indian POLO 2015-2020 – Indian SALER 2015-2020 – India JETTA 2015-2020 How to use VNPRO super mileage programmer? Prepare one car (or dashboard) and VNPRO VW super programmer Note: The VDO 35 xx with LCD driver module need to install additional filter. Connect the VNPRO super programmer with vehicle dashboard There are 3 functions in the main menu: Read KM Write KM Read CS+VIN Note: It’s easy to use. Just follow your need to press the [UP], [DOWN], [LEFT], [RIGHT] and [OK] button on the VNPRO device until complete whole operation.   1.Read KM Select “Read KM” and press [OK] button to read data It will take about 3 minute.   2.Write KM: When read out the original KM, select “Write KM” and press [OK] button…

GODIAG Hand-Held Key Programmers User Manual

Here mainly introduces 5 kinds of GODAIG brand car key programmers newly released at obdiitool.co.uk- GODIAG K100, K101, K102, K103 and K104. They have same appearance, package, function and features, but are designed for different car models. With the shockproof & durable design and HD color display screen, they can make the key programming easier and faster for auto technicians, individuals, etc. All the GODIAG tools currently support pre-ordering. The prices are cheaper than the original one. Check the details below. Product GODIAG K100  GODIAG K101 GODIAG K102 GODIAG K103 GODIAG K104    Item No. SK291 SK292 SK293 SK294 SK295 IMG Pre-order Price £90.00 (free shipping) £90.00 (free shipping) £90.00 (free shipping) £90.00 (free shipping) £90.00 (free shipping) Function Support all key lost, pin code read, add keys, program remote, replace Engine ECU, program ID Box with Steering Lock/remote Engine Start Feature 1.Fast and Stable Operation; 2.HD Color Display Screen; 3.Shockproof and Durable Design; 4.Support High Capacity TF Card or USB Vehicle coverage CHRYSLER/JEEP Mazda/ Subaru GM/CHEVROLET/BUICK NISSAN/Infiniti TOYOTA Specification:   CPU: ARM7 Display Screen: TF 320×240 Dimension: 202x106x31.6mm Power Supply: DC12V Work Voltage: DC12V Work Temperature: -20-60℃ Package:   IMG   Package includes (except the main unit is different, other…

GODIAG Mileage Correction Tools: GODIAG M200 VS M201 VS M202 VS M203 VS M204
Mileage Programmer / June 7, 2020

Obdiitool.co.uk has released 5 professional GODIAG hand-held mileage programmers. They come with HD color display screen, support high capacity TF/USB, can be used fast and easily. Though the hard appearance and package of them are same, the car models supported are different. Check details below. Product GODIAG M200  GODIAG M201 GODIAG M202 GODIAG M203 GODIAG M204  Item No.  SM61  SM62  SM63  SM64 SM65 IMG Pre-order price £90.00 £90.00 £90.00 £90.00 £90.00 Function Read Odometer; Write Odometer; Odometer reset Feature 1.Fast and Stable Operation; 2.HD Color Display Screen; 3.Shockproof and Durable Design; 4.Support High Capacity TF Card or USB Vehicle coverage  CHRYSLER/JEEP II  FORD GM/CHEVROLET/BUICK VW  Hyundai Package includes: (except the main unit is different, other accessories are same)     1pc x GODIAG M200 main unit 1pc x GODIAG M201 main unit 1pc x GODIAG M202 main unit 1pc x GODIAG M203 main unit 1pc x GODIAG M204 main unit 1pc x Main Cable 1pc x Main Cable 1pc x Main Cable 1pc x Main Cable 1pc x Main Cable 1pc x SD Card Reader 1pc x SD Card Reader 1pc x SD Card Reader 1pc x SD Card Reader 1pc x SD Card Reader 1.GODIAG M200 software support car list:…

Can Mercedes B180 (W246) Adjust Mileage by OBDSTAR ODO Master?
Mileage Programmer / February 19, 2020

  Is it possible to use OBDSTAR ODO Master to correct odometer for Mercedes-Benz B180 W246? The answer is Yes.   Here are the full Mercedes-Benz car models covered by OBDSTAR ODO Master. Benz B series W246 is one of them. Brand Model Year Benz A Series W169 Benz A Series W176 Benz B Series W245 Benz B Series W246 Benz C Series W203 Benz C Series W204 Benz C Series W205 Benz CLA Series W117 Benz CLK Series C2079E-Coupe) Benz CLK Series W209 Benz CLS Series W218(2011-) Benz E Series A201(E-Cabrio) Benz E Series W211 Benz E Series W212 Benz G Series W463 Benz GL Series X164 Benz GLK Series X204 Benz ML Series W164 Benz ML Series W166 Benz R Series W251 Benz S Series W221 Benz S Series W222 Benz S Series C216 Benz SL Series R231 Benz SLC Series R197 Benz SLK Series R171 Benz SLK Series R172   ODO Master is a new Android-based 5” tablet specialized for cluster calibration and oil service reset. It’s easier to use and covers more car models than OBDSTAR X300M.   OBDSTAR ODOMASTER Highlights: 1.The update cycle is short and fast (updated every 2-3 days) 2.Free upgrade within one…

OBDSTAR ODO Master Test Report: Correct Mileage for VW NEC24C64/ PASSAT
Mileage Programmer / December 30, 2019

Here share two ODO Master VW mileage adjustment test reports which have been confirmed by OBDIITOOL.CO.UK engineer.   ODO Mater newest price: €727.83 (was €885.30) http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-odomaster-mileage-programmer.html   Purpose: Check if ODOMaster can adjust mileage for 2008 VW PASSAT and 2013 VW NEC24C64 or not   All need: Device: OBDSTAR ODO Master mileage programmer Car dashboard: 2008 VW PASSAT VDO K line, 2013 VW NEC24C64 color screen type   Preparation: Record the original mileage 2008 VW PASSAT is 250000km 2013 VW NEC24C64 is 60000km Connect ODO Master to car dashboard Enter ODO Master main interface   Procedure: Test 1: ODO Master correct odometer for VW PASSAT 2008 video demo:  Select “Diag Program”-> Cluster Calibrate” -> “VW”-> “VW V31.99” -> “Select from vehicle”-> “Passat”-> “VDO K line” Reading mileage… Read out the mileage is correct Input new mileage: 230000km Confirm the value just enter is right Then start to adjust mileage Finish adjustment The new mileage shows on the car dashboard successfully   Test 2: ODO Master correct odometer for VW NEC24C64 2013: video demo: Select “Diag Program”-> “Cluster Calibrate”-> “VW”-> “VW V31.99” -> “Select from type”-> “Identify Odometer Types” Indentify the odometer type is NEC+ 24C64 (2013 Color screen) Then…

OBDSTAR ODOMaster Correct Mileage for LAND ROVER (2010-2019)
Mileage Programmer / November 3, 2019

OBDSTAR ODO master is a professional mileage correction tool for more than 40 mainstream vehicle models incl. LANDROVER. Check the latest car list below before buying the OBDSTAR mileage programmer.   OBDSTAR ODOMASTER calibrate cluster for LANDROVER   The latest ODOMaster mileage adjustment car list for LANDROVER: Car make Model Year Functionality LANDROVER DISCOVERY 4 2015- Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER DISCOVERY 4 2010-2014 Mileage Calibration LANDROVER RANGE ROVER 2017 Mileage Calibration LANDROVER RANGE ROVER(Full LCD) 2015 Mileage Calibration LANDROVER RANGE ROVER 2010- Mileage Calibration LANDROVER RANGE ROVER SPRORT (Full LCD) 2017 Mileage Calibration LANDROVER RANGE ROVER SPRORT (With Pointer) 2016 Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER RANGE ROVER SPRORT 2014 Read EEPROM Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER RANGE ROVER SPRORT 2010 Mileage Calibration LANDROVER EVOQUE 2017- Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER EVOQUE 2015- Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER EVOQUE 2011- Read EEPROM Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER FREELANDER2 2013 Read EEPROM Mileage Calibration Write EEPROM LANDROVER VELAR(24C64) 2018 Mileage Calibration   Learn more car models OBDSTAR ODOMASTER supported, click here: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-odomaster-mileage-programmer.html    

OBDSTAR ODOMaster Correct Mileage for Renault (2013- 2019)
Mileage Programmer / October 29, 2019

Look here: OBDIITOOL.CO.UK updates the newest OBDSTAR OdoMaster mileage adjustment car list for Renault. Car make Car model Year Functionality RENAULT Captur Block ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Captur Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Block ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Clio Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IVBlock ABS 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Unlock DASH 2017- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Block ABS 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Trafic IV Unlock DASH 2013- Mileage Calibration Write FLASH RENAULT Twingo III   Mileage Calibration Write FLASH   Note: Please check if the car model is covered by ODO Master or not before purchasing. If you want to learn more details, click here: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-odomaster-mileage-programmer.html    

OBDSTAR ODOMASTER X300M Odometer Adjustment Abilities, Car List
Mileage Programmer / October 18, 2019

OBDSTAR Odomaster is a new odometer correction tool. With the latest cluster calibration technology from OBDSTAR, it’s very easy to use, and supports more wide car models than X300M, will be a good choice for different users. This article mainly introduces the abilities and car list about this OBDSTAR mileage programmer.   What can OBDSTAR ODOMASTER do? It can do all the following functions via OBDII: Data backup/ data recovery/ odometer reading / odometer writing/ odometer reset/ oil service reset/ DTC reading & clearing/ one-click upgrade   Which car models does OBDSTAR ODOMASTER support? It supports the cars below: 1.Europe: ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BENTLEY, BENZ, BMW/Mini, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, FERRARI, FLAT, JAGUAR, LANCIA, LANDROVER, MASERATI, OPEL, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SMART, VOLVO, IVECO, SKODA, SEAT, VW 2.Japan: ISUZU, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, INFINITE, NISSAN, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA 3.Korea: HYUNDAI, KIA, SSANGYONG 3.America: FORD/LINCOLN, CHRYSLER, GM 4.China: GEELY, BESTURN, CHANGAN, ROEWE MG, ROEWE Source: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-odomaster-mileage-programmer.html    

How to Reset 35128WT Odometer with CG Pro?
Mileage Programmer / October 4, 2019

To reset 35128WT odometer with CG Pro 9S12 programmer, you will need a 35160WT Adapter. The  Adapter will help reset 35160WT , 35128WT etc eeprom. Connect 36160wt adapter with CGpro Open CG-Pro software Select Vehicle->Odometer->35128WT Method 2 Read 35128wt data Save data CGPro will display current odometer Press Write icon Manually enter mileage you desired Write new mileage Check the new mileage www.obdiitool.co.uk

Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz Odometer Correction Vehicle List
Mileage Programmer / August 23, 2019

Here comes the Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz odometer correction vehicle list. Some can be done via OBD, some need to remove to read memory, some requires to solder contacts. ICP, OBP, 9-PIN or 38-PIN adapter are required on specific models.   Digimaster 3 Benz car list: Car Model Method Adapter Storage Location CLS Class W219 -2011 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E class W212 -2011 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E class W212 -2011 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster GL Class X164 v1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster GL Class X164 v2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster ML Class W164 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster ML Class W164 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster R Class W251 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster R Class W251 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E-Coupe W207 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster CLS Class W218 2011- Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SLS Class R197 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SLK Class R171 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SL Class R230 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster CLK Class W209 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E Class W211 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster S Class W211 W216 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster A Class V1- A160 Soldering Contacts OBP Cluster A Class V2-2005 3L40K Cluster: Memory Directly EIS:…

BMW X1 2010 Mileage Correction with CG Pro Programmer
Mileage Programmer / August 15, 2019

How-to: 2010 BMW X1 mileage correction step-by-step using cg pro 9s12 programmer. Car Model: BMW X1 (imported version) Year: 2010 model Instrument tray table: 35080 Guard against theft: CAS3-0L15Y Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer Operation: mileage repair Operation: 1. View specific models. 2. Record the original mileage. 3. The vehicle power off, remove the instrument module, view the style, determine the storage chip. 4. Remove the CAS module, view the style, and determine the storage chip. 5. Open the special CGPRO software and enter the corresponding operation interface. First, clean the instrument chip, place it into the adapter and repair it into the target mileage. 6. Clean the glue on CAS module, use DB25 adapter wiring, and repair it into target mileage. 7. The instrument panel and CAS have been processed and loaded. Some will appear fault code, clear code. 8. Reset mileage success.

OBDSTAR X300M OBD Odometer Correction Car List till April 2019
Mileage Programmer / August 5, 2019

Here comes the OBDSTAR X300M OBD odometer correction tool vehicle list till April 2019. Keep eyes on the new upgrade.   ALFA 147 93C86 NEC 159 VDO Brera 93C86 VDO   Bentley Coninental -2007 2008- Mousse   BEN A Series W169 W176 B Series W245 W246 C Series W203(2007.04-) W204 W205 CLA Series W117 CLK Series C207(E-COUPE) W209 CLS Series W218(2011-) E Series A207(E-CABRIO) W211 W212 G Series W463 GL Series X164 GLK Series X204 ML Series W164 W166 R Series W251 S Series W221 W222 C216 SL Series R231 SLC Series R197 SLK Series R171 R172   CHRYSLER 1500 2002-2005 2000-2001 200 2015 2010- 2500 2003-2005 300C 2011- -2010 300M 2001-2004 1998-2000 3500 2003-2005 Aspen 2006- Avenger 2010- 2007-2009 Caliber 2009- 2006-2008 Caravan 2012- 2011 2008-2010 2001-2007 Charger 2011- 2004- Cherokee 2015 Commander 2005- Compass 2008- 2005-2007 Concord 2001-2004 1998-2000 Dakota 2004- 2001-2003 Durango 2014- 2011- 2007-2010 2004-2006 2001-2003 Grand Cherokee 2014- 2011- 2005-2010 2002-2004 Interepid 2001-2004 1998-2000 Journey 2008- LHS 2001-2004 1998-2000 Liberty 2008- 2002-2007 Magnum 2004- Neon 2001- 1999-2001 New Sebring 2007- 2001-2006 Nitro 2006- Pacifica 2007- 2003-2006 Patriot 2006- 2014- PT Cruiser 2006- 2002-2005 1999-2001 RAM 2011- 2009- 2006-2008 Sebring 2010- 2007-2009 2001-2006 SRI SRI-5 2005-…

Digimaster 3 with Clip Adapter no Soldering is Required
Mileage Programmer / July 29, 2019

Question: I want to buy Digimaster 3 with clip adapter so no soldering is required   Answer: Yes, the clip adapter no soldering is required, comes with diagnostic function. It can work together with Yanhua Digimaster3, CKM100, Auto Digital Master etc.   With this clip adapter, all 8 feet IC chip doesn’t need to be removed and desoldered.   This is ICP tester:   How does ICP tester work together with Auto Digital Master or Digimaster III (D3)?   Follow the above image to connect Digimaster3 (or Auto Digital Master) to the ICP tester, open the D3 software. Please clip the chip well and note the chip pins (the red wire stands for the pin-1).   On the ICP tester, choose the corresponding chip type, click on “Test” to test if the pin is correct or not.   On the ICP tester display, you will see the diagnostic successful message. On the D3 or Auto Digital Master menu, select the corresponding chip type to read the data, try to reading for more than 2 times, compare if the data is the same, if yes means the data reading succeed.   www.obdiitool.co.uk

BMW 7 Series 2018 odometer correction with Yanhua YH35XX Simulator + CAN Filter
Mileage Programmer / July 26, 2019

Have BMW 7 series 2018 to correct odometer, one Yanhua YH35XX Programmer with simulator (€129) + Can filter (€26.99) ,no need the big digimaster 3.   This is Yanhua YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator:   From: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-35xx-programmer-and-simulator.html Plug the programmer to the computer to run the software directly. Simulator replaces the original 35160WT /35128WT eeprom. No red dot on odometer.   This is YH CAN Filter: From: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/mb-can-filter-12-in-1.html Just connect this filter to the plug behind the instrument (the black cable is 1 pin).   ***After odometer correction complete, the odometer in the key will be synchronized with that in the dashboard, no need to process the odometer in the key. www.obdiitool.co.uk