OBDSTAR ODOMASTER X300M Odometer Adjustment Abilities, Car List
Mileage Programmer / October 18, 2019

OBDSTAR Odomaster is a new odometer correction tool. With the latest cluster calibration technology from OBDSTAR, it’s very easy to use, and supports more wide car models than X300M, will be a good choice for different users. This article mainly introduces the abilities and car list about this OBDSTAR mileage programmer.   What can OBDSTAR ODOMASTER do? It can do all the following functions via OBDII: Data backup/ data recovery/ odometer reading / odometer writing/ odometer reset/ oil service reset/ DTC reading & clearing/ one-click upgrade   Which car models does OBDSTAR ODOMASTER support? It supports the cars below: 1.Europe: ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BENTLEY, BENZ, BMW/Mini, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, FERRARI, FLAT, JAGUAR, LANCIA, LANDROVER, MASERATI, OPEL, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SMART, VOLVO, IVECO, SKODA, SEAT, VW 2.Japan: ISUZU, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, INFINITE, NISSAN, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA 3.Korea: HYUNDAI, KIA, SSANGYONG 3.America: FORD/LINCOLN, CHRYSLER, GM 4.China: GEELY, BESTURN, CHANGAN, ROEWE MG, ROEWE Source: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-odomaster-mileage-programmer.html    

How to Reset 35128WT Odometer with CG Pro?
Mileage Programmer / October 4, 2019

To reset 35128WT odometer with CG Pro 9S12 programmer, you will need a 35160WT Adapter. The  Adapter will help reset 35160WT , 35128WT etc eeprom. Connect 36160wt adapter with CGpro Open CG-Pro software Select Vehicle->Odometer->35128WT Method 2 Read 35128wt data Save data CGPro will display current odometer Press Write icon Manually enter mileage you desired Write new mileage Check the new mileage www.obdiitool.co.uk

Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz Odometer Correction Vehicle List
Mileage Programmer / August 23, 2019

Here comes the Yanhua Digimaster III Mercedes Benz odometer correction vehicle list. Some can be done via OBD, some need to remove to read memory, some requires to solder contacts. ICP, OBP, 9-PIN or 38-PIN adapter are required on specific models.   Digimaster 3 Benz car list: Car Model Method Adapter Storage Location CLS Class W219 -2011 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E class W212 -2011 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E class W212 -2011 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster GL Class X164 v1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster GL Class X164 v2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster ML Class W164 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster ML Class W164 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster R Class W251 V1 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster R Class W251 V2 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E-Coupe W207 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster CLS Class W218 2011- Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SLS Class R197 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SLK Class R171 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster SL Class R230 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster CLK Class W209 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster E Class W211 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster S Class W211 W216 Diagnostic CAN-OBD DM1 Cluster A Class V1- A160 Soldering Contacts OBP Cluster A Class V2-2005 3L40K Cluster: Memory Directly EIS:…

BMW X1 2010 Mileage Correction with CG Pro Programmer
Mileage Programmer / August 15, 2019

How-to: 2010 BMW X1 mileage correction step-by-step using cg pro 9s12 programmer. Car Model: BMW X1 (imported version) Year: 2010 model Instrument tray table: 35080 Guard against theft: CAS3-0L15Y Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer Operation: mileage repair Operation: 1. View specific models. 2. Record the original mileage. 3. The vehicle power off, remove the instrument module, view the style, determine the storage chip. 4. Remove the CAS module, view the style, and determine the storage chip. 5. Open the special CGPRO software and enter the corresponding operation interface. First, clean the instrument chip, place it into the adapter and repair it into the target mileage. 6. Clean the glue on CAS module, use DB25 adapter wiring, and repair it into target mileage. 7. The instrument panel and CAS have been processed and loaded. Some will appear fault code, clear code. 8. Reset mileage success.

OBDSTAR X300M OBD Odometer Correction Car List till April 2019
Mileage Programmer / August 5, 2019

Here comes the OBDSTAR X300M OBD odometer correction tool vehicle list till April 2019. Keep eyes on the new upgrade.   ALFA 147 93C86 NEC 159 VDO Brera 93C86 VDO   Bentley Coninental -2007 2008- Mousse   BEN A Series W169 W176 B Series W245 W246 C Series W203(2007.04-) W204 W205 CLA Series W117 CLK Series C207(E-COUPE) W209 CLS Series W218(2011-) E Series A207(E-CABRIO) W211 W212 G Series W463 GL Series X164 GLK Series X204 ML Series W164 W166 R Series W251 S Series W221 W222 C216 SL Series R231 SLC Series R197 SLK Series R171 R172   CHRYSLER 1500 2002-2005 2000-2001 200 2015 2010- 2500 2003-2005 300C 2011- -2010 300M 2001-2004 1998-2000 3500 2003-2005 Aspen 2006- Avenger 2010- 2007-2009 Caliber 2009- 2006-2008 Caravan 2012- 2011 2008-2010 2001-2007 Charger 2011- 2004- Cherokee 2015 Commander 2005- Compass 2008- 2005-2007 Concord 2001-2004 1998-2000 Dakota 2004- 2001-2003 Durango 2014- 2011- 2007-2010 2004-2006 2001-2003 Grand Cherokee 2014- 2011- 2005-2010 2002-2004 Interepid 2001-2004 1998-2000 Journey 2008- LHS 2001-2004 1998-2000 Liberty 2008- 2002-2007 Magnum 2004- Neon 2001- 1999-2001 New Sebring 2007- 2001-2006 Nitro 2006- Pacifica 2007- 2003-2006 Patriot 2006- 2014- PT Cruiser 2006- 2002-2005 1999-2001 RAM 2011- 2009- 2006-2008 Sebring 2010- 2007-2009 2001-2006 SRI SRI-5 2005-…

Digimaster 3 with Clip Adapter no Soldering is Required
Mileage Programmer / July 29, 2019

Question: I want to buy Digimaster 3 with clip adapter so no soldering is required   Answer: Yes, the clip adapter no soldering is required, comes with diagnostic function. It can work together with Yanhua Digimaster3, CKM100, Auto Digital Master etc.   With this clip adapter, all 8 feet IC chip doesn’t need to be removed and desoldered.   This is ICP tester:   How does ICP tester work together with Auto Digital Master or Digimaster III (D3)?   Follow the above image to connect Digimaster3 (or Auto Digital Master) to the ICP tester, open the D3 software. Please clip the chip well and note the chip pins (the red wire stands for the pin-1).   On the ICP tester, choose the corresponding chip type, click on “Test” to test if the pin is correct or not.   On the ICP tester display, you will see the diagnostic successful message. On the D3 or Auto Digital Master menu, select the corresponding chip type to read the data, try to reading for more than 2 times, compare if the data is the same, if yes means the data reading succeed.   www.obdiitool.co.uk

BMW 7 Series 2018 odometer correction with Yanhua YH35XX Simulator + CAN Filter
Mileage Programmer / July 26, 2019

Have BMW 7 series 2018 to correct odometer, one Yanhua YH35XX Programmer with simulator (€129) + Can filter (€26.99) ,no need the big digimaster 3.   This is Yanhua YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator:   From: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-35xx-programmer-and-simulator.html Plug the programmer to the computer to run the software directly. Simulator replaces the original 35160WT /35128WT eeprom. No red dot on odometer.   This is YH CAN Filter: From: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/mb-can-filter-12-in-1.html Just connect this filter to the plug behind the instrument (the black cable is 1 pin).   ***After odometer correction complete, the odometer in the key will be synchronized with that in the dashboard, no need to process the odometer in the key. www.obdiitool.co.uk