2021 Honda Accord Proximity All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus
Car Key Programmer / March 18, 2021

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus adds Honda Accord, Crider, Inspire, Envix 2020 Knob key all keys lost till 2020/2021. This post will share the guide to program 2011 Honda Accord Proximity all keys lost.   Procedure: Step 1: Register smart keys Step 2: Check Key quantity   Step 1: Register smart keys Connect X300 DP Plus to the car via the main cable Enter the tablet main menu Select IMMO-> Asia-> HONDA/ACURA-> HONDA/ACURA V31.45-> HONDA-> Manual Select Model-> ASIA-> ACCORD-> PROXIMITY-> BUTTON-> TYPE 3 If the ignition is not turned on, press and hold the start button When the ignition is turned on, release the engine start/stop button Then select SMART KEY-> All smart keys lost Read the programming conditions on the screen and continue The function will erase all keys, just confirm it and continue Press the engine start/stop button, don’t depress the brake Wait 6s for the ECU to stabilize Place an original proximity key in the vehicle, and remove other proximity keys in the vehicle Press and hold the start button again and release the engine button when the ignition is on Confirm the car is a new model which is year 2020 or later Input the register…

OBDSTAR Key SIM with X300 DP Plus Work 100% on Toyota/LEXUS All Smart Keys Lost
Car Key Programmer / December 23, 2020

Obdiitool.co.uk has newly launched a OBDSTAR Key SIM 5 in 1 key simulator. It can be used with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus (Key Master DP Plus), X300 DP and X300 Pro4 (Key Master 5) to calculate password for Porsche (2005-2010), HYUNDAI/KIA 46 transponder and support Toyota/ Lexus 4D &H smart key simulation, etc. In fact, it’s a good simulator to replace Toyota simulator card 1-4.   Something important to know: If you have Toyota simulated key 1/2/3/4 in hand, now you can update X300 DP Plus TOYOTA software to the latest version 32.37 so that they can work well together.   With these simulator keys and newest IMMO-TOYOTA V32.37, users are allowed to use X300 DP Plus to program the following type of Toyota smart keys when all keys have lost. Emulator key 1 for Toyota smart key 94/D4 type Emulator key 2 for Toyota smart key 98 type Emulator key 3 for Toyota smart key 88/A8 type Emulator key 4 for Toyota smart key A9 type But for new users, you need to know that these simulator keys are cancelled products because of the server breakdown. Therefore you should use the newly released all-in-one OBDSTAR Key SIM emulator to replace…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/ODOMASTER/X300 PRO4 Renault IMMO Help Function

Offer the Renault IMMO Help function car list for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus, ODO Master and X300 Pro4 key programmers. In the help function, you can check the car model, pictures, tips and remote, etc. Make the operation more easily. Car make Car model Year Submenu Renault CLIO 2006-2012 Smart Key System Renault CLIO 2006-2012 Immobiliser Renault CLIO 2000-2008 Renault CLIO IV -2015 Renault CLIO IV 2016- Renault DOKKER Renault DUSTER 2014-2018 Renault DUSTER 2010-2014 Renault ESPACE 2015- Blade key Renault ESPACE 2015- Card Key Renault ESPACE 2002-2015 2 KEY Renault ESPACE 2002-2015 3 KEY Renault FLUENCE 2008-2016 Renault KANGOO 2008- Renault KANGOO 2003-2008 Renault KOLEOS 2016- Blade key Renault KOLEOS 2016- Card Key Renault KOLEOS 2010-2016 Renault KOLEOS -2010 Renault KADJAR 2016- Blade key Renault KADJAR 2016- Card Key Renault LAGUNA 2007-2011 Renault LAGUNA -2007 2 KEY Renault LAGUNA -2007 3 KEY Renault LATITUDE Renault LOGAN 2013- Type 1 Renault LOGAN 2013- Type 2 Renault LOGAN 2010-2013 Renault LOGAN 2006-2010 Renault MASTER 2008- Renault MASTER 2002-2007 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2008-2011 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2006-2009 Renault MEGANE SCENIC 2002-2006 Renault MEGANE 2015- Blade key Renault MEGANE 2015- Card Key Renault MEGANE 2008-2015 Renault MEGANE 2002-2008 Renault MODUS 2004-2012 Immobiliser Renault…

AUDI A4L 2012 Mileage Adjust by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus
Car Key Programmer / April 20, 2020

Topic: How to use OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 to correct odometer on a 2012 AUDI A4L?   Preparation: OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus 8 inch tablet 2012 AUDI A4L dashboard   Procedure: Connect X300 DP plus key programmer to the dashboard Record the current mileage Select Diag Program -> CLUSTER CALIBRATE->AUDI-> AUDI V32.00 Initializing… Select A4L-> 2008-2012-> Mileage Adjustment Communicating… Read out the current mileage, then press Enter to continue Input new mileage you want to adjust Adjusting mileage Note: in general, it will take about 10 -45 minutes, please keep patient Adjustment complete Besides A4L, OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus also support A3, A4, A5, A6 and more models. Check all the AUDI models read/write KM, read/ write EEPROM etc. supported by X300 PAD2 below. AUDI V32.00 (L): Brand Area MODEL Year Dashboard Type Read KM Write KM Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Other function AUDI ALL A3 2003-2006   ✔ ✔       AUDI ALL A3 2007-2010   ✔ ✔     Error Repair AUDI ALL A4 2002-2005 RB4 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔   AUDI ALL A4 2006-2007 RB8 ✔ ✔       AUDI ALL A4L 2008-2012   ✔ ✔       AUDI ALL A4L 2013-   ✔ ✔       AUDI ALL…

OBDSTAR Odomaster vs. X300 PRO4 vs. X300 dp plus
Car Key Programmer / October 27, 2019

The three obdstar devices differ in functions, coverage, price. They all enjoy one -year free update online.   obdstar odo master: a dedicated odometer correction tool; no super luxury car makes like: Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth etc. Price: 670GBP obdstar X300 PRO4: a dedicated key programmer. Price: 755GBP   obdstar x300 dp plus: yes for odometer correction + key programming /pin code reading + service reset etc. All makes coverage except Indian, Malaysian cars. Price: 1310GBP   A comparison table between obdstar x300 pro4 and X300 dp plus: X300DP Plus X300 Pro 4       Available Or Not Software(Immo) Programming Keys √ √ Erase Keys √ √ Programming Remote √ √ Read Key Numbers √ √ Pincode Reading √ √ EEPROM Chip Read √ √ OBDII Diagnosis √ √ Cluster Calibration √ × Diagnosis √ × ECU Clone √ × ECU Programming √ × Oil Service Reset √ × Other Special Functions √ × RT100 Remote √ × Luxury Models Coverage √ Not support: Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth) Specification Operating System Android5.1.1 Android 5.1.1 Camera supported × CPU Exynos4418 Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz RK3128 quad-core,ARM Cortex A7@1.2Ghz Battery 3700mA,rechargeable polymer lithium battery 2600Ma lithium ion Extension Memory Card 32G Micro SD(TF)…

Comparison: OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 and X300 DP Plus
Car Key Programmer / October 18, 2019

X300 PRO4 is the professional OBDSTAR key programmer same as X300 DP plus. What’s the difference between them? Which is better?   OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (IMMO function): Product X300 DP Plus X300 Pro 4   Picture Function Available Or Not Programming Keys √ √ Erase Keys √ √ Programming Remote √ √ Read Key Numbers √ √ Pincode Reading √ √ EEPROM Chip Read √ √ OBDII Diagnosis √ √ Cluster Calibration √ × Diagnosis √ × ECU Clone √ × ECU Programming √ × Oil Service Reset √ × Other Special Functions √ × RT100 Remote √ × Luxury Models Coverage √ not support Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/ Alfa Romeo/Abarth   OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (specification): Product X300 DP Plus X300 Pro4 Operating System Android 5.1.1 Android 5.1.1 Camera supported       × CPU Exynos4418 Dual Core ARM Cortex RK3128 quad-core, A9 1.4GHz ARM Cortex A7@1.2Ghz Battery 3700mA,rechargeable polymer lithium battery 2600Ma lithium ion Extension Memory Card 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported Storage Capacity 32GB 16GB LCD 8.0 inch 5.0 inch LCD resolution 1280*800 800*600 Touch screen Capacitive touch screen Capacitive touch screen Wi-Fi supported supported Working Temperature -10℃~55℃(14℉~131℉) -20℃~55℃(14℉~131℉) Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉) -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉) Weight about 1.0kg about 700g Dimension 254mm*174mm*35mm 140mm*89mm*18mm     OBDSTAR x300 pro4 vs. X300 DP plus (accessories): Product X300 DP PAD2 X300 Pro4 image   OBDSTAR X300 PRO4: Price: €858.13 with free shipping (was €903.6)   http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-x300-pro-4-key-programmer.html   OBDSTAR X300 DP plus key master (full version): Price: €1,488.95 with free shipping (was €1,817.42)   http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-x300-dp-plus-full-version-c.html  …

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Test on Fiat Delphin/2018 Doblo Successfully
Car Key Programmer / October 10, 2019

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus is a great auto key programmer for FIAT. Here have collected some test reports on FIAT about reading pincode and programming key.   OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD2 read Pincode for FIAT Delphi 93C66-success Open OBDSTAR key master DP Plus Select “IMMOBILISER”-> “FIAT”-> “Fiat V32.00” It takes about 15 seconds to initialize Select “Pre-coding”-> “Delphi 93C66 (B) (ID48)” It shows “Vehicles equipped with this unit: Albea, Doblo (2000- 2010), Punto, Palio, Strada” Pay attention to the prompt and ensure the Internet connected well Connecting the server… Read EEPROM (93C660) Follow the prompts to turn on/ off the ignition switch Input Value: Fiat_93C66_EEPROM_XX Select “Show Immo Info”-> “Fiat_93C66_EEPROM_XX_BIN” to show the immo info IC: 93c66 PinCode: 87556 Key Number:1 Key 1 ID: 63B7E7DE   X300 DP PLUS program FIAT Panda 169 key-success Open OBDSTAR X300 DP plus menu Select “IMMOBILISER”-> “Show Immo Info” IMMO info display IC: 9S12DG128 Pin Code: 29413 Key number: 2 Key 1 ID: 501A9D63 Key 2 ID: 0B604E10 Click “Program keys” Follow the prompt to turn on the ignition Inset the working key into EIS to turn on the ignition switch Input 5 digit Pin code Input Value: 29413 Turn off the ignition Then…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus program 2018 Fiat Doblo Key with FCA 12+8 Adapter
Car Key Programmer / September 29, 2019

OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 works with OBDSTAR FCA 12+8 Adapter can be used for all 2018 FCA (Fiat, maserati, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo) vehicles. This article is available with the guide to program 2018 Fiat Doblo by the OBDSTAR devices.   Preparation: Car: 2018 FIAT Doblo Device: OBDSTAR X300 DP plus C package+ FCA 12+ 8 adapter Video: Procedure: Open OBDSTAR main menu Select “IMMOBILISER”-> “FIAT”-> “FIAT V32.14” Initializing diagnostic data… Press “Pre-Coding”-> “DELPHI 93C86/ NEC (ID46)”-> “INTELLIGENT MODE” Note: This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the internet connection is normal. Click “Read PinCode” Follow the prompt on the screen to switch ignition on Read out PinCode: 63433 Return to “INTELLIGENT MODE” and select “Program keys” Pay attention to the prompt “All keys that could start the cars are going to be programmed, keys that not programmed could not be used anymore (could not go back to program). The new key to be programmed must be a custom key or a predetermined key.” Turn on ignition Enter 5-digit PinCode Turn off ignition Insert a new key and switch ignition on Program key is completed Test the original key and new key successfully   Why need to use OBDSTAR FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter? All 2018…

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Test Reports: VW NEC-24C64, 2018 Hyundai ix35, 2018 Fiat Doblo
Car Key Programmer / September 9, 2019

(9 September, 2019) Have collected some test reports on VW/ Hyundai/ Fiat Doblo with OBDSTAR X300 key master DP Plus.   Price: 1,443.16 euro free shipping (full version C package) http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-x300-dp-plus-full-version-c.html   Test reports: VW NEC-24C64 AKL: program new key- OK 2018 Hyundai ix35 8A: program smart key- OK 2018 Fiat Doblo: read Pin Code and add new key- OK www.obdiitool.co.uk

Read MG350 BCM 95160 Pin Code with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS via EEPROM
Car Key Programmer / September 2, 2019

How-to: Extract MG350 95160 pin code by OBDSTAR  X300 DP Plus key programmer. Remove eeprom IC 95160 and solder it to P001 eeprom 3-in-1 adapter In X300 DP Plus, select Immobilizer->PIC/Freescale-> PIC/Freescale Adapter V34.04->EEPROM->Read Pin Code->MG->MG5->BCM 95160-> Make sure OBDSTAR P001 programmer is connected with X300 DP Plus Reading data in process Read data success. Save data. Read 4-digit pin code success Done. You can read MG350 pin code with OBDSTAR X100 Pro and EEPROM/PIC adapter as well.

OBDSTAR Updated Lots of Suzuki IMMO without Pin Code in Aug. 2019
Car Key Programmer / August 16, 2019

OBDSTAR released lots of Suzuki Immobilizer/smart key programming vehicles without pin code till 2017. The new upgrade can be applied on OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 DP PLUS.   Suzuki [V30.471 Upgrade Add BALENO 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add BREZZA 2016- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add CELERIO 2014- (INDIA) IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add CELERIO(LF) 2014-2017 IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add CELERIO (ID46) 2015-2018 IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add CELERIO (ID47) 2015-2018 IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add CIAZ 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add ERTIGA 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add JIMNY 2018- Type1/2/3/4 smart key system Add KIZASHI 2010- smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add KIZASHI(FR) 2010-2016 smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add S-CROSS 2014- IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add S-CROSS(JY) 2013-2016 IMMO system/smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add SWIFT(AZ) 2017- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) Add SWIFT 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (India Area) Add SWIFT DZIRE 2013- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (India Area) Add SWIFT 2014- IMMO system (No Need Pincode) (Middle East Area) Add SWIFT(FZ) 2011-2017 IMMO system/ smart key system (No Need Pincode) Add SWIFT DZIRE…

How to use OBDSTAR DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost?
Car Key Programmer / July 23, 2019

If you have Ford after 2017 and all keys lost, using one OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS V32.41 to program new keys are the best solution (no need pin code).   OBDSTAR DP PLUS V32.41 test reports:   Increased Escort 2017-2018 All Blade Keys Lost Increased New Mondeo 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Transit 2018- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Edge 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Explorer 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Mustang 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Fusion 2018- All Smart Keys Lost Increased GALAXY 2015- All Smart Keys Lost Increased RANGER 2019- All Smart Keys Lost Increased FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased F-150 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-250 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-350 2017- All Smart Keys Lost   * All not need pincode.   How to use OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost? Choose “Ford”. Smart key System.   Car model selection. i.e Explorer.   2017 –   All keys lost.   Switch ignition off.   Communicating…   This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the…

OBDSTAR adds Lincoln Ford 2017 up All Smart Keys Lost without PIN
Car Key Programmer / July 22, 2019

OBDSTAR released new Lincoln & Ford immobilizer software- adding 2017 up all smart keys lost programming models in July, 2019.   Compatible devices: OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 DP PLUS   Ford V32.41 IMMO Update: 1.Ford Escort 2017- 2018 All key lost (Beta) 2.Ford New Mondeo 2017- All key lost(Beta) 3.Ford Everest 2017- All key lost(Beta) 4.Ford Transit 2018- All key lost(Beta) 5.Ford Edge 2017- All key lost 6.Ford Explorer 2017- All key lost 7.Ford F-150/250(King Ranch)/F350 Platinum 2017- All key lost 8.Ford Mustang 2017- All key lost 9.Ford FUSION 2017- All key lost 10.Ford GALAXY 2017- All key lost (Beta) 11.Ford RANGER 2017- All key lost 12.Ford FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All key lost (Beta) 13.Lincoln MKC 2017- All key lost 14.Lincoln MKZ 2017- All key lost 15.Lincoln MKX 2017- All key lost 16.Lincoln Continental 2017- All key lost 17.Lincoln NAUTILUS 2019 All key lost 18.Lincoln NAVIGATOR 2018-2019 All key lost Lincoln V32.41 IMMO Update No need Pincode. MKC 2017- All smart keys lost MKZ 2017- All smart keys lost MKX 2017- All smart keys lost Continental 2017- All smart keys lost NAUTILUS 2018- All smart keys lost Navigator 2018- All smart keys lost

Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 key programming by OBDSTAR X300 DP plus
Car Key Programmer / July 11, 2019

Have Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 to program key, read/ calculate pin code, OBDSTAR X300 DP plus is the best solution. Because it is easy to use by following the on-screen instruction, and it also programs keys on many other Renault car models.   Here we go for general procedure: 【IMMOBILIZER】–【RENAULT】–【RENAULT V30.66】–【Program Keys】–【SYMBOL】–【2013-2018】–Go on until finish by following the prompts (PS, I haven’t attach all images below until it complete, actually, it really works. Thanks)   Additional info: As you can see. OBDSTAR X300 DP plus has many Renault car models list. The following models are copied from the obdstar official site, you can refer to it, I haven’t tested all. RENAULT V30.64 Read/Calculator PinCode Type 1(KWP) Models From 1387 To 1390 Model Until 1387 Type 2(Auto Detected) Type 3(Duster\Logan\Symbol… 95040 eeprom) Program Keys AVANTIME 2001-2003 CAPTUR 2016- -2015 CLIO 2006-2012 Smart Key System Immobiliser 2000-2008 CLIO IV 2016- -2015 DOKKER DUSTER 2014-2018 2010-2014 2006-2010 ESPACE 2015- Blade key Card Key 2002-2015 2 KEY 3 KEY FLUENCE 2008-2016 KANGOO KANGOO PH1(1999-2002) Type 1 Type 2 KANGOO PH2(2003-2008) KANGOO 2  (2008-    ) KOLEOS 2010-2016 -2010 KWID Type 1 Type 2 LAGUNA 2007-2011 -2007 2 KEY 3 KEY LATITUDE LODGY Type 1…