How to Repair BMW/Mini FRM Mask 3M25J by Autel IM608?
Auto Diagnostic Tools / January 15, 2022

Purpose: To repair a BMW/MiniFRM module with corrupted data usually caused by low voltage.   Now the FRM module won’t response, and electric windows don’t work. So generally, we’ll read the EEPROM and rewrite it by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   FRM Info Chip: MC9S12XEQ384 Mask: 3M25J   Path On Autel IM608, go to Programmer>>Chip (EEPROM,MCU,ECU)>>Chip read & write>>Other>>BMW>>E – SERIES>FRM>XEQ384>RW   Step 1. Read D-FLASH, EEPROM, P-FLASH Check “Schematic diagram”. Connect APA109, IM608, XP400Pro and FRM circuit board by diagrams. Go to “Set” to check if we’ve got 5 voltage, and turn on read/write/earse validation. Then try to “Read” D-FLASH. Empty, that’s why it is done. Read Partition. Also empty. EEPROM is also empty. So we just read and save P-FLASH as a backup. Usually this part is intact.   Step 2. Write partition Go to D-FLASH and select “Write partition”. (So we can get a new EEPROM to write data in.) Set EEPROM as 16, which will give you four kilobytes of memory on EEPROM. Set D-FLASH as 0.   Step 3. Write EEPROM back Then I find an EEPROM file with the same part number (3456395) on Google. Of course this EEPROM belongs to a a different car,…

2022 Newest VIDENT iAuto 702 Pro 39 Special Function Car List
Auto Diagnostic Tools / January 6, 2022

Here share the newest VIDENT iAuto702 Pro special function car list. It adds 8 new special functions in Jan.2022. That’s AdBlue (urea Reset), COOLANT (electronic Water Pump Start), Power Balance (Engine Power Balance), HVOLBAT (High-voltage Battery Health Detection), Moter Angle (motor Angle Calibration), NOx Reset (NOx Reset), Stopstart (start and Stop Settings) and transport (Remove Transport Mode). Currently supported models are Acura, GM, Honda, Landrover, Mercedes- Benz (Passenger car), Mitsubishi, and Volvo. It can still be updated online for 3 years for free.   Newest VIDENT iAuto 702 Pro Vehicle Coverage (Cover 39 special functions): Functions Vehicle coverage ABS, SRS Diagnosis Abarth, Acura, Alfa, AstonMartin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Dawoo, Eu_Ford, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, KIA, Lamborghini, LANCIA, Landrover,  Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz,  Mini,  Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Perodua, Peugeot, Porsche, Proton,  Renault, SAAB, Scion, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo, VW, VW_CV Oil Light Service/Reset Abarth, Acura, Astonmartin, Audi, Baic, Bentley, BJXD, BMW, Bugatti,  BYD, Chang An, Chery, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo, DF Citroen, DF Peugeot, DF Honda, Faw Car, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, GQ Honda, GQ Toyota, Great Wall, HC BMW, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu,…

Xentry Change Climate Control Mode On Mercedes Guide
Auto Diagnostic Tools / December 10, 2021

This article is about to show you how to change climate control mode on Mercedes W212, W204, W207, X204, W218.   Mercedes W212, W204 and other models have 5 modes and can be changed into 7 modes.   Hook up a MB diagnostic tool (SD C4, C5, C6 or VXDIAG Benz, MB Pro 6…) to your Mercedes. On PC, we run “Xentry Diagnosis” and select “Mercedes-Benz” and “E (212)”. Enter “Xentry Diagnosis” and select Air conditioner>>Coding>>Configuration>>Manual Settings>>Customer’s request Here we have many settings, but we want “002 Possible air distribution devices”. Unfold the option and select “7”. Don’t forget to click on “Change”. Besides, here we can enable “000 Press the auto key again to leave the automatic mode”. Change it to “Yes” and apply.   Alright, that’s a simple Mercedes retrofit to change climate control mode from 5 options to 7.

Budget BMW ABS Warning Reset Tool: Foxwell, Autel or Launch?
Auto Diagnostic Tools / December 5, 2021

In this article, we’ll compare three budget but effective BMW ABS warning reset tools. We’ll cover: Foxwell NT680 PRO Autel MK808 Launch CRP129E   Model: BMW 3 series F31 1.Foxwell NT680 PRO Go to Diagnostic>>Europe>>BMW>>Manual Selection>>3 Series>>F30/F31/F35 Turn off the ignition, wait 10 sec and turn on again. Go to Diagnosis>>Control Modules>>Chassis>>ABS-DSC Dynamic Stability Control Read Codes. Here we know the rear right ABS sensor or wheel sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced. When it’s done, back and click on “Clear Codes”.   2.Autel MK808 Go to Diagnostics>>BMW>>Manual selection>>3 Series>>F30/F31/F35>>Diagnosis>>Control unit>>Chassis>>ABS-DSC (ABS-Dynamic Stability Control) Read Codes. Erase Codes.   3.Launch CRP129E Go to Diagnose>>AutoDetect>>ABS(Anti-lock Braking System – DSC) Codes will display right after scanning. Once you replace the ABS sensor, click on “Clear Codes”. More budget effective tools at:  

Fast Way to Set Up Your Gmail on Autel Tools
Auto Diagnostic Tools / November 16, 2021

Since many users don’t know how to set up a personal Gmail account on Original Autel Tools, below we have made a quick tech tip. It’s workable for most Autel scanners like Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT, MK908P, Autel MaxiIM IM608, etc.   Here we go, let’s show how it’s done. Steps Go to Gmail inbox desktop version, click on Setting icon: See all settings >> Accounts and import >> Other Google Account settings   Search and access to “Less secure app access”, turn on “Allow less secure apps” button. Return to Autel tool, select Android icon at the bottom: Email >> Input Gmail account >> Select manual setup, next >> Personal(IMAP) >> Input password, press Next (DON’T press “Sign in with Google” button)   Keep all settings, press Next >> Continuous pressing “Next” until arriving inbox   You may receive a security alert from Google, just ignore it.   All settings were completed! Now you’re allowed to move data from Autel tool to Gmail anytime.  

Obdiitool 11.11 Sale Big Promotion is Under Way!!!
Auto Diagnostic Tools / November 10, 2021 once a year 11.11 Big Sale has begun!!! Valid time last from Nov. 9th – Nov.18th. Discount up to 33% off. Participating brands include Foxwell, OBDSTAR, VXDIAG, Humzor, KESS, VIDENT, etc. It is the best time to make your purchase of the year. Come to have a look at if any tools here you’re looking for.   Products Image Price Discount Humzor NexzDAS Pro £242 → £225 7% off, save £17 Foxwell NT650 Elite £136 → £113 17% off, save £23 Foxwell NT530 £128 → £113 12% off, save £15 V2020 SVCI Abrites Commander £302 → £272 10% off, save £30 V2.8 EU Kess v2 V5.017 £75 → £67 11% off, save £8 OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus £1211 → £1136 6% off, save £75 V17.04.27 wiTech MicroPod 2 £102 → £95 7% off, save £7 GM MDI 2  £166 → £151 9% off, save £15 OBDSTAR X300M £166 → £143 14% off, save £23 VXDIAG VCX NANO WIFI version for Ford/Mazda V123 £95 → £75 21% off, save £20   Buy now to win the best discount! For more details, please check  

BMW Diagnosis & Service Light Reset by XTOOL A80 PRO
Auto Diagnostic Tools / July 29, 2021

Here we’re going to show you how to diagnose BMW by XTOOL A80 PRO, and also we take the service light reset as an example.   Connect XTOOL H6 PRO to the BMW by JVCI via OBD port. Press Diagnosis>>Auto Scan>>Diagnosis>>Auto Diagnosis Then wait for it to scan all the DTCs. Here we can press “Report” to check the details including where the problem is and what causes it. Watch “Brake-fluid level too low”, later we will deal with this. So we go back and press “Clear DTC”. After that, press “Report” again. Some DTCs remain, so does the lights. So we back the function menu, press Service>>Maintenance>>Front brake Here is some information, and the “Availability” is 0%. Press “Reset” and enter “Front brake” again, and We can see that the “Availability” turns 100% and the parking brake light disappears. Then we go back and choose “engine oil”. Also we press “reset”. Then enter again to compare the information before and after reset. Back and press “Rear brake”, We can see the availability is 58%, relatively healthy. So back and choose “Brake fluid”. Select “reset” due to the low availability. Don’t forget to verify. Back and choose “Vehicle inspection” to…

Launch X431 V Bi-directional Scan Tool Review on Jeep Liberty 2005
Auto Diagnostic Tools / July 28, 2021

All right I’m going to do a review of the LAUNCH X431 V I just purchased. This is a automotive scanning tool that is a huge upgrade. Prior to this, a lot of my work was done with something small and expensive like this, just a cheap WIFI or Bluetooth scanning device. It’ll scan the code but it’s not bi-directional. In other words, it does not let you control any of the systems of the vehicle. I have so many vehicles that I work on and it’s so many of the systems are not available to be scanned or diagnosed through, so I finally invested in a fairly highly-rated device from Launch. I’ve already put quite a bit of work into this. So it comes in this wonderful molded case. Inside you’ve got the main tablet itself. This is the actual OBDII plug-in module that talks in a wireless way through Bluetooth to this tablet. And you have all kinds of connectors specific to different vehicles. There are just different cables, like clamps for getting power if you need auxiliary power. Let’s take the tablet and VCI through a simple test. We’re doing this Jeep Liberty 2005 today. This car…

2016 BMW F800GT Key Programming Done by OBDSTAR MS80
Auto Diagnostic Tools / July 12, 2021

It is a 2016 BMW F800GT Motorcycle. Need to add a new key. The job was completed by OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner.   Connection: Connect OBDSTAR MS80 to the BMW Motorbike via the M040 BMW cable and main cable Operation: Use the working key to start the Motor and the MS80 tablet will start automatically Tap Moto IMMO>> Europe>> BMW>> BMW V30.01 There are two options can be performed: ECU information and Program keys (ID46) 1.Read ECU info firstly Read out the ECU info incl. VIN, SN, diagnostic code and key tooth code 2.Program keys Select one key unused to generate (e.g. key 10) Connect P001 with OBDSTAR MS80 diagnostic device Then put a new key into P001 adapter The key is generated successfully. Then insert the generated key into the key slot for 10 seconds, then use the newly generated key to start the locomotive. Finally, the key can start the BMW Motorcycle normally. Done!    

Review: Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT vs Autel MaxiCOM MK908P
Auto Diagnostic Tools / July 2, 2021

Today I’m going to review two of Autel MaxiCOM system devices which a lot of people search for when buying a diagnostic scanner.   So the first one we’re going to review is the Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT against Autel MaxiCOM MK908P. One of them does programming coding, and one of them is just for your basic diagnostics and normal functions. Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Appearance: Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT, this is the tool that I keep out openly in my garage always ready to use and I carry it around me. Inside we’ve got MK808BT, also some adapter plugs. The device is steady, got rugged grips so I can hold if sweating. I’ve also got the Bluetooth dongle which powers in to the car to connect with the device. I know another version with the wire coming out the top and plugging into the car (Autel MaxiCOM MK808) but I don’t like a wired one. I also got the kickstand so I can place it anywhere and do my diagnostics. Functions: Diagnostics, service, shop manager…if we go into “diagnostics”, we’ll see the cars it can do. This does support VIN so we’ll be able to check it by the VIN which is…

2018 SUZUKI GW250 Throttle Match by OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner
Auto Diagnostic Tools / April 2, 2021

It has been tested and verified by OBDSTAR® Tech that OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner can do Throttle Match (TPS throttle position sensor reset) on 2018 SUZUKI GW250 without any issue.   All devices used: OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle diagnostic scan tool 2018 SUZUKI GW250J-H motorcycle   The test: Connect MS80 scanner to the OBD2 port of GW250 Motorbike using the M001 main cable and M012 SUZUKI cable (located under the back seat) Start the motorcycle, turn on OBDSTAR MS80, and go to “DiagProgram” menu Select “Moto Diag”-> “Asia”-> “SUZUKI”-> “SUZUKI V30.03”-> “Select from system”-> “Auto Scan” It detects out ENG system is normal It can perform the following functions: Read ECU information Read fault codes Erase fault codes Read data flow Read freeze frames Active test Special function ISC value reset (not available on all models) TPS reset (not available on all models) Read out the ECU code is 32920-48H0 Then go to reset ISC value and TPS in sequence Adjustment takes about 2 seconds for each one Reset ISC value and TPS successfully Finally, start the motorcycle again, it works normally.   Read more OBDSTAR MS80 scanner test reports: OBDSTAR MS80 Have Success in BMW All Systems Diagnosis OBDSTAR MS80…

OBDSTAR MS80 Have Success in BMW All Systems Diagnosis
Auto Diagnostic Tools / March 1, 2021

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle scanner has been confirmed to work well in BMW all systems diagnosis. Here share the related test reports. Test 1: diagnose 2018 BMW S1000R   Test 2: Diagnose 2015 BMW R1200 Motorbike Connection: Use the main cable to connect OBDSTAR MS80 to the OBD2 port of BMW Motorbike (located under the back seat) Operation: Step 1: Start the Motor and the MS80 tablet will start automatically Step 2: Tap “DP” – > “Moto Diag” -> “Europe” -> “BMW” -> “BMW V30.02”-> “Auto identify (VIN)” It will identify the VIN code and then confirm the correctness. Step 3: It will enter all of the following systems one by one: ENG, ABS, TPMS, Alarm, Clip-Special Settings, Chassis management system, Instrument Panel, Service system, Suspension. Step 4: What can OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle scanner do after entering the following systems incl. ECU information, read fault codes, erase fault codes, read data flow, active test, special function such as throttle valve adaptation values reset, gear position adaptation values reset, etc. Note: The function supported by MS80 for each system is different, check the detailed info from the related video above.   FYI… MS80 adds more car models for BMW diagnosis. Check the newest OBDSTAR MS80…

How to Diagnose All System for Your Car If VIN Cannot Be Read by Thinkdiag?
Auto Diagnostic Tools , OBD2 Code Reader / February 26, 2021

Thinkcar Thindiag supports all systems full functions diagnosis, and it will read car VIN one second to recognize your car type automatically which helps a lot when you repair a car. But if your car VIN cannot be read successfully, how to diagnose your car? Follow this post to get three effective diagnostic ways.   Method 1: Smart diagnosis Method 2: Manually input the VIN Method 3: Manually select car software   Let’s see how to use every method one by one.   Method 1: Smart diagnosis Enter Thinkdiag APP Click “Car All Systems Diagnostic”-> “VIN Decoding” to detect out the vehicle info Select “Advanced Keyless Entry=Equipped”-> “Health Reports” to diagnose trouble code Method 2: Manually input the VIN Click “Car All Systems Diagnostic”-> Fill in the VIN manually and press “Enter” Select “Health Reports” to diagnose trouble code Method 3: Manually select car software Click “Car All Systems Diagnostic”-> select the car brand you desire (e.g Mazda)-> “Automatically Search” to detect out the vehicle info Then select “Manually Select” -> “Vehicle Select”-> select the related car model and car year Now can enter “Health Reports” function to diagnose all system Done! Related posts: ThinkDiag APP Install, Register, Activate Thinkdiag…

OBDSTAR MS80 Honda Diagnosis Guide+ Upgrade info+ Car List
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 25, 2021

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle scanner can be used to do diagnostic function for Asian, European and American motorcycles. This post will share the guide to diagnose Honda all system, the related upgrade info and the newest car list.   Firstly, let’s see the test report on 2019 Honda CB1000 confirmed by OBDSTAR tech. Connect OBDSTAR MS80 with the motorcycle via M015A HONDA/HONDA MONTESA connector-> start the motorcycle Enter MS80 tablet main menu Tap Moto Diag-> Asia-> HONDA-> HODNA V30.04-> Select from system-> Auto Scan-> M015A (4pin) Detect out the ENG is normal and there is one fault (front wheel lock) in ABS/VSA system Enter ENG system and perform all diagnostic functions as below. Read ECU information-OK Read fault codes-OK Erase fault codes-OK -Turn the ignition switch off then on within 10 seconds Read data flow-OK -Value Live Data -State Live Data Special function: ECM Reset- OK Finally, enter ABS/VSA system to clear fault codes and also read State Live Data successfully   Next, OBDSTAR MS80 adds more car models for Honda diagnosis. Check the newest MS80 HONDA V30.04 Upgrade info as below. Brand Model Year System Honda CRF1100L_Motorcycle (Enduro) 2020- Suspensions Honda CB400XA_Motorcycle (Road) 2019- Engine Honda CB500F_Motorcycle (Road) 2019- Engine Honda…

(Solved) SVCI J2534 Fix J1850 PWM Protocol Module Programming Bugs
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 19, 2021

Here share the solution to fix J1850 PWM protocol module programming bugs using SVCI J2534 diagnostic tool.   Something important to know: The Ford IDS firmware must be upgraded to V001.031 or the latest version.   Test module information: Part number: F8CF-12A650-CE Year: 1998 Module: ECU Protocol: J1850 PWM Test target: Module programming   The solution: Connect SVCI J2534 Ford with computer and ECU module Run Ford IDS integrated diagnostic software (IDS 120.01) Upgrade firmware to V001.031 After the upgrade procedure is done, open IDS software again, and you can see the firmware version has been upgraded to newest one. If the language is Chinese, you can change it to English by clicking the related icons as shown in the following figure. Then select “Start New Session”-> “All other”, and it will establish communication to PCM and show the corresponding vehicle specification to confirm The VIN will also appear automatically, just click the tick icon to continue. Click the red icon-> select “Module Programming” Select “Programmable Module Installation”-> “PCM” Set ignition switch to OFF (Position 0) (Disconnect SVCI J2534 tool and ECU module) Install a new module in vehicle-> click the tick icon Pay attention to the following info carefully:…

How to Solve Honda HDS Software Initialization Error, etc after Installation?
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 12, 2021

Customer Problem: When I want to use HDS software to work with xhorse Honda HDS cable, there are something errors appear on the screen as shown in the figure. I have installed the software and driver on win xp 32bit. 1.WinLicense error: Cannot find ‘FTD2XX.dll’, please, re-install this application. 2.Test error: Unable to load required function library module 3.Test error: Failed to initialize J2534 dll engineer replied: The possible reason is that you have installed wrong software. You should install HDS software but not original MVCI software. Please uninstall and install by the following free download link: Password: x5pwwy Size: 100.28 MB Note: contact us to get the weiyun account to download easily. It’s easy to install no need activation. If you don’t know how to do, please feel free to contact us.

Power Balance Test on Ford Transit 2017 by Launch X431 V+
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 5, 2021

Tutorial: how to use Launch X431 V+ access the power balance function and show what a bad power balance test looks like on a 2017 Ford Transit.   Operation guide: Connect X431 Pro with the vehicle by DBScar diagnostic connector via Bluetooth as shown in the figure Enter tablet main menu Select “Local Diagnose”-> “FORD” Confirm the software version Select “Automatically Search”-> “Model Year=2017 MY”-> Confirm the vehicle specification Select “Health Reports” to view a full system scan Once the scan is compete, if there are codes, they will be displayed next to the system in which they are located Select “PCM (Powertrain Control Module)-> “Special Function” to access the power balance test Note: This function will change the vehicle status. Read the instruction of Power Balance and continue Then you can see the graph shows what a bad power balance test looks like. The cylinder contributions are not equal therefore, and there are issues with this engine. Finally, once complete the process, select the back arrow. Done!   Learn more functions of Launch X431 V+ Pro3 Wifi/Bluetooth global version full system scanner, please go to  

WiTech MicroPod 2 WiFi Connection Set Up Guide
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 4, 2021

Some users gave feedback that they cannot connect WiFi successfully when they use WiTech MicroPod 2 V17.04.27 auto diagnostic tool for their Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Fiat. For this problem, engineer makes a video of wifi setup.   wiTECH software v17.04.27 for MicroPod 2 Free Download (Windows 7 recommended)!Nm5QRQYR!fVPAE7SNtYa2iE5eqQaZ1zyW7A1nh94-vPGpK1Iu3lg Network connection is needed when running software!!! First connect MicroPod II to vehicle, if the red indicator turns on, then connect it to laptop via USB cable. Connect one available wireless WIFI on the computer. Visit Select “Wireless Settings” Profile: select default, and it will show the related security settings, click “Save” Then select “Manage Networks” After performing an action, tick “wireless” and click “Select & Start” Once the connection is complete you will see an IP address populate for the wireless interface When it prompts “Success”, go to close the page Click “Manage Networks” again, and you can see “Currently Selected” and the enabled wireless IP, which means the wireless connection is set successfully. Watch the video to understand easier.

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 Software “Error 1305” Solution
Auto Diagnostic Tools / February 2, 2021

When I installed GM GDS2 software for my VXDIAG GM, the MDI software was not found, an error message suddenly appeared on the screen “Error 1305. Error reading from file C… GM MDI software… Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.” But the MDI file can be found in C disk.   For this problem, engineer offers the related solution: There is something wrong with the software package. Please uninstall the current software and install again from the following download link. GDS2 V2020:!jN4lSYaA!5Q_p4sZEySxLu6HVPP418A Note: GDS2 software install application and video are included. GDS2 software installation video: Tech2Win 16.02.24:!tIFWUIxT!XBAFZWEFPhQ3A9MtyPYfT1wojVgB1sEmt2T62nrmQcM Size: 138.9 MB No password! No risk! Tech2Win software installation video:   Hope it helps!

OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner Register+ Update+ Overview
Auto Diagnostic Tools / January 26, 2021

If this is your first time to use OBDSTAR MS80 motorcycle scanner, you should register with account info and contact info firstly. Check this post to learn how to register and update before using.   Start with the video of OBDSTAR MS80 overview, registration and update, etc function. 1.OBDSTAR MS80 overview OBDSTAR MS80 diagnostic tool provides an unprecedented intelligent diagnosis and maintenance experience for motorcycle owner or repair shop to diagnose European, American, and Asian motorcycles. It comes with MS80 main unit, main cable, power cable, GND, Multi functional jumper, charger and different of models connectors. All goods are put in a sturdy plastic box and packed in a big carton. OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool full configuration:   2.OBDSTAR MS80 register Connect power supply to MS80 tablet before register Choose an available Wi-Fi to connect with the correct password Select [Personal Center] to enter user login interface Tap “Register” to perform the following operation: Account information-> contact information-> register success 1).Input the account info incl. user name, password, confirm password and email Then click “Next” 2).Fill in the contact info incl. user name, cellphone number, company name, address and post code Then click “Register” 3).Register successfully, and then click…