Foxwell NT530 Problems & Solution
OBD2 Code Reader / February 29, 2020

As we know, Foxwell NT530 is a unique OBD2 Code scanner that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands. It has become more and more popular in the market. We also received the customers’ consultation about the problems when using NT530. Here have collected some problems and related solutions. Hope it helps you!   1.Customer Problem: NT530 failed to calibrate sensor I cannot calibrate sensor on my 2011 Cadillac CTS Luxury Sedan by nt530 scanner. When I used it, it only told me if the Brake Pedal Position Sensor is applied or released. I don’t see anywhere on this scanner that it can be calibrated. engineer solution: The reason is Automatic identification is lack of body modules in current version, we will improve in the next version.   Please try to do the function by manual selection as the following path: Manual Selection-> (B) 2011->Passenger car-> Cadillac-> CTS-> (Y) 3.0L V6 LF1-> 6-speed automatic-> Yes-> Other-> Control Modules-> Body control module-> Special functions-> BPP sensor calibration   2.Customer Problem: Foxwell NT530 doesn’t show the downloaded software icon I have bought a Foxwell NT530. Order S/N.FW19111xxxxxx. When I received it, there was no problem with the package. I successfully register and activate the…

Foxwell NT650 Elite Multi-application Service Tool FAQs
OBD2 Code Reader / February 14, 2020

Here have collected some common questions and answers about Foxwell NT650 Elite OBD2 scanner, incl. Injector coding, ABS brake bleeding, read codes…   Q1: Does NT650 Elite support Injector coding  for VW Caddy 1.9td 2009? A1: Yes, it does.   Q2: Can FOXWELL NT650Elite do Injetor coding function on Fiat 500? A2: Yes, it can.   Q3: I want to use Foxwell NT650 ELITE to do ABS brake bleeding for the following 6 kinds of cars,which car can or cannot? 2013 Ram 5.7l 2014 dodge charger se 2009 dodge journey 3.5l 2013 jeep grand Cherokee 2003 f250 7.3l 2012 f150 3.5l   A3: All the car models are supported by NT650 Elite.   Q4: Will Foxwell NT650 Elite auto bleed the ABS on 2008 Mazda 3 sport with 2.0l fl engine? A4:Yes, it will.   Q5: Will NT650 Elite read all codes on a 2011 vauxhall insignia 2011 2lt cdti? My foxwell nt301 wont read an error code for my service vehicle soon warning. A5: NT650 Elite will read OBDII ABS SRS system fault code on your listed vehicle. If you need it to read all system code, Foxwell NT624 Elite is better.     Q6: Does NT650 Elite work…

Foxwell GT60 Plus Diagnostic Tool, Any Good?
Car Diagnostic Tool / February 13, 2020

Foxwell GT60 Plus is a brand new advanced automotive diagnostic tool based on the latest Android operating system and technology. How about this premier diagnostic platform? What’s the difference from Foxwell GT60? Check the details below.   Part1: Foxwell GT60 Plus Features: 1.Support multi-languages: Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Hungarian, Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian NOTE: It comes with English, if you need to change language, please send the S/N number to your dealer when you receive it.   2.User Friendly: -Supports diagnose by history, save a lot of time. -Offers excellent shop management capability by keeping customer information and test records -User friendly menu lets you quickly navigate through to find what you need to get the vehicle fixed   3.Support Bluetooth Connection -Bluetooth connection lets your diagnostic tool reach the distance   4.Versatile, Easier, Stronger, More Accurate GT60 Plus inherits the same Foxwell advantages in car fault diagnostic tech, such as multi manufacturer coverage, powerful test abilities, special functions and accurate test data. GT60Plus is the perfect tool for the busy garages or workshops, who need the latest technology at unbeatable value.   5.Wide Vehicle Coverage: -Support multiple vehicle makes -Compatible with the latest 2018/2019 models…

Foxwell NT650 Elite Unbiased Customer Reviews
OBD2 Code Reader / January 14, 2020

Here have collected some customer reviews about Foxwell NT650 Elite OBD2 Code Scanner. Thanks to all the users for their sincere feedbacks!   Customer Review 1: Great OBD reader and excellent small code scanner Jin (Rate: 5.0 out of 5 stars) I used nt650 elite on my 2012 Toyota Tacoma, it has worked well when the check engine light comes on. Easy to use, once it was plugged, it turned on and there were four main options available. It’s very easy to figure out what’s going on before you take your car to the dealership. I’m no professional so I don’t even really understand everything this unit can do… but it did what I needed and now I have the convenience of being able to check for codes in my driveway anytime I want! Also, it comes with a USB cable so you can plug it in your computer and update it via the software they provide along with a manual. Power is provided from the connector so no batteries are used. I would recommend this scan tool because it does what is advertised with live features.   Customer Review 2: Needs a larger SD Card David Stroz (Rate: 5.0…

Foxwell NT530: Download and Update Vehicle Software
OBD2 Code Reader / January 13, 2020

If this is your first time to buy Foxwell NT530 scanner, the article will be a good choice for you to read. NT530 scanner is the updated version of NT520 pro, and it comes with no software as default, so it needs you to download the specific vehicle software from official website. Here share you the related download and update guide.   Requirements: Windows PC Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner   Step-by-step guide: Step 1: Visit official website: and drag the page to the bottom Then download Foxassist zip file Step 2: Unzip the file and start installing the “Foxassist” Step 3: Register and Sign in Step 4: Connect the NT530 device with computer via USB cable Select “Update” shows on your tool and press “Enter” Step 5: The serial number will appear in the input box automatically Then click “Activation” to continue Step 6: Click “Download” and press “Enter” on NT530 scanner again Step 7: When an update message shows “This product is a single-vehicle software product, and there is no vehicle software yet. It is necessary to reconfigure a vehicle software”. Select the vehicle software you need-> click “Submit”-> “Update” Step 8: Update in process, please wait patiently……

Foxwell NT650 Elite OBD2 Scanner Auto VIN Manual
Car Diagnostic Tool / January 2, 2020

Foxwell NT650 Elite is a cost- effective professional multi-application service tool. It’s the updated version of NT650 scanner, and adds a new function-Auto VIN function while NT650 cannot support.   Let’s start with the vehicle identification.   How to use the scanner to identify the specifications of the vehicle under test? The vehicle identification information presented is provided by the ECM of the vehicle being tested. Therefore, certain attributes of the test vehicle must be entered into the scan tool to ensure the data displays correctly. The vehicle identification sequence is menu driven, you simply follow the screen prompts and make a series of choices. Each selection you make advances you to the next screen. Exact procedures may vary somewhat by vehicle. It typically identifies a vehicle by any of the following means: -Automatic VIN reading -Manual VIN entry -Manual vehicle selection Note: Not all identification options listed above are applicable to all vehicles. Available options may vary by vehicle manufacturer.   Automatic VIN reading What’s Auto VIN? Auto VIN is a shortcut for VIN reading menu which typically includes following options: – Automatic VIN acquisition -Manual input VIN   1). Automatic VIN acquisition What’s Automatic VIN acquisition? Automatic VIN…

Solved! Foxwell NT530 Cannot Update Online Successfully
Car Diagnostic Tool / December 27, 2019

Customer Problem: I bought this Foxwell NT530 scanner recently. I have made many attempts to download the software, and they don’t work. The download starts, then gets stuck at trying to download and unzip the “Home” file. I have been in contact by email with Foxwell and they suggested unplugging it and then plugging in again and try again. Follow their suggestion, I have tried this and every combination I can think of, but it will not download the VW or Home files. It has downloaded the OBDII/EOBD file only. So without the software it does no more that a low cost scanner and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.   OBDIITOOL.CO.UK Engineer Solution: Try to use a card reader instead of the scanner to update. It has been confirmed can work fine. It’s easy to use. Just follow the steps below: 1.Download foxwell update tool to your PC from foxwell official website: 2.Insert the TF card (which comes with Foxwell NT530 Multi-System scanner) into card reader 3.Then connect to PC 4.Copy the update tool to TF card 5.Finally, remove the TF card and insert into Foxwell NT530 Tech support:

VIDENT iEasy310 VS Foxwell NT301, Which Is Better?
OBD2 Code Reader / November 25, 2019

Both Vident iEasy310 and Foxwell NT301 are cost-effective OBDII code readers, what’s the difference between them? Which is better?   VIDENT iEasy310 VS Foxwell NT301 (Capacities): Item Vident iEasy310  Foxwell NT301 Image AUTOVIN √ √ 3-color light √ √ Battery voltage test √ × Single data stream waveform √ √ Multi channel data streams √ × Hotkey “I/M” √ √ Hotkey “Read” √ √ Hotkey “Erase” √ √ One-key update √ √ Help button (for DTC/Live data) √ √ Print √ √ Play back √ √ Read / erase DTCs √ √ System Information √ √ Live data √ √ View freeze frame √ √ I/M Readiness √ √ EVAP Leak Test √ √ Mode 6 √ √ Color screen √ √   Language: iEasy310 supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, Sweden NT301 supports English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and more Price & Package: Vident iEasy310 OBDII Code Reader: €45.46 (was €78.43) Package includes: 1PC x Vident iEasy310 ODB2 Scanner 1PC x USB cable 1PC x English version of the manual (other versions of German, Spanish, French, please download online) Foxwell NT301 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader:  €50.01 (was €81.18)   Package including: 1pc x NT301…

Best Foxwell Scanners At NT650, NT624 Pro, BT705
Car Diagnostic Tool / September 24, 2019

Foxwell is a professional supplier of automotive diagnostic products, services and solutions in the aftermarket. Here will highlight three hot-sale Foxwell scanners at, including NT650, NT624 Pro and BT705.   Price: Foxwell NT650: 173.64 euro with free shipping (UK Ship No Tax)   Foxwell NT624 Pro: 191.33 euro with free shipping (UK Ship No Tax)   Foxwell BT705: 106.17 euro with free shipping (UK Ship No Tax)   Abilities: NT650 Multi-Application Service Tool NT624 Pro All System Diagnostic Scan Tool BT705 Car Battery Tester Screen 4.3″ FTF color screen 480*272 TFT color display 128*64 pixels, graphic Diagnostic System OBD2, ABS, Airbag All Control Modules 12V car batteries Full OBD2 Service Function ✓ ✓ × Service Functions Engine, ABS, Airbag, EPB, Oil Service Light Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, EPB Reset, Oil Service Light Reset Analyze battery health, detect faults of starting and charging system Other Functions DPF, TPMS, TBA/TPS, CVT, BRT, Injector Coding, Camshaft Gear Learning × × Bi-directional Control Tests ABS Manual Control Tests, ABS Motor Test, ABS Version Test, Actuator Tests, Auto bleed Test, Service Bleed, Automated Test, Brake Bleed Preparation Test, Function Test, Gear Tension Relief Test, Idle Up Manual Control Test, Lamp Tests,…