How to Solve Scania SDP3 2.44.1 Internal Software Fault?
Truck Diagnostic Tool / January 10, 2021

There is something wrong with Scania SDP3 software v2.44.1. When I install and run it for my scania VCI3 scanner, the following error is reported “Internal software fault in SDP3. If the fault recurs, send the log file SDP3Tool.log to Scania’s SDP3 department.” Here is the solution I got from engineer: You’d better uninstall the current software and install the newest software V2.46.1. Scania SDP3 2.46.1 free download link: 1.on Mega No password! (Security unknown) Size: 893.5 MB 2.on Chinese weiyun Password: 6u56j6 Size: 1005.28 MB Note: Contact us to get weiyun account to download as soon as possible.     Language supported:  English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian and Chinese Operating system: Windows 7 or Win10 32 bit/64 bit (recommend) Note: it can be used for all available Scania VCI3 truck diagnostic tools at such as item No. SH58, SH58-B (simply version & cheap) and SH58-C (best quality). Besides that, they also offer me the related installation video. It’s not difficult to install, just follow the video to operate step by step, and finally I install the new software successfully. Here are the main steps: Step 1: Copy and paste Scania…

Launch X431 V+ HD-III module VS HD-II module working with X431 V+
Truck Diagnostic Tool / July 18, 2019

What advanced features LAUNCH X431 V+ HD3 module has that HD-II module has no?   Good to know HD-II module: compatible with X431 V+, X431 PRO3, X431 PADII etc, only available for Commercial Vehicles.   LAUNCH HD-III module : compatible with X431 V+, pad3, pro3 etc, only available for X-431 V+ of Commercial Vehicle Version.   Note: Please buy HD-III module instead of HD-II module, because HD-II module is already stop to produce.   There are main 3 differences between X431 V+ HD-III module & HD-II module Different 1. HD-III module: in Blue color HD-II module: in Red color   launch x431 HD III Scan Tool outlook As the 3rd generation of heavy-duty module,Launch x431 HD iii scan tool works as a vehicle communication interface device, which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the X-431 V+ via wireless BT/WLAN communication. The LED indicators enable you to easily identify the working status of the module.   1 DC-IN power jack: For connecting the power adaptor. 2 Diagnostic socket: For connecting the diagnostic cable. LED indicators: It is defined as follows:  Vehicle: While communicating with the vehicle, the indicator lights up and flashes. Otherwise, it will…