Kess V2 5.017 RED PCB possible to read and write EDC16C35?
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / July 31, 2019

Confirmed: Kess V2 v5.017 RED PCB is able to read and write EDC16C35.   Car model: BMW e92 335d with EDC16C35   Genuine users’ experience: I have checked if you can write me Kess v2 5.017 and software version 2.47 your control unit. It’s normal for me to be able to read and write. It uses Protocol 164.   you can read write it with your clone keep voltage above 13v during writing.   Issue: I can confirm that most kess clones have problem with such ecu. I personally had problem with such ecu on mini cooper (bmw) during writting. I had to restore by bench. After that, i do such ecus on bench by ktag. Fact: It’s not a tool problem, bmw needs good and steady battery voltage while writing.   Where to have good working Kess V2 5.017 RED PCB? Since there are dozens of supplier/sellers, and not sure all are 100% same. But this one is reliable, bought 10pcs and all are tested. As I known, the QC label on the tool means they checked every tool before shipping out. Source:   I can confirm that Kess v2 5.017 is reading works perfectly on K-Line but…

Digimaster 3 with Clip Adapter no Soldering is Required
Mileage Programmer / July 29, 2019

Question: I want to buy Digimaster 3 with clip adapter so no soldering is required   Answer: Yes, the clip adapter no soldering is required, comes with diagnostic function. It can work together with Yanhua Digimaster3, CKM100, Auto Digital Master etc.   With this clip adapter, all 8 feet IC chip doesn’t need to be removed and desoldered.   This is ICP tester:   How does ICP tester work together with Auto Digital Master or Digimaster III (D3)?   Follow the above image to connect Digimaster3 (or Auto Digital Master) to the ICP tester, open the D3 software. Please clip the chip well and note the chip pins (the red wire stands for the pin-1).   On the ICP tester, choose the corresponding chip type, click on “Test” to test if the pin is correct or not.   On the ICP tester display, you will see the diagnostic successful message. On the D3 or Auto Digital Master menu, select the corresponding chip type to read the data, try to reading for more than 2 times, compare if the data is the same, if yes means the data reading succeed.

Which to Buy AutoHex II or BMW Explorer?
Car Key Programmer / July 29, 2019

Question: What genuine tool to buy that fits my needs. There are 2 tools left which is Autohex II and BMW Explorer. My requirements for E and F series: -making keys -replacing dme with an used one inc. everything to make it work -egs with an used one inc. everything to make it work -isn reading and writing -replacing cas module inc. everything to make it work -custom coding -flashing modules -fa manager -adjusting running hours -reading of fault codes -installing and coding an used cluster of F models. (6WA + 6WB) I do have a software engineering background.   Suggestion based on user feedback:   Review 1: I have both tools because my BMW explorer got damaged and I had been fed rumours that support was bad so in anticipation of delays ig getting it going again, I got autohex, only to get my explorer repaired in a week!! Before Fx82 gives his experience. BMW explorer – Almost exclusively a BMW tool so of course will be thorough. If you are the kind who has no knowledge or is too lazy to learn how to do things then this is not your tool. They won’t entertain silly questions. Like…

BMW 7 Series 2018 odometer correction with Yanhua YH35XX Simulator + CAN Filter
Mileage Programmer / July 26, 2019

Have BMW 7 series 2018 to correct odometer, one Yanhua YH35XX Programmer with simulator (€129) + Can filter (€26.99) ,no need the big digimaster 3.   This is Yanhua YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator:   From: Plug the programmer to the computer to run the software directly. Simulator replaces the original 35160WT /35128WT eeprom. No red dot on odometer.   This is YH CAN Filter: From: Just connect this filter to the plug behind the instrument (the black cable is 1 pin).   ***After odometer correction complete, the odometer in the key will be synchronized with that in the dashboard, no need to process the odometer in the key.  

BMW AT200 Software Free Download & Setup: OBD read write 80% of BMW DME ISN
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / July 25, 2019

This article is available with BMW AT200 DME ISN reader software free download, installation on win7 and test reports (can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD).   BMW AT200 newest software free download!hBoxWSpY!jSNw5hgaw1biW5Zvuy3HJUdbuncGsw1tOCnLABNcvio Version: 07.24.2019 No pass Uploaded by the Engineer from dealer).   BMW AT200 is good at: Read & write BMW DME ISN via OBD: MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 MSD85.2 MSD87.2, B48, N20 N55.   BMW AT200 installation on win7: Plug BMW AT200 into the computer to see if it has established a good communication with the computer, go to Device Manager -> USB Input Device   2.Open the “AT200” folder.   3.Choose the BMW model and engine. For example, choose BMW F48 with engine 2000 N20B20C 174, with Engine BOSCH MEVD17.2.P TC1797. Then Next and have options: identification, Read ISN, Write ISN etc. BMW AT200 can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD:

How to use OBDSTAR DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost?
Car Key Programmer / July 23, 2019

If you have Ford after 2017 and all keys lost, using one OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS V32.41 to program new keys are the best solution (no need pin code).   OBDSTAR DP PLUS V32.41 test reports:   Increased Escort 2017-2018 All Blade Keys Lost Increased New Mondeo 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Transit 2018- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Edge 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Explorer 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Mustang 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Fusion 2018- All Smart Keys Lost Increased GALAXY 2015- All Smart Keys Lost Increased RANGER 2019- All Smart Keys Lost Increased FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased F-150 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-250 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-350 2017- All Smart Keys Lost   * All not need pincode.   How to use OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost? Choose “Ford”. Smart key System.   Car model selection. i.e Explorer.   2017 –   All keys lost.   Switch ignition off.   Communicating…   This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the…

OBDSTAR adds Lincoln Ford 2017 up All Smart Keys Lost without PIN
Car Key Programmer / July 22, 2019

OBDSTAR released new Lincoln & Ford immobilizer software- adding 2017 up all smart keys lost programming models in July, 2019.   Compatible devices: OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 DP PLUS   Ford V32.41 IMMO Update: 1.Ford Escort 2017- 2018 All key lost (Beta) 2.Ford New Mondeo 2017- All key lost(Beta) 3.Ford Everest 2017- All key lost(Beta) 4.Ford Transit 2018- All key lost(Beta) 5.Ford Edge 2017- All key lost 6.Ford Explorer 2017- All key lost 7.Ford F-150/250(King Ranch)/F350 Platinum 2017- All key lost 8.Ford Mustang 2017- All key lost 9.Ford FUSION 2017- All key lost 10.Ford GALAXY 2017- All key lost (Beta) 11.Ford RANGER 2017- All key lost 12.Ford FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All key lost (Beta) 13.Lincoln MKC 2017- All key lost 14.Lincoln MKZ 2017- All key lost 15.Lincoln MKX 2017- All key lost 16.Lincoln Continental 2017- All key lost 17.Lincoln NAUTILUS 2019 All key lost 18.Lincoln NAVIGATOR 2018-2019 All key lost Lincoln V32.41 IMMO Update No need Pincode. MKC 2017- All smart keys lost MKZ 2017- All smart keys lost MKX 2017- All smart keys lost Continental 2017- All smart keys lost NAUTILUS 2018- All smart keys lost Navigator 2018- All smart keys lost

Launch X431 V+ HD-III module VS HD-II module working with X431 V+
Truck Diagnostic Tool / July 18, 2019

What advanced features LAUNCH X431 V+ HD3 module has that HD-II module has no?   Good to know HD-II module: compatible with X431 V+, X431 PRO3, X431 PADII etc, only available for Commercial Vehicles.   LAUNCH HD-III module : compatible with X431 V+, pad3, pro3 etc, only available for X-431 V+ of Commercial Vehicle Version.   Note: Please buy HD-III module instead of HD-II module, because HD-II module is already stop to produce.   There are main 3 differences between X431 V+ HD-III module & HD-II module Different 1. HD-III module: in Blue color HD-II module: in Red color   launch x431 HD III Scan Tool outlook As the 3rd generation of heavy-duty module,Launch x431 HD iii scan tool works as a vehicle communication interface device, which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the X-431 V+ via wireless BT/WLAN communication. The LED indicators enable you to easily identify the working status of the module.   1 DC-IN power jack: For connecting the power adaptor. 2 Diagnostic socket: For connecting the diagnostic cable. LED indicators: It is defined as follows:  Vehicle: While communicating with the vehicle, the indicator lights up and flashes. Otherwise, it will…

How to use Yanhua ACDP vehicle info query function?
Car Key Programmer / July 16, 2019

Magazine that you are interested in Yanhua Mini ACDP and wondering if it can program your key, but you only know your car model and year, then the newest ACDP query function will help confirm the IMMO system i.e BMW CAS1-CAS4+or FEM/BDC are supported by Yanhua ACDP.   Besides, the user can enter the VIN code into the ACDP query function when they only know the car model and year (i.e BMW 5 series 2017)   Also, Yanhua ACDP can help the user inquire the ECU type when all keys lost and need to read out the engine ISN code.   Good to know: Both IOS version and android version are confirmed working. Please upgrade to the newest version.   1st part: enter VIN code to view the vehicle info in ACDP running with IOS Choose “Details”.   Choose “App store”.   Vehicle information.   Have option: “From image” or “from clipboard”, then click on “Query”.   BMW vehicle info in details.   1st part: enter VIN code to view the vehicle info in ACDP running with Android    Update Mini ACDP to 3.0.89.   Choose “VIN Code” -> “More” -> Enter VIN code -> Query – > Has BMW…

Autel MaxiIM IM608 review on FEM/BDC BMW all keys lost
Car Key Programmer / July 16, 2019

FEM/BDC BMW all keys lost programming Used Autel MaxiIM IM608 Results: Writing key success   Experience: the ISN code is just an example because as I don’t have connected the DME, I cannot read the right one but it should be the first step before access the key programming. You can do it accessing the function “ISN Code Management” and then access to “Key Learning“.   Autel MaxiIM IM608 write key successfully for FEM/BDC: Done.   Autel MaxiIM IM608 authorized dealer:

Xtool X100 Pad2 Key Programming & Pin Code Reading Capabilities
Car Key Programmer / July 14, 2019

Xtool X100 Pad2 have been receiving lots of good reviews. Xtool X100 Tablet is tested ok to diagnose and program hundreds of makers from worldwide, it is very suitable for the professionals.   First come with one using tip: Many case with Xpad2 need internet connection. Only explication is: Protection their solution on server. Exemple: Vag 4+5 immo. Make dealer key or clone 48 96 bits chip Peugeot 206+ from 2010, read pin need internet very fast, around 1mn. This car, all my others tools failed to get pin ( not tested by AKL)   Xtool X100 Pad2 Yes Chevy: Onix 2014 add key okay Cruze 2013 add key okay cobalt 2015 add key okay   Opel/Chevy: Montana 2009 read pin code and add key okay Corsa c 2010 brazilian model add key is okay 2012 spare key wouldn’t program under Opel Vivario or any system 1-8. Programmed under Renault Traffic 2 keys 2 minutes.   Ford: fiesta 2011 add key okay focus 2012 add key okay focus titaniun 2014 add key okay Ford C-max 2011 add key ok. 2009 Ford Focus AKL Done 2 minutes but under Ford China in menu Ford EcoSport 2015 non bladed key programmed transponder…

Autel AP200 vs. Bluedriver vs. FIXD OBD2 Code Scanner
OBD2 Code Reader / July 12, 2019

Comparison: Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth obd2 code scanner vs. similar adapters Bluedriver/FIXD. Item Autel AP200 Bluedriver FIXD Image Customer Rating 4.5 / 5 4.5 / 5 4.3 / 5 Weight 1.12 ounces 8 ounces 2.08 ounces Dimension 2.3 x 1.9 x 1 inches 2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches Reset CEL Yes Yes Yes ABS/SRS Yes Yes (in a few brands only) Yes (in a few brands only) Transmission codes Yes Yes (in a few brands only) Yes (in a few brands only) Oil Reset Yes No No SAS Yes No No BMS Yes No No TPMS Yes No Yes (in a few brands only) EPB Yes No No DPF Yes No No IMMO Yes No No   In sum: Autel AP200 Code reader Pros &  Cons: PROS Various advanced service functions. Updates are free for a lifetime. Picks up car information automatically (Auto-VIN). Keeps a record of previously tested vehicles. CONS Costly if you want to use on a second vehicle.   Autel AP200 scanner is better because it offers additional features including SAS, DPF, IMMO and TPMS.  It is suitable for DIYers and car enthusiasts.

Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 key programming by OBDSTAR X300 DP plus
Car Key Programmer / July 11, 2019

Have Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 to program key, read/ calculate pin code, OBDSTAR X300 DP plus is the best solution. Because it is easy to use by following the on-screen instruction, and it also programs keys on many other Renault car models.   Here we go for general procedure: 【IMMOBILIZER】–【RENAULT】–【RENAULT V30.66】–【Program Keys】–【SYMBOL】–【2013-2018】–Go on until finish by following the prompts (PS, I haven’t attach all images below until it complete, actually, it really works. Thanks)   Additional info: As you can see. OBDSTAR X300 DP plus has many Renault car models list. The following models are copied from the obdstar official site, you can refer to it, I haven’t tested all. RENAULT V30.64 Read/Calculator PinCode Type 1(KWP) Models From 1387 To 1390 Model Until 1387 Type 2(Auto Detected) Type 3(Duster\Logan\Symbol… 95040 eeprom) Program Keys AVANTIME 2001-2003 CAPTUR 2016- -2015 CLIO 2006-2012 Smart Key System Immobiliser 2000-2008 CLIO IV 2016- -2015 DOKKER DUSTER 2014-2018 2010-2014 2006-2010 ESPACE 2015- Blade key Card Key 2002-2015 2 KEY 3 KEY FLUENCE 2008-2016 KANGOO KANGOO PH1(1999-2002) Type 1 Type 2 KANGOO PH2(2003-2008) KANGOO 2  (2008-    ) KOLEOS 2010-2016 -2010 KWID Type 1 Type 2 LAGUNA 2007-2011 -2007 2 KEY 3 KEY LATITUDE LODGY Type 1…