Autel IM608 & MaxiFlash JVCI Read Data Stream for Mazda via OBD
Car Key Programmer / May 31, 2021

This is a demo on how Autel MaxiIM IM608 & Autel MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU Programmer to Auto Scan VIN and read Mazda Atenza PCM data and retrieve CMDTCs (Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes).   Tool: Autel MaxiIM IM608 Autel MaxiFlash JVCI Mazda Atenza DLC DB-26 MVCI–OBDII cable   Part 1. Auto Scan VIN by MaxiFlash JVCI & Autel MaxiIM IM608 Use DB-26 MVCI–OBDII cable to connect MaxiFlash JVCI and Mazda Atenza’s DLC which is located In the lower left of the console (location D).   The power LED (the right one) illuminates amber automatically every time when the device is power up, which is a normal self-test procedure, and it will turn green automatically later when the device starts working normally.   Then the connection LED (the central one) illuminates solid blue when connected with the Autel IM608 tablet via Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, connection success ticks the VCI icon on IM608 screen.   Press Diagnostics>>Mazda>>Accept>>Automatic Selection>>Read, now Reading VIN…Success! Press “OK” to the next step of VIN information decoding (The Vehicle LED flashes green when communicating with the vehicle’s system)…Success! Press “Yes” to the step of System data loading…Success!   Part 2. Live Data Reading by Autel IM608 Remain…

Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.0.3
Car ECU Programmer / May 31, 2021

Free download the newest software V5.0.3 for your Xhorse VVDI Prog. It adds more chip models in GM, TOYOTA, Hyundai and Kia, etc.   Free download VVDI Prog V5.0.3: Password: 123456 Size: 1.15 GB   V5.0.3 VVDI Prog software update info: Updated date: May 28th, 2021 * This version DON’T need update firmware + Add FM3104, FM3116, FM3164, FM31256, options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><RAMTRON> + Add R5F11F_Data_8KB_Write, R5F11FxJx_Flash_256KB_Write, R5F11FxKx_Flash_384KB_Write, R5F11FxLx_Flash_512KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G1H> + Add R5F11Wx7x_Flash_4KB_Write, R5F11Wx8x_Flash_8KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G1M> + Add R5F11Yx7x_Flash_4KB_Write, R5F11Yx8x_Flash_8KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G1N> + Add MPC5644B, MPC5644C, MPC5645B, MPC5645C, MPC5646B, MPC5646C, options in <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA-MPC564XXXX> + Add MPC5746G, MPC5747C, MPC5747G, MPC5748C, MPC5748G, options in <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA-MPC57XXXX> + Add SPC564B64, SPC564B70, SPC564B74, SPC56EC64, SPC56EC70, SPC56EC74, options in <2-MCU>-><ST-SPC564XXXX> + Add MT22.1(MC9S12XET256) option in <3-ECU>-><DELPHI> + Add CADILLAC-CATSL option in <7-AIRBAG-><GM> + Add CAMRY(R7F701A22) option in <7-AIRBAG>-><TOYOTA> + Add BAOJUN510-PEPS(MC9S12XEG384), BAOJUN560-ESCL(STM8AF6226) (2015), BAOJUN560-PEPS(MC9S12XEG384) (2015) options in <8-OTHER>-><SAICMOTOR> + Add HOWO-STRYKER-SECURED-DASHBOARD (19) options in <8-OTHER>-><HOWO> + Add MISTRA-47-PKE-MOUDLE (17) options in <8-OTHER>-><Hyundai> + Add 70-CHIP-IMMO-MOUDLE options in <8-OTHER>-><KIA>  

Nissan Immobilizer NATS Key Register by Launch X431
Car Diagnostic Tool / May 28, 2021

After replace the BCM, a fault code may appear – P1614. This code is usually triggered when a not registered or damaged key is used to start the engine. Here will share a guide to do an IMMOBILIZER NATS KEY REGISTER for your NISSAN by using LAUNCH X-431 smart tools such as Launch X431 V, X431 V+…   Here will take Nissan ALMERA N17 as an example. The guide applies to all Nissan cars. Select Local Diagnose -> Asian -> NISSAN -> Manual select -> Far East -> Malaysia -> ALMERA -> N17 -> 11 /2014 -> Health Report You can see the P1614 fault code- P1614 CHAIN OF IMMU-KEY Then select NATS (Nissan Anti-theft System)-> After replacing or installing operation-> Replace BCM This procedure erases all registered key IDs, therefore, all of the customer’s keys should be obtained before starting this procedure. 1.Input PIN Follow the on-screen prompt to input PIN Input immobilizer code (4 digits PIN) for initialization 2.Initialize ECU Insert the ignition key into ignition key cylinder and turn the ignition switch to the ON position. After performing this operation, the system automatically proceeds to initialization ECU. 3.Register key Follow the step to insert IMMO key, security…

Yanhua Mini ACDP Refresh Mercedes-Benz DME/ISM No Soldering
Car Key Programmer / May 27, 2021

The newest Yanhua Mini ACDP module 18 has been fully launched. It is specially designed by Yanhua Tech for refreshing Mercedes-Benz DME /ISM no need soldering, no risk!   This is Mini ACDP module 18 (PECU line).   Which Benz car models can work with? Support Mercedes-Benz CR3.XX/CR4.XX/CR5/CR6/CR60.XX/CRD.11/CRD2.XX/ME 2.8/ME17.7/ME9.7/MED17.7.X/SIM266/SIM271DE2.0/SIM271KE2.0/SIM4LE/SIM4LKE/ etc.DME refresh Support Mercedes-Benz ISM refresh   How to use? 1.Connection diagram For Mercedes-Benz DME: Connect ACDP, PECU line and DME as shown in the figure Mercedes-Benz 271 DME connection diagram: Mercedes-Benz 272 (ME9.7) DME connection diagram:   For Mercedes-Benz ISM: Connect ACDP, PECU line and ISM as shown in the figure   2.Operate on Mini ACDP APP Make sure the connection diagram is proper, and then go to run Mini ACDP APP. Tap “Benz”-> “DME refresh” or “ISM refresh”-> select the corresponding DME model you desire Click “Identify” to see if the DME is communicating Then click “Refresh” to refresh the IMMO info Note: Don’t cut the power or pull out the device during the operation. If you want to modify VIN, select “modify VIN” option to operate directly. Get original Yanhua Mini ACDP module 18 for refreshing Mercedes-Benz DME/ISM at the best price (£59.00 free shipping):  

Yanhua Mini ACDP Failed to Setup Hotspot on iPhone 12 Solution
Car Key Programmer / May 25, 2021

Here offer the solution to fix the problem that Yanhua Mini ACDP cannot setup hotspot on iPhone 12 successfully.   Customer problem: I can connect my mini acdp to a home or Business network with no problem, but only hotspot doesn’t bind at the end of the settings. I’ve tried 4 different hotspots on my iphone 12 so far and none worked. The reset button is about to break.   The solution: For this problem, Yanhua technician has made a video to show how to setup a hotspot on iPhone 12, it works well.   Check the step-by-step guide as below. 1.Supply power to Yanhua Mini ACDP 2.Open “Setting” on iPhone 12 Tap “Bluetooth” and turn it on 3.Tap “Privacy” -> “Location Services” Turn on “Location Services” 4.Return to settings menu Tap “Personal Hotspot” and turn on “Allow others to join” Turn on “Maximize Compatibility” 5.Open “WLAN Password” to reset and click on “Done” Hotspot set up is done. 6.Run Mini ACDP APP Go to “Setting” and tap “Initial use settings” 7.Press and hold the “Set” button on the ACDP device for 7 seconds until the device’s buzzer sounds, then release the “Set” button.   8.Select the corresponding ACDP name…

How to Solve Autel IM608 “Key Generation Failed”
Car Key Programmer / May 25, 2021

One customer used Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add new key on Benz and VW cars, but it failed to do. Check the specific feedback he gave and the suggestion offered from engineer.   Customer problem: When I do key add and im608 programmer is involved. It’s always a failure and can’t do Mercedes or Volkswagen. Is there faulty on XP400 programmer or IM608 tablet? When I make the dealer key with the CS code in the programmer menu, it shows “Key generation failed” as below and the programmer doesn’t work. engineer replied: First of all, confirm if your key is a blank key. Next, confirm if it happens to all keys or only this key chip type. If it happens to all keys generation, then the upgrade chip of the programmer is broken, has to return to repair. If other keys can do the key generation and this one cannot, please change another blank key to retry. Use XP400 key programmer to write the original key data from Autel IM608 tablet into the blank key.   Hope it helps!   For further problem, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp/ Hot line:  +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Program Smart Key to 2017- Jeep Compass
Car Key Programmer / May 24, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad has the advantage of reading PIN code and programming key for 2018- Jeep car models via OBD. Check the newest test report on Jeep Compass ID4A (Keyless Go) smart key programming using this all-in-one key programmer with FCA 12+8 universal adapter.   Why need FCA 12+8 universal adapter? All 2018 FCA (FIAT/CHRYSLER/ALAFA ROMEO) vehicles are equipped with SGW safety gateway modules to prevent access to the vehicle from the OBD2 port via a non-original diagnostic scanner. The purpose of the FCA 12+ 8 Universal Adapter cable is to prevent attacks on the vehicle network via CAN bus.   There are two FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter for selecting. Option 1:  OBDSTAR FCA 12+8 UNIVERSAL ADAPTER (Item No. SF251-B) Price: £13.00 UK ship No Tax   Option 2: FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter Cable (Item No. SF251-B) Price: £20.99 free shipping   How to use FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter? 1.Locate and unplug the 12pin and 8PIN connectors of the SGW module. 2.Then connect the FCA 12+8 directly to the 12pin and 8pin (two connectors connected to the SGW) connector on the car. Note: the gateway connector is generally behind the CD player (Commander, Cherokee), under…

How Autel IM508 Perform Precode and Cypher Mode for PCF7946 Renault?
Car Key Programmer / May 21, 2021

One customer asked: On used Renault remote key-one button I replaced IC PCF7946. I would need advice on how to implement precode and cypher mode for PCF7946 Renault now using Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP400 Pro.   Here is the suggestion offered by Please go to “Remote” menu Download the software of Video 1.00 Then go to “Academy” menu to watch the video “How to Renew with XP400 Pro” and follow it to operate   Any further questions, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

How to Change Autel IM608 Touch Screen by Yourself?
Car Key Programmer / May 20, 2021

If your Autel MaxiIM IM608 appears screen hopping during operation, it starts to click randomly on the screen by itself without anyone touching the device [e.g. it automatically jumps back to the main menu from other interface (view the figure as below)], it means there is something wrong with the touch screen. You need to purchase a new touch screen to change. It’s not difficult to replace it by yourself, just follow the guide offered to do.   Guide to change touch screen and LCD screen: Note: the device used is MaxiSys Ultra, but the guide also applies to MaxiIM IM608. 1).Prepare a new top shell and a new LCD screen. Make sure that they are goodones; 2).Refer to following image to install the LCD screen on the holder; 3).Tighten four screws (Torque of electric screwdriver: 1.5± 4).Stick 4pcs screw gasket to the places circled in red 5).Stick acetic acid tape to the places circled in red Notice: a.Do not stick acetic acid tape to the LCD screen; b.Stick 1pcs acetic acid tape to every place 6).Remove the protectors from LCD screen and touch screen. Use air gun to clean top shell and LCD screen and use a dust-free cloth…

How to Solve Vident V301 White Screen Problem?
OBD2 Code Reader / May 19, 2021

When Vident V301 (VAG301) appears white screen and cannot connect to car normally during the operation, how to solve? Check the solution offered by engineer.   The solution: Please update the software on computer directly.   To update the scanner, you need following tools: Vident VAG V301 Update Tool PC or laptop with USB Ports and Internet explorer USB cable   To be able to use update tool, PC or laptop must meet the following minimum requirements: Operation System: All Windows systems, Win 98 to Win 10. CPU: Intel PIII or better RAM: 64MB or better Hard Disk Space: 30MB or better Display: 800*600 pixel, 16 byte true color display or better Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer   How to update: 1.Download the update tool and update files from website and save the applications and files in computer disk. 2.Unzip the update tool file. Follow instructions on computer screen to install the tool and driver 3.Double click the desk Top icon to launch the application 4.Connect the tool to computer with the USB cable provided. And click the I/M button to enter update model. 5.When the tool enters the Update Mode, the application would detect the tool automatically….

How to Use Godiag GT100+ GT100 Pro?
Auto Locksmith Tool / May 17, 2021

The newly launched original GODIAG Auto Tool- GODIAG GT100+ GT100 Pro has more functions than GODIAG GT100 Break Out Box. It not only adds electronic current display and CANBUS Protocol communication but also can program key for VW, Porsche, Mitsubishi, etc with all keys lost- activate the instrument or immobilizer module. Moreover, it is available with European, American and British regulations.   What can GODIAG GT100+ do (incl. new functions)? It is a new ECU connector and protocol communication testing equipment. It’s convenient for users to individually connect the ECU module to diagnose, program and code. It may also be used for testing whether the diagnostic / programming /coding tool can send communication signals. See the detailed functions as below: OBDII protocol detector and protocol communication diagnosis All keys lost key programming and forced start of instrument connection Voltage / Current Value Display OBDII Display custom CAN protocol communication ECU connection Expanded connection OBD1 diagnostic interface converted to standard OBD2 Multi-ECU connection mode Extension cable Function Power the car when replacing the battery Optional dedicated Adapter Work with CAS4/CAS4 + programming test platform Work with FEM/BDC programming test platform   What’s the advantage of new function? How to use? 1.Electronic current…

How to Repair BMW FRM Module by Xprog?
Car ECU Programmer / May 17, 2021

This post comes with the guide to repair BMW FRM Module using xprog box programmer.   Connect 9(S)12 BDM adapter to XPROG programmer, then weld all lines incl. VDD (+5V), RESET, GND, BKGD on adapter to the corresponding position on BMW FRM module Run Xprog software (here used is v5.6.0) Click “Device” to select type, subtype and device: MCU/MPU-> Freescale 9S12XE-> MC9S12XEQ384 D-FLASH. Secured Then tap “OK” Click “New” and click “Read” to read device info If it shows error “Partition corrupted. Partition dump: 00000010. Select partition size manually.” Please click “OK” to continue. Read the DFLASH data successfully, then click “Save as” to save the original data Open “dflash_to_eee” file on the desktop and select “dflashdump.bin” file just saved Then save it with a new file name “eee dump” Conversion complete! The corrupt D-Flash file detected! Ensure you write to EEE partition and not back to D-Flash and always verify after writing the image to the device. Back to Xprog V5.6.0 software and select device “MC9S12XEQ384 EEE. Secured” Then click “New” and click “Erase” to erase the device Change the number of sectors for EEPROM partition to 16 Click “Open” -> select “eee dump” file Then click “Write” to write the…

Yanhua Mini ACDP Registration Guide on Android/IOS Smartphone
Car Key Programmer / May 13, 2021

Here offer the registration guide on smart phone for the users who use Yanhua Mini ACDP at the first time.   You need to download Mini ACDP APP on your smartphone before operation.   Cell phone system configuration requirements: For IOS System: 1.System Version: 9.0 or more 2.Cell phone Models: iphone6 or more 3.Running Memory RAM:> 2G 4.Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G For  Android System: 1.System Version: 5.0 or more 2.Running Memory RAM:> 2G 3.Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G   Bluetooth and WIFI requirements and precautions 1.Bluetooth Version Requirements: 4.0 or more 2.WIFI: 2.4G (5G is not supported temporarily)   Mini ACDP Download:   Guide to register Mini ACDP: Turn on Mini ACDP APP on your Android or IOS smart phone Click “Me” at the bottom right of the screen Tap “Login” Click “Register” at the upper right corner Fill in the area, mobile phone number, password, name and email as required Note: the password must include letters, numbers and symbols. Scan the QR code on the Yanhua ACDP device or manually enter the ID and SN code After all info are already input, click “Sign up now” Then tap “Login” again Note: Please remember the registration info.   There are two languages are supported…

How to Add Remote Control by Toyota G & H OBD Remote Key Programmer?
Car Key Programmer / May 12, 2021

Recently, one customer used Toyota G & H OBD remote key programmer to do a key remote on his car, but it failed to use. He wants to see if this device could indeed support the function or he did it in the incorrect method.   In fact, just like its name, Toyota G key programmer only can program both Toyota G and Toyota H chip vehicles via OBD2 port. It applies to 4D67, 68, and 72(G), tests on the 2015 Camry and works well. (Only supports adding new keys, not all keys lost).   Please kindly notice: If your car is matched manually, then the key you added by this key programmer, only can start the car. For remote, you need to match and set up based on the original factory. If your car is matched automatically, for the new key you added, it not only can start the key but also has a remote function.   Guide to add remote control on Toyota G& H chip vehicle: Step 1: Get in the car and close the door. Insert the original key and turn the key on, insert the TOYOTA G and H chip OBD remote key programming device into…

VVDI Mini Obd Tool “The resource file is missing” After Firmware Update
Car Key Programmer / May 11, 2021

I have updated VVDI Mini OBD Tool firmware on Xhorse Key Tool Max. But when I want to use it, there is an error message appears on the screen “The resource file is missing, please go to the Update Center to download database again.” (see the figs shown as below)   For this problem, offers the related solution: Open Xhorse Upgrade Kit to clear all errors three times After that, please update again.   Xhorse VVDI mini OBD tool update is done via key tool max upgrade. You need Xhorse Upgrade Kit which is installed on your PC with the internet connection online. >>Connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instructions. This stage does not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max. The upgrade kit will Auto Detect your device and update to the next version.   IMPORTANT: Update firmware version in sequence do not jump to the latest Version number. Do it step by step until you get the latest version. Finished>>>Switch on your Key Tool Max and pair (Bluetooth) with Mini OBD Tool, and you get screen pop-up menu on Key Tool Max.     Remark: You can connect KEY TOOL MAX to MINI OBD…

Free Download+ Install Iprog+ Pro V85 on Win7
Car ECU Programmer / May 10, 2021

iProg+ Pro clone software has updated to V85. Here share the newest software free download link and installation guide on Win7 for the users who need.     Free download Iprog+ Pro V85 software: Password: oipqga Size: 998.64MB Security: No risk! O.S: Win7 & Win10 (Win7 is recommended), Win8 (need luck) Language: English and Russian Functions: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions Compatible device: can be used for these iprog+ prog ECU programmers, incl. Item No. Item No. SE147-C, SE147-B and SE147-1 Note: works with Probes Adapters can make your work much easier without soldering.   How to install iprog+ Pro Clone V85? engineer has tested the software on Win7 64 bit successfully and made the related video. Watch it carefully as below.   Installation guide with words and images: Step 1: Unzip the iprog V85 folder Find the iprog V85 folder you have downloaded and unzip it to Local Disk (C:) Note: It will take about 1 min to uncompress. Step 2: Install (Update) iprog driver software Go to Computer Management interface Select “Device Manager”-> “Other devices” Right click “iProg universal programmer” to select “Update Driver Software” Click “Browse my computer for driver software” Search…

How to Solve Autel IM608 Touch Screen Cannot Work Normally?
Car Key Programmer / May 8, 2021

Customer Problem: I have an autel im608 and used it for a while. Sometimes the touch screen cannot work successfully. How to solve this problem? engineer replied: Please do it as below. First, troubleshoot the software. Go to settings-> system settings-> restore factory state Besides, the possible cause is the hardware is not connected well. Please refer to this video to check the hardware connection.   Tech support:

KESS V2 Clone Read and Write Delphi ECU MB Sprinter via OBD
Car ECU Programmer / May 7, 2021

Here share a real customer test report about using Kess V2 Ksuite 2.23 fw V5.017 to read and write ECU data on a 2009 Mercedes- Benz Sprinter via OBD.   Car info: Mercedes- Benz Sprinter 2009 (ECU: DELPHI DCM3.5)   Device used: Kess V2 clone, SW Ksuite V2.23, FW V5.017 (EU version)   Main operation guide: Connect KESS V2 programmer to the vehicle via the main OBD cable, and connect to computer via USB cable Select the corresponding car model and click “OK” to continue Select “CAN”–> “ID” Step 1: Read file from ECU within 2 min The original data is read out successfully, and then save the related file to computer. Switch off the dash- board to continue ECU reading is completed. Disable DPF and write to ECU checksum correction performed by KESS software.   Step 2: DPF off file writing Switch off the dashboard to continue Switch on the dashboard to continue, check the connections and press “OK” to continue Switch off the dashboard to continue ECU writing is completed. Finally, start the car normally. Note: The newest Ksuite version of Kess V2 is 2.70. You can refer to the following post to download and install. KESS V2 V5.017…

2014 Range Rover Evoque Steering Angle Reset Done by Foxwell GT60 Plus
Car Diagnostic Tool / May 6, 2021

One of the main special functions of Foxwell GT60 Plus is SAS calibration. It can let you perform calibration of the Steering Angle Sensor, on successful calibration of the sensor and its fault memory is automatically cleared. Check the guide to do SAS calibration on 2014 Range Rover Evoque using this Foxwell diagnostic tool.   Something about Steering Angle Reset: 1.To reset the steering angle, first find the relative zero point position for the car to drive in straight line. Taking this position as reference, the ECU can calculate the accurate angle for left and right steering. 2.After replacing the steering angle position sensor, replacing steering mechanical parts (such as steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, steering knuckle), peforming four-wheel alignment, or recovering car body, you must reset the steering angle.   Step-by-step guide to do SAS calibration: 1.Connect GT60 Plus to the vehicle via main diagnostic cable properly, and then turn on the tablet. 2.Go to “Maintenance” function-> “SAS” 3.Read the instruction of SAS and tap “Start” 4.Select car region, brand, model and year: Europe-> LAND ROVER-> RANGE ROVER EVOQUE-> 2012-2014 5.Select “ABS Steering angle sensor calibration” 6.Then follow the on-screen instructions to do: Turn on ignition switch…

How to Adapt Mercedes Benz W203 Used Cluster?
Car Key Programmer / May 5, 2021

Problem: I have a problem adapt used cluster that is virgin to car Mercedes w203. I cant adapt the EZS to it it makes error , when i look in ezs it says the right km 419200 km. but in IC reading the interior canbus it says 1677721.4 km. Is there other places than ezs it takes km from?       Solution:  if your cluster is same age (not facelift) only need is tool can connect kline ..make 0 km then adapt with MB star sd connect c4 or ..(step4)  , you don’t need block anything. all work is in cluster set 0 km .. then adapt cluster ..  don’t touch EIS ! But if your second cluster is facelift, you can only after some modification  (update with zgw, see picture) I did this. my car w203 2004, when I change cluster with one facelift. so if your second cluster is facelift,  do following procedure: Step 1.  You must put ZGW gateway w211 w203 -2006 on the car ( if you don’t have it.  is to old car) Step 2. can L and can H (body can bus = brown wires)  from EIS and from new cluster (if is…