GODIAG BMW FEM / BDC Test Platform, Any Good?
Car Key Programmer / March 16, 2021

What’s the difference between GODIAG Test Platform and other BMW FEM / BDC Test Platforms on the market? What’s the advantage of GODIAG? Is it easy to use? How to use?   As we know, FEM/BDC module cannot be programmed via OBD2 directly, need to be removed from the car. GODIAG GT100 and GODIAG FEM/BDC Test Platform can make the key programming procedure easier and safer.   GODIAG FEM / BDC Test Platform VS other BMW FEM/ BDC Programming Test Platforms: GODIAG FEM Test Platform advantages: 1.Power connector It has a professional power connector, but other devices come with a clip. 2.Fixed key placement port It has a fixed hole to put the key, while other devices may come with a coil 3.It can be connected with GODIAG GT100 to have instructions when reading data, and also can be connected with more modules or connect with obd2-db25 male cable. Note: the OBD2- DB25 conversion line comes with GODIAG Test Platform. If you buy an extra DB25 color jumper cable (it is included in GODIAG GT100) to work with, then the test platform will work as a tool to connect the ECU, which will be like the simple version of GT100….

How to Solve CGDI BMW V3.1.0 “Software Signature Error”
Car Key Programmer / January 9, 2020

A customer got trouble in CGDI BMW key programmer update, here is the problem: I downloaded the newest CGDI prog BMW V3.1.0 from the official website, and I already installed it for my device, but when I wanted to login, a message prompted “Software signature error, please update”. I tried to update, it showed “this is the newest version, needn’t to upgrade”.   Solution from obdiitool.co.uk engineer: Please uninstall the software and download by the following link. CGDI_V3.1.0_Build_200103.7z: http://lixian.b.qq.com/AfqHFwHS02Q Password: 8XVJ Note: this download link is valid for 7 days, if you cannot download, please contact our customer service.   Tech support: www.obdiitool.co.uk      

Two Ways To Read/Write B38 DME ISN Without Opening The Shell
Car Key Programmer / November 5, 2019

This article is available with two methods to read and write B38 ISN without dismantling.   Method 1: Read /write B38 DME ISN by Yanhua Mini ACDP Method 2: Read /write B38 DME ISN by CGDI BMW   Let’s go one by one.   Method 1: Read /write B38 DME ISN by Yanhua Mini ACDP Preparation: DME module: BMW B38 Device: Yanhua Mini ACDP + module 3+ B38 Integrated Interface Board    Procedure: Connect ACDP power Open Mini ACDP APP Select “BMW”-> “DME ISN” Click on “Bench Mode Read /Write DME”-> “B38” Click “Help” to view the wiring diagram Connect B38 interface board correctly to the DME interface Then connect ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, interface board and DME Follow the prompt to read and write ISN until success   Method 2: Read /write B38 DME ISN by CGDI BMW Preparation: CGDI prog BMW + B38 read ISN authorization   Procedure: Follow the wiring diagram to connect B38 DME with all the devices Connect 12V, CAN-L and CAN-H, GPT-0, GPT-1 and GND cables in order Open CGDI BMW software Click on “N13/N20/N55/B38 read ISN” Select “B38” chip and click “OK” Click on “Identify” to read the chip name, ISN and hardware ID…

Can CGDI BMW code 2016 Mini Cooper KOMBI R60?
Car Key Programmer / October 30, 2019

Are you searching the answer about whether CGDI prog BMW can code for 2016 BMW Mini cooper or not? Here share the test report about this car model from CG Company. Hope it helps you!   Preparation: Car: 2016 BMW Mini Cooper KOMBI Model: E series R60 (CAS3+ N16) Device: CGDI Prog BMW key programmer   Test: Connect CGDI BMW device to the vehicle with OBD wire harness Open the car ACC button Enter CGDI software to select “BMW E Series Coding” Important! When you use this function, must make sure the network connection well Wait a moment, and a message will appear with “Current function is trial function”, click “OK” OBD is connecting… Reading data… “Current vehicle FA information is inconsistent. Do you want to code with CAS Fa?” Click “Yes” Read data successfully The vehicle available communication module has been marked black. Please select the appropriate module to set the code Click “OK” All the modules of the car have been read successfully When the meter mileage is adjusted other languages or red dots will be displayed, so we need to code KOMBI to return to normal Select “KOMBI” -> “Coding” Click “Yes” when it prompts “Whether to…

How to Read and Write N13 ISN by Updating CGDI BMW Authorization
Car Key Programmer / October 7, 2019

The previous article has introduced two ways to read and write N13/N20/N55 ISN by CGDI prog BMW without opening the DME shell. The easier way is to obtain the CGDI BMW authorization. But some customers also don’t know how to use when getting the authorization. Here share the relevant guide to the CGDI device owners.   The method to read/write N20, N55 and B38 is same as N13, here take N13 as an example.   Preparation: DME Model: BMW N13 Device: CGDI BMW programmer+ N13 read ISN authorization One professional OBD cable made by CG Company which is special for reading and writing DME ISN   Procedure: Follow the wiring diagram in the CGDI BMW software Connect 12V, CAN-L and CAN-H, GPT-0, GPT-1 and GND cables in order Supply 12V power to CGDI BMW device, and ensure network connection Go to CGDI BMW software Click on “N13/N20/N55/B38 read ISN” Select “N13” chip and click “OK” There are 5 options in the main menu: Wiring Diagram, Identify, Read ISN, Write ISN and Back Click on “Identify” Read out the chip name, ISN and hardware ID Click on “Read ISN” Reading DFLASH… Read DFLASH and ISN successfully Copy the ISN Click on “Write…

How to use CGDI BMW to Read N13/N20/N55 ISN without Dismantling DME?
Car Key Programmer / September 19, 2019

There are two ways to read N13/N20/N55 ISN by CGDI prog BMW no need opening the DME shell.   Method 1: Use professional wiring harness Method 2: Update CGDI prog BMW authorization   In detail…   Method 1: Use professional wiring harness In order to test directly, here use the DME removed from BMW car. It’s very easy to use, only need to unplug the port from the car and connect the harness with DME. The wiring harness cannot be mixed, only used in the corresponding model of DME. Procedure: Plug the wiring harness to the corresponding DME type Then connect to CGDI BMW key programmer via OBD Power on and keep the voltage stable (about 12V) Open CGDI BMW software Read/ Write N20 DME ISN- OK Read/ Write N13 DME ISN- OK Read/ Write N55 DME ISN- OK   Method 2: Update CGDI prog BMW authorization If you don’t have the professional wiring cable, please get the authorization, which is easier to use. Only need 61.99 euro for updating authorization and send your CGDI BMW device serial number to distributor once paid, then you can enjoy the newest CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer feature below: A0000015   B48 B58 read…

CGDI Prog BMW Test Report: Works perfectly on CAS3+/ CAS4+
Car Key Programmer / September 8, 2019

CGDI prog BMW MSV80 is a good car key programmer for BMW. It supports key programming for BMW cas1/cas2/cas3, and supports key matching and all key lost for cas4 /cas 4+. Here have collected two test reports on CAS3+ and CAS4+ below.   Purpose: To check if CGDI Prog BMW can program new key to CAS3+/ CAS4+ or not   Test:   Test 1: CGDI BMW add new key to CAS3+ all keys lost- OK Note: It’s more convenient to work with the cables (DIY by professional technician), no need to dismantle or drill.   Step 1: Click “Read DME ISN” or select the corresponding ECU to read   Step 2: Read CAS key info by CGDI prog Get ISN code and save Note: Need to downgrade to CAS3   Step 3: Plug the blank into CGDI prog BMW coil Confirm the key is smart key or not Wait to program the key process completing   Program key success   Step 4: Use the new key programmed to test   Test 2: CGDI BMW MSV80 add new key to CAS4+ all keys lost- OK Step 1: Read CAS4+ Immobilizer data by CG PRO 9S12 Note: Don’t forget to make backup…