VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Program Smart Key to 2017- Jeep Compass
Car Key Programmer / May 24, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad has the advantage of reading PIN code and programming key for 2018- Jeep car models via OBD. Check the newest test report on Jeep Compass ID4A (Keyless Go) smart key programming using this all-in-one key programmer with FCA 12+8 universal adapter.   Why need FCA 12+8 universal adapter? All 2018 FCA (FIAT/CHRYSLER/ALAFA ROMEO) vehicles are equipped with SGW safety gateway modules to prevent access to the vehicle from the OBD2 port via a non-original diagnostic scanner. The purpose of the FCA 12+ 8 Universal Adapter cable is to prevent attacks on the vehicle network via CAN bus.   There are two FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter for selecting. Option 1:  OBDSTAR FCA 12+8 UNIVERSAL ADAPTER (Item No. SF251-B) Price: £13.00 UK ship No Tax https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/obdstar-fca-12-8-adapter.html   Option 2: FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter Cable (Item No. SF251-B) Price: £20.99 free shipping https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/fca-universal-adapter-cable-for-autel.html   How to use FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter? 1.Locate and unplug the 12pin and 8PIN connectors of the SGW module. 2.Then connect the FCA 12+8 directly to the 12pin and 8pin (two connectors connected to the SGW) connector on the car. Note: the gateway connector is generally behind the CD player (Commander, Cherokee), under…

VVDI Key Tool Plus Ranger Rover 2017 Smart Key Programming
Car Key Programmer / May 2, 2021

Here, obdiitool.co.uk runs through the process of programming Ranger Rover 2017, where the customer required a spare key. The process was carried out in the following stages using the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad key programming device on bench.   Vehicle – Ranger Rover 2017 Situation – Customer required a spare remote key for the vehicle. Equipment and parts needed: Xhorse Key Tool Plus all-in-one key programmer Ranger Rover 2017 KVM (remove the KVM module from the vehicle) One original car key One new smart key want to be programmed   Main steps: Step 1: Read D-FLASH & EEPROM & P-FLASH Step 2: Load RFA D-FLASH & EEPROM Step 3: Make Dear Key Step 4: Write D-FLASH & EEPROM   Step-by-step guide: Follow the wiring diagram on the tablet to connect KVM module with Key Tool Plus via the main cable properly Note: Xhorse solder- free adapter for Land Rover (Xhorse LANDROVER KVM IMMO Adapter) is recommended to work with Key Tool Plus for key programming without soldering. src: https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/xhorse-mini-prog-solder-free-adapters.html   Step 1: Read D-FLASH & EEPROM & P-FLASH Go to “Prog” function on the main menu Select Immo-> LANDROVER-> RFA- SECURED (MC9S12XEQ384) (WELD) Tap “More functions” to select “Unlock” Unlock successfully Tap “Read”…

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Key Programming: Which Car Works?
Car Key Programmer / April 20, 2021

More and more customers purchased Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to do IMMO programming on their cars. Here have collected more customers’ feedback about which car model can be done by this all- in-one key programmer.   Benz: MB W210 1999 year AKL acquired data from EIS in 14 minutes prepared key file and programmed in less than 25 minutes the wiring between the EIS and the DLC was made locally using junk cables what a good business day   2014 Benz w246 copy a new key via obd in 7 min   Program Mercedes Benz C250 key by VVDI Keytool Plus W204   BMW: BMW 2010 CAS3++ (ISTAP) easy with keytool plus via obd2   Keytool Plus programming BMW X4 cas4/cas4+ easy via obd2   Hyundai: Vvdi keytool plus generate remote & program remote Hyundai i20 ….. easy   Land Rover: Just programmed Range Rover 2012 smart key with keytool plus (add key)! It’s working well! Easy to follow the instructions   Mazda: Mazda 2020 ok Mazda CX5 2020 Smart Key Programming Done with VVDI Key Tool Plus   Nissan: 2011 Nissan Maxima read bcm code, release elv (4 digits access code) ok, add a smart key with…

Mazda CX5 2020 Smart Key Programming Done with VVDI Key Tool Plus
Car Key Programmer / April 12, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad supports IMMO programming for Benz, BMW, Audi, VW and common car brands – Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford, etc. Here will share a newest test report about Keytool Plus successfully programs smart key to Mazda CX5 2020 (ID 49, 433 MHZ).   Let’s see the test in detail. Have tested the working key can start the car normally, and the new key cannot start. Connect Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via main cable properly and turn on ignition Go to “Immo Programming” -> “Mazda”-> “CX-5” -> “2017- ” and click “Begin” Select “add a key” Make sure the ignition has been turned on Confirm the current number of smart keys is 2 and continue Start to read the password, after a moment, read password successfully. Then continue to match It takes about 7 minutes to configure the system, just wait… until the horn to sound. Step on brakes when automatic- shift, step on the clutch when manual-shift, and keep the maker end of the smart key close to the start button OK, match the key successfully! The current number of smart keys is 3. Then complete the steps on the screen after programming: Switch…

Newest Xhorse Key Tool Plus IMMO Programming Car List
Car Key Programmer / March 17, 2021

Here offer the newest Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad IMMO Programming Car List and the full functions for the locksmiths.   Renault 4A Smartkey/ 4A Flip Key: OBD add key/ all key lost/prepare dealer key (vehicles with 4A chips, no need for reading backup flash, no risk of car dead)   Mercedes- Benz FBS3: FBS3 add key/all key lost Fast calculation with a high success rate Time- saving   BMW: OBD add key/ all keys lost -CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+/FEM/BDC key (Service mode)   VW & Audi: 2nd/3rd/3.5th/4th/5th generation/ MQB add key and all keys lost   VW online: 4th generation add key and all key lost A6/Q7 (J518) all keys lost MQB add key and all keys lost 5C add key Fast, inexpensive and no risk of car dead with VVDI remotes   TOYOTA 8A Mechanical keys: OBD add key/ all keys lost (no need to disassemble central control and replace immobilizer box for all keys lost, 8A all keys lost adapter needed)   Mitsubishi: OBD add key/ all keys lost/prepare dealer key (models like Outlander/Mitsubishi ASX/Eclipse Cross)   Porsche: Generate key for new Porsche models (-2018) OBD immo programming (key tool plus read data and generate…

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Feedback & Test Report
Car Key Programmer / March 12, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad has become more and more popular with many locksmiths all over the world. Because it provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths that combines functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, Key Tool Max, OBD Helper, and VVDI PROG with the ability to expand the capabilities as needed. Besides, there is no any annual fee or subscription fee for it. Here have collected some customers’ real feedback and test reports on which car has done successfully. Hope it helps!   Xhorse Key Tool Plus feedback: Audi: Audi 5th generation, read BCM data via obd2, generate dealer key, learn key, all are ok   Benz: read benz w164 eis data with godiag gt100, ok mercedes-benz b200 w169 eis, read data, calculate password, add new key, ok   BMW: bmw 520d cas4 all keys lost programming, ok   Chrysler: Playing around with the key tool plus on a Chrysler skim read and jeep liberty is the only option that shows pin code. Reading device 95080   Honda: honda amaze brio id46, remote generation, new key programming, success   Hyundai: hyundai grand i10, with vvdi xt27 super chip, program key, match remote, success   Land Rover: All key lost…

VVDI Key Tool Plus Program BMW 320D 2013 F30 FEM/BDC All Keys Lost
Car Key Programmer / March 10, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad can add new key and do all keys lost for BMW CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+/ FEM/BDC via OBD, also can read ECU ISN, synchronize ECU and CAS, etc. Here will share the test report on a BMW 320D 2013 F30 FEM/BDC all keys lost programming using this all-in-one key programmer (need to remove the FEM/BDC module from the car).   Main operation steps: Step 1: Read key information Step 2: Programming FEM/BDC system Backup the code Service mode Programming preprocessing Write back EEPROM Recovery code Step 3: Prepare dealer key with ignition switch   The test: Remove FEM/BDC from the car and connect with FEM platform and VVDI Key Tool Plus Then select “Immo programming”-> “Europe”-> “BMW”-> “Select from system”-> “FEM/BDC IMMO system”-> “Key function”-> “Start programming” Step 1: Read key information Select “Read key information” to read out the related vehicle info, the status of ignition switch is “No Key” and only key 1 and key 2 have the key ID. Pay attention to the prompt: Prepare dealer key and reset KM require programming FEM/BDC, enable key and disable key no need programming FEM/BDC!   Step 2: Programming FEM/BDC system Select…

Toyota Corolla Altis 2014 Add Smart Remote with VVDI Key Tool Plus
Car Key Programmer / February 21, 2021

This article is available with the guide to add more smart remotes to 2014 TOYOTA Altis using Xhorse Key Tool Plus.   Preparation: Car: TOYOTA Corolla Altis 2014 (push start system) Device: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad One original key+ one blank key   Main operation guide: Connect Key Tool Plus with the car via the main cable and turn on the tablet Select “IMMO Programming”-> “Asia”-> “Toyota”-> “Select by type”-> “Smart key system”-> “Type 3 (8A/4D+ CAN)” Turn ignition on Click “Start programming” Select “Read the number of keys” Then follow the prompt to switch ignition on Read out the number of the registered key Select “Add key” Switch ignition on It will prompt the number of the current registered key and the key number which can also be registered Keep touching the ignition switch with sign surface of a registered key, complete the operations within 30 seconds after clicking [OK] After touching will hear 1 response sound Click “OK” on the screen to detect key to program, and keep the key touching the ignition switch, and you will hear 2 response sounds after touching Make sure all steps are completed and wait for the key registration is…

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Newest Update: Add Remote Online- Cloud Recognition
Car Key Programmer / February 19, 2021

As we know, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus offers all in one automotive solution and IMMO programming for luxury car brands such as Benz, BMW, Audi, VW and common car brands. Besides, it also adds one new powerful function: Remote Online- Cloud Recognition which can quickly and accurately recognize your remote key.   The new function can be found by clicking “Remote Program” or “Remote Clone” on VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad. In “Remote Program” In “Remote Clone” Then click “Start”, your remote can be easily recognized Follow the prompt to operate as below: Press “Lock” button Release “Lock” button Press “Lock” button again The remote online-cloud will recognize, wait a moment till the programming remote is obtained successfully. Then you will get the related remote info. Sometimes, users need to choose the appropriate remote when recognizing multiple possible remotes. Just follow the xhorse key tool plus step-by-step guide as below to do. Click “Start” to recognize the remote as above Then select the car maker you desire Such as KIA Select “All remotes”, then find the corresponding remote manually That’s all!   See also: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus User Guide: Register+ Bind+ Update Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program…

VVDI Key Tool Plus Program Mercedes W207 W204 AKL in 4 Steps
Car Key Programmer / January 26, 2021

One of the main features of Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad is that it supports IMMO programming for Mercedes-Benz incl. FBS3 keyless-go key, smart key, all key lost, add key, enable & disable key, EIS/EZS, ELV, ECU, gearbox and ISM replacement. This post will share the guide to program a new key on Mercedes W207 W204 all keys lost with password calculation.   This is Mercedes W207 W204 EIS and other related devices   Main operation steps: Step 1: Calculate password Step 2: Read EIS data Step 3: Prepare Key File Step 4: Read and write Key   Step 1: Calculate password Enter [Immo Programming] function Select “Europe”-> “Benz”-> “Select from system”-> “Password calculation”-> press “Begin” Then select “Data Acquisition”-> “All keys lost (fast collector)”-> “W172, 204, 207 (FAST)” –> “Process Wizard mode” The related password calculation instruction will appear on the screen, press “Begin” to continue Follow the prompt to do as below: 1.Connect +12V to MB power adapter! Don’t provide +12V power to EIS cable! 2.Connect “device OBD line” to OBD on bench before continue If the OBD line is not connected to the car or the car doesn’t have power, it will ask you to check….

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus User Guide: Register+ Bind+ Update
Car Key Programmer / January 15, 2021

How to register Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad? How to bind device? How to update software? This post will help you more.   If this is your first time to use VVDI Key Tool Plus, you should register an account, bind your device with serial number and update the newest software/firmware with Wi-Fi connection. Then you can start to use it.   Firstly start with the hardware and features of Xhorse Key Tool Plus. It comes with the following goods and put in a rugged plastic case. Key tool plus main unit Charger USB 3.0 Type-C cable OBD_DB25 cable OBD_KIA_10 connector OBD_kia_20 connector OBD_HONDA_3 connector Remote_PS2 programming cable Prog_DB15_15 cable Prog_EEPROM adapter Benz_IR reader Benz_NEC1 adapter Benz_NEC2 adapter Benz_NEC3 adapter Benz_power adapter 9s12XE cable MCU cable VVDI Key Tool Plus features: -Provides all-in-one automotive solution for locksmith IMMO programming, transponder clone, generate transponder, remote program, IMMO data tool (file make key), Prog (read and write common modules & chips) , control Xhorse key cutting machine (CONDOR, DOLPHIN and PANDA), etc -Performs IMMO programming for Luxury cars incl. Benz, BMW, Audi, VW BENZ: FBS3 standard keys and FBS3 keyless-go keys Smart keys, all keys lost, add keys, enable & disable…

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program CAS4 CAS4+ Key with GODIAG GT100 & Test Platform
Car Key Programmer / January 12, 2021

This post comes with the guide to program CAS4 CAS4+ key via OBD using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, GODIAG GT100 &GODIAG CAS4 CAS4+ Test Platform.   Why need GODIAG GT100 plus GODIAG CAS4 Test Platform? In general, if you want to add key to BMW CAS4 CAS4+, you should open the CAS4 CAS4+ shell, and use the key programmer to read out data, then write the data into VVDI2, VVDI BMW, VVDI PAD or other programmers to generate keys. With the GODIAG GT100 and test platform, the BMW CAS4 CAS4 + key can be programmed on the workbench by OBD without opening the machine cover, thus avoiding car power loss and data loss caused by long time unlocking of the CAS4 / CAS4 + on the car. It can also test whether CAS or key is working properly, which is the preferred platform for locksmith and automotive electronics.   All devices need: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus (The image in the post is red, the real one is orange, but they have the same function) GODIAG GT100 OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector + GODIAG CAS4 Test Platform One CAS 4/CAS4+ key CAS4/CAS4+ DME module   Connection: Firstly,…