What’s the Difference Between GODIAG V600-BM and BMW ICOM A2 A3 Next?
Car Diagnostic Tool / December 28, 2020

GODIAG V600-BM is a professional diagnostic & programming / coding tool for BMW. It will replace GT1, OPS, OPPS, ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3 and ICOM NEXT. Check the comparison table to learn differences between Godiag V600 and BMW ICOM. Items Godiag V600 BMW ICOM A1 A2 A3 NEXT Image Configuration Volume 12cm*6cm*2cm 25cm*12cm*4.5cm Weight 300g 1.5kg CPU high-speed processing High-speed processing 580 MHz MIPS, 32MBFLASH, 128MByte RA,built-in 32G Average processing MPC5200  400MHZ Low power consumption 3.6W 15w Communication Wifi Built-in 150Mbps Wi-Fi 1T1R 802.11bgn Optional (or NO optional) Point to point wifi Yes No Connect wifi through router Yes With Wifi card Network cable communication Yes Yes USB Yes No Protocol CAN-FD Yes No DOIP Yes Yes Functions BMW model diagnosis Yes Yes ISTA-D (Diagnostic Software) Yes Yes ISTA-P (Programming software) Yes Yes ECU Programming Yes Yes Coding Yes Yes ECU Data Update Yes Yes Optical fiber interface Yes Yes Refit Yes Yes For new BMW models, there is no need to turn on the ignition switch and smart key, and V600 can also enter the diagnostic mode Yes Yes Features Add authorization to support more models Yes No Authorization of JLR CAN FD Yes (Extra charge) No Authorization…

How to Solve BMW ICOM NEXT USB Device Not Recognized
Auto Diagnostic Tools / August 24, 2020

I had bought a BMW ICOM NEXT with HDD. I connect the 500G software HDD with my computer via USB cable. When the connection is ok, the indicator light of HDD flashes for a while and goes off. The system prompts “USB device not recognized” and “Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (G:)”. What’s wrong with the HDD?   Obdiitool.co.uk engineer replied: The BMW ICOM 500G Software HDD is a built-in disk. Please remove the original hard driver of the computer and insert the SP269-DS HDD to start.   Read more: How To Solve BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C Cannot Find IP Address? http://blog.obdiitool.co.uk/solve-bmw-icom-next-abc-cannot-find-ip-address/ How to Change Language of V2020.03 BMW ICOM ISTA+ http://blog.obdiitool.co.uk/how-to-change-language-of-v2020-03-bmw-icom-ista/

How to Change Language of V2020.03 BMW ICOM ISTA+

Customer problem: Does V2020.03 BMW ICOM only support English and Chinese? When I run 500 GB SSD ISTA+, there are only two languages can be selected. How to change to other languages? obdiitool.co.uk engineer replied: V2020.03 BMW ICOM supports multi-language: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian, Greek and Traditional Chinese Please open the “ISTA language install” folder in the software installation kit and select the language you want to run. When finish installing language, open ISTA+ again, then you can see the corresponding language. The solution is suitable for BMW ICOM V2020.05 (newest) as well.   Learn more details about the latest version, refer to this article: http://blog.obdiitool.co.uk/v2020-05-bmw-icom-software-update-for-bmw-icom-a2-next/   V2020.05 BMW ICOM software SSD 500G: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/2020-05-bmw-icom-software-ssd.html V2020.05 BMW ICOM software HDD 500G: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/2020-05-bmw-icom-ista-500g-hdd.html

V2020.05 BMW ICOM Software Update for BMW ICOM A2/ NEXT

BMW ICOM software has updated to V2020.05. It’s tested ok to work with BMW ICOM A2+B+C and BMW ICOM diagnostic tools. Newest BMW ICOM V2020.05 software includes: ISTA+ (ISTA-D): 4.22.31 SDP database: 4.22.32 VIN: 2020.03.10 ISTA-P:   05.2020 BMW Software Update: ISTA ISTA 4.22.31 SDP Programming Database 4.22.32, Multilingual VIN: 2020.03.10 STA-P, supports BMW motorcycle and electric vehicle programming. BMW ETK 2019.12 BMW KSD 2019.11 INPA 5.00, WINKFP 5.2.3, NCS 3.5.1 BMWAi Refresh Hidden 4.6 E-SYS V3.27.1 and V3.30, database V67.0, Chinese version software added DR.GINI B020 The latest FSC navigation code software and IBAC coder Added DISV57 and DISV44 for old BMW cars, diagnostic and programming   Supported Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian, Greek, Traditional Chinese   Operation system requirements: Dual-core processor, better I3 above, over 4G of memory   Support Model Obdiitoolcouk: It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.   V2020.05 BMW ICOM ISTA 500G HDD: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/2020-05-bmw-icom-ista-500g-hdd.html   V2020.05 BMW ICOM software 500GB SSD: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/2020-05-bmw-icom-software-ssd.html    

How To Solve BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C Cannot Find IP Address?

When you use BMW ICOM A+B+C diagnostic head with ICOM ISTA-P/D software, but the IP address cannot be found, how to solve this problem?   Here is the suggestion from a professional technician working at obdiitool.co.uk. If you have the same problem, you can try to set ICOM WLAN. Step 1: Open Itool Radar to identify the BMW ICOM info   Step 2: Acess the ICOM configuration url through IE Here take an IP address the subject to the actual reading.   Step 3: Select WLAN Settings and enter the corresponding available WiFi info Confirm the info entered and click Save Changes to save   Step 4: Disconnect the network cable and power supply, then restart ICOM Wifi will be connected automatically when starting ICOM   Note: If you use our sotware and USB- WiFi, the ICOM configuration info is: Mode: 802.11n, 2.4GHz SSID: ISAP Security Type: WPA2 Personal Pre-shared key: BmwAp24h   Tech support: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/

BMW F10 DME Change and how to program successfully
Car Diagnostic Tool / October 2, 2019

Bought a new DME from BMW in Germany for a F10, installed it on the car and Run Ista+P to program it, everything went fine with the programming, once finished I tried to start the car but it does not start it only turns. I got the fault DME-CAS is not synchronized.   After that we check the DME again and we realize that the VIN number on the stiker is not the same as of the car.   How to program successfully? This wouldn’t work so easy… You will need to change ISN in Cas for same in ECU or you change ISN in ECU for same in Cas… All this only with special and dedicated tools…   Finally, problem Solved I already clone the ISN from Old DME to New one. I found someone who had the right tools for this Job. Cheers   Source: https://cartechnology.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=40120   http://www.obdiitool.co.uk