Autel MD806 Pro Review: Works Well on Different Cars and Save Money
OBD2 Code Scanner / December 31, 2021

Many customers say Autel MD806 Pro is great OBD2 scanner to own. It’s easy to read and clear fault codes and perform other functions such as retract the electronic parking brakes. It also can save hundreds of dollars.   Review 1: I highly recommended this tool for the next level DIY enthusiast. Autel MD806 Pro is a great tool to have. But first, make sure you follow the instruction that comes with the package. Download the Maxi suit, and use the card reader converter for the micro SD card, plug into the computer and FORMAT THE CARD! Otherwise, you won’t have enough capacity for the whole update and lastly, make sure you CHOOSE SELECT ALL when downloading the programs to the SD card. DO NOT choose only the brands that you need it, otherwise it will not work. After finished, put the SD card back into the tool and works like magic. It will give you all the information about your car diagnostics and what it means should there be a faulty code.   Review 2: Outstanding Auto Scan Function I received the Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro OBD2 Scanner/Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for Christmas. After a short review of the…

How to Save & Print Vehicle Diagnostic Data on Foxwell Scanners?
OBD2 Code Scanner / September 29, 2021

Question How do I save these GM vehicle fault codes from Foxwell NT530 to print out? Please help me.   Operating Steps Here is taking Foxwell NT624 Elite Automater Pro as an example. The procedure applies to most Foxwell scanners such as Foxwell NT650 Elite, NT680 Pro, etc.   Step1. Save Data File Follow the 2 paths below to save vehicle data files on Foxwell tool: EOBD >> Automatic selection >> Save Read codes >> Stored codes >> Save   Step2. Check Data File Follow the path to check if data files are saved successfully. Data manager >> Fault codes >> EOBD   Step3. Transmit Data Go to “Update”, connect Foxwell tool with PC via USB cable. Wait for a while until you can find out the “EOBD” file.   Step4. Print Diagnostic Data Log in Foxwell software, follow the path to print. Data Manager >> EOBD >> Report >> Print   Completed! Hope this is helpful.

How to Fix Thinkcar Thinkdiag Bluetooth Connection Failed Problem?
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 29, 2021

Customer problem: I used thinkcar thinkdiag to diagnose my cars, all failed. When I plugged the dongle the green light is on, but the Bluetooth connection is abnormal. The cars I tested as below. Bmw e46 325 i 2003 Bmw e90 320d 2006 Mini 1.6d 2010 Range rover sport 2010 tdv6 Citroen c4 picasso 2008 engineer replied: 1.Check if the internet connection is normal during the test, if it is ok, follow the guide to fix the thinkdiag firmware as below. Path: Run Thinkdiag APP, go to personal center>> fix firmware After that, select OBDII or car software to test again. 2.Make sure the app is downloaded correctly and the models are all downloaded. ThinkDiag App Free Download: 3.Use the password letter to bind the Thinkdiag APP and login to activate the thinkdiag dongle Note: remember to connect Thinkdiag device via Bluetooth on your smartphone.   For further problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:  

How to Reset Oil Change Interval on 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 27, 2021

One customer gave feedback that he didn’t know how to use Foxwell NT530 scanner to reset oil change interval on his 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia properly. So he asked our customer service for help.   Here is the customer’s specific operation feedback: I have a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4, 4 cylinder all wheel drive, was the Fiat module. I want to use nt530 scanner to reset the Oil Change Interval after changing the oil. The NT530 user manual says I should see “Special Functions” in the function menu but it does not show up.  Also it will not read VIN Number under smart VIN and there is no option for “Manual Selection” to enter the VIN #. When I select “SmartVIN” I get a screen that shows a list of Group functions: Engine Gearbox, Instrumentation, Safety, Comfort, Other Systems but no VIN#. The VIN number does show up if I go in beginning with the OBDII window selection but I don’t ever see a Special Functions in the Functions Menu. I hope you all can help me re set my oil change interval so I don’t keep getting “OIL CHANGE REQUIRED” message every time I start my car. engineer advised the customer to do with the following operating path. Alfa–> After 2008 (mito/giulia/giulietta/4c)–> GA- giulia–> 2017–> Control modules–> Info comm& entertainment–> IPC–> Special function–> Reset service information   For further problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

Autel MaxiAP AP200 Review: Good Cheap Scanner for DIY
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 23, 2021

Hi guys, today is a review of the Autel MaxiAP AP200. This is one of Autel’s portable scan tool devices made to work with your mobile phone. I’m excited about this because for do-it-yourselfers who are on a budget, but want a professional level scan tool, this is one good solution to look at. I’ll cover how to set it up, registration and all, give you a walkthrough of its functions, compare it to other Autel devices, and as well as, what to expect in terms of updates. Now let’s get this! The device itself and a quick reference guide. Setup This is an all-system scanner, so this is going to give you access to all modules, whether you’re talking AC module, suspension module, ABS, SRS, immobilizer etc. This device is comparable to the Autel MK808, it’s able to do all that the MK808 is able to do. The only difference is that you’re doing it from your phone. This is a very affordable device. I got this for, roughly, about $60. So to set it up, the first thing is to scan the QR code and download the Maxi AP200 app. And it gives you the website you go…

How to Fix Launch X431 CRP909 Failed to Register?
OBD2 Code Scanner / July 13, 2021

Here share the solution to resolve Launch X431 CRP909 registration failure problem.   Problem: There is something wrong with my launch crp909 (SN: 979794xxxxxx). It cannot register successfully, and the system prompts me the serial number is incorrect. But I check the serial number I input, and it’s right. So how can I register it successfully? engineer provides the suggestion as below: 1.Please connect WiFi on the Launch CRP909 firstly, then input your available email address to register an account; 2.Download the car software Or click update directly to see if it pops up and asks for an account, then use your email address to register   For further problems, please feel free to contact our customer service. Whatsapp/ Hot line:+8618150117535 Email/ Skype:  

Foxwell NT650 Elite Failed to Install French Language Solution
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 29, 2021

Customer Problem: I have a foxwell nt650 elite. The default language is English, and I want to change it to French. But I cannot install and update it successfully. engineer replied: The possible cause is that the software is broken. Please update it again. Use the USB cable to connect NT650 Elite to computer, and press “Enter” button to enter upgrade mode. The format procedure would be a little complex. Please follow the step-by-step guide as below to do. Note: the device used is not NT650 Elite, but the guide is same. 1.Connect the Foxwell scanner with computer, then enter the “Update” interface 2.Format the TF card 3.After that, you need to pull out the USB cable 4.Open your FoxAssist and log in. Then plug the USB cable again, and you will see a blue interface, then press the OK button. The TF card info will be detected by FoxAssist. 5.Choose “HOME” & “Common Text Library”, then press “Update”. 6.Wait for it to download 7.After the download has finished, pull out the USB cable, and plug it again. Then you will see the Foxwell scan tool will be back to normal.   Kindly note: If you have already…

Autel AP200 Reset Throttle on 2008 Dodge KA Nitro
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 10, 2021

Used Autel AP200 obd2 scanner to reset throttle position on a 2008 Dodge KA Nitro since the GAS pedal is electronic, it worked pretty fine!   Here is the detailed operation guide. Plug the AP200 obd2 scanner into the car, and connect it to the smartphone via Bluetooth Select Service-> Throttle -> DODGE Connect VCI automatically Tap Manual selection Select 2008-> KA Nitro-> Hot Function-> Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) (PCM)-> OK It’ll start actually moving the gas pedal, just follow the prompts to operate: Press and hold down the accelerator pedal to the floor, the throttle must be held to the floor. Hold down the accelerator strongly to the floor Release the accelerator pedal Do not touch the accelerator pedal Resetting ECU… please wait Learn electronic throttle control (ETC) passed, and the warning light stops flashing. I also do a test here. Tap Electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle follower test (PCM)-> OK Note: the engine must be stopped to carry out this test, to carry out this test, press the throttle pedal & the electronic throttle control (ETC) should follow. It shows the voltage like right now it’s at 1%, press the gas pedal, it goes up to 77%….

How to Reset Adaptations on Mini Cooper R56 2009 by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / June 2, 2021

Today I’m going to show you how to reset the adaptations for variable camshaft timing control on a 2009 R56 Mini Cooper by using Foxwell NT530 scanner.   The device we used is Foxwell NT510 Elite, but Foxwell NT530 BMW also supports the same function for the same car.   Step-by-step guide: Insert the original key into the car, and press Start/Stop button Take the OBD2 plug of the foxwell scanner and plug it into the OBD2 port of the car underneath your dash When you plug it in, you will see it loads and the main menu displays. Then select BMW-> Mini-> SmartVIN It’ll read the VIN number correctly. Then confirm the vehicle info read out After loading the data, select “Service”-> “Drive”-> “Motor Electronics” You’ll see three options: Adjustment, OBD readiness codes and activation/deactivation terminal 15 Here we select “Adjustment” to do Then select “Clear adaptations” Select “DME Delete adaptation variable camshaft timing control” Read the instruction to delete adaptation carefully Shift selector lever to P position Secure and lock, vehicle The vehicle must be secured to prevent it rolling in the following tests. Drive stage P must be engaged on automatic transmission vehicles. Then select “Rest adaptation…

Autel MaxiAP AP200 2021 Customer Reviews: Easy to Use and Save Money!

Here are some 2021 newest customer reviews of Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner. It’s easy to use on many different cars and save money.   Check more info…   @Gerald Y: EASY TO UNDERSTAND and USE! This MaxiAP AP200 wireless is the best! Saved me A LOT of $$ so far. I used this product on my 2007 Honda Accord.   @sunhi jo: Even better than high dollar obd2 code readers… This diagnostics tool is a must have for anyone who works on their own car that has an OBD2 connection. Very affordable but extremely effective.  You see, you already own the computer (your smart phone) so that is where the big savings comes in.  I saved $400 first time use to clear some airbag codes after I fixed the issue.  Porsche dealership wanted $400 just to clear the codes.  This $60 AP200 did it in 5 minutes!  I highly recommend it.   @itay uri: Best value for money OBD scanner I needed an OBD scanner that was able of more than just reading basic information and was expecting to pay much more. I came across this device while looking at other options and decided it was worth a try for…

Foxwell NT530 Fixed BMW 4A63 Fault “DDE: EWS tampering” Problem
OBD2 Code Scanner / May 4, 2021

This post will show how to resolve the 4A63 DDE: EWS tampering fault on a BMW using Foxwell NT530 BMW.   Vehicle: e.g. BMW E61 530D 2008 LCI (Europe) Fault Code: 4A63 DDE: EWS tampering Fault Cause: battery run down, charge very low, car wouldn’t turn over. Replaced the battery but too late the fault had appeared. Fault Symptoms: After battery replaced/recharged, engine will turn over but won’t start Device used to fix the fault: Foxwell NT510 Elite (Foxwell NT530 scanner also has the same function)   Step-by-step guide to fix the fault: 1.Replace or charge the battery – battery must have a strong charge – you can leave yours charging while you fixing the fault. 2.Connect the corresponding Foxwell scanner (you’ll need BMW software) to OBD2 port of the vehicle 3.Go to the main menu to select BMW 4.Select BMW from [Select Vehicle] menu 5.Select Smart VIN The Foxwell scan tool will connect to the car and get the VIN automatically. If it fails, the VIN also can be found on the car somewhere like on the car door pillar. Confirm the vehicle info detected out 6.Select “Service”-> “Power Train”-> “Digital Diesel Electronics”->“Adjustment functions”->“DDE-CAS”->“DDE-CAS Adjustment” 7.Follow the on-screen instructions,…

How to Code 2008 BMW 335i Fuel Infections by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 28, 2021

Is it possible to do fuel injector coding on a 2008 BMW 335i using Foxwell NT530 scanner? The answer is YES. When you setup new fuel injectors on your BMW engine, you are supposed to enter each new injector value into the PCM. Foxwell NT530 BMW Scan Tool can perform this function perfectly.   The procedure is not difficult. Just follow the steps to do as below: Step 1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the foxwell scanner (you’ll need BMW software) into the OBDII port of the vehicle Step 2: Select “BMW” from the main menu Step 3: Select “BMW” from [Select Vehicle] menu Step 4: Select “SmartVIN” The Foxwell scan tool will connect to the car and get the VIN automatically. Confirm the VIN info is correct or not Step 5: Select “Service” Step 6: Select “Power train” Step 7: Select “DME” Step 8: Select “Injection volume compensation” Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish whole procedure.   Available link to get Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW Software (UK ship No Tax):

2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD EPB Reset: Foxwell NT530 Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 27, 2021

This post comes with the guide to release the electronic park brake (EPB) for service on a 2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD using Foxwell NT530 scanner. It applies to 2017- 2021 Acura/ Honda.   Check the step-by- step guide as below. 1.Connect NT530 to the vehicle properly 2.Turn on this foxwell scanner, and start to operate 3.Select “HONDA”-> “Smart VIN”-> “Special Functions”-> “Electric Parking Brake”-> “BRAKE PAD MAINTENANCE MODE” 4.Read the instruction of rear brake pad maintenance on the screen and check the following conditions are fulfilled: Stop the vehicle Release parking brake Battery voltage is over 10.0 (V) 5.Currently, brake pads are in the normal control position, make sure to execute pad exchange mode Note: Execution time takes about 25 seconds at the maximum. 6.When the EPB system transition to pad exchange mode, and go to perform rear brake pad maintenance. 7.After that, brake pad position returns to normal brake pad position 8.Wait about 25 seconds till the process is completed 9.Finally, turn the ignition switch off Job’s done!   Device used: Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner:  

Clear Honda VSA Dash Light: Foxwell NT530/ NT650 Elite Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 23, 2021

Sometimes, after you change spark plugs or new battery on your Honda car, and then go to start the engine, the original VSA warning light appears on the dashboard and remains on. Many customers want to know how to solve this problem. Here will share a method which is offered by @ CarsNToys to clear the VSA light and indicator using Foxwell scanner.   The device can be used: Foxwell NT530 /NT510 Elite, Foxwell NT650 Elite, Foxwell NT630 Plus   Step-by-step guide to turn off VSA light: You can try to turn off the light with the switch to the VSA switch. What we need to do is that reset the system to perform the test. Step 1: Connect Foxwell scanner into the vehicle via the diagnostic cable Step 2: Turn the ignition switch on Step 3: Select “ABS& Airbag”-> “Asia”-> “Acura” or other car model-> “Smart VIN” Note: When you perform this test, make sure the vehicle is level and the wheels are straight because it’s going to reset the entire system. There are four options in the main group: Quick Scan Control Modules Vehicle Details SCS Step 4: Select “Quick Scan” to scan the system Step 5: Read…

How to Solve Thinkcar Thinkdiag Failed to Download Software?
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 14, 2021

Customer Problem: I have a thinkdiag scanner and the serial number is 9798603xxxxx. I have paid for it to activate all car software, but I cannot download the software successfully.   For this problem, the professional engineer who has been working at offers two methods as below: Method 1: Please log out your account and log in again. The system will prompt you to download or not. Click “Download” and you will see that the software you purchased is displayed as “Open”.   Method 2: If it also fails, please uninstall the current Thinkdiag APP and download the newest version (2.2.0). For Android system, download from Google Play (APP name: Thinkdiag+). For iOS system (iPhone, iPad), download from App Store (APP name: Thinkdiag).   If you have the same problem on your Thinkcar Thinkdiag, please try to solve it using the solutions above. Come and share with us about your test result. Whatsapp: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype: Hot line: +86 18150117535

How to Solve Autel Maxiap AP200 Failed to Connect with Bluetooth?
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 5, 2021

Recently, some customers give feedback that though the Autel Maxiap AP200 OBD2 scanner has been plugged into the vehicle and the indicator is on, it also failed to connect to the phone via Bluetooth. This problem will be caused by some improper operation. Don’t worry! Just read this post and follow the methods offered by engineer to solve.   The solution: 1.Make sure AP200 has been registered. 2.Go to Settings – Bluetooth on your phone and Forget the device. 3.Turn off Bluetooth, turn it on again. Then go to Autel AP200 App – VCI connection and reconnect to the device. 4.Try to connect the tool via Bluetooth on both iPhone and Android phones to see if the problem is caused by applications. 5.Try to use another phone to see if can connect normally via Bluetooth. 6.Make sure APP is the latest version and try to update the firmware.   Attach the guide to register Autel MaxiAP200 APP and update firmware. 1.Autel AP200 APP register Step 1: Open the MaxiAP AP200 you have downloaded Step 2: Tap Register near the top right of the screen Step 3: Register according to the on-screen instructions Step 4: Log in with your registered…

Creator C310+ Have Success in Diagnosis for Different BMW Cars
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 3, 2021

Creator C310+OBD2 code scanner is able to do basic diagnostic function and engine oil reset for BMW 1997 to 2018 (some 2019 and 2020 models covered). It’s very easy and stable to use. Here have collected some feedbacks from the users who have used it for reference, hope it helps!   Firstly start with a newest user’s test report on BMW X5 E53. I received a new creator c310+ recently, it works well on my X5 E53. This is the code scanner I bought. It comes with c310+ main unit, user manual, CD and usb cable, all goods are put in a carton and keep well without any damage. When I plug the obdii connector of the c310+ to my car, the scanner turns on automatically. Then insert the car key to turn on the ignition switch. Enter “Auto scan”, select “X5_E53”, and test it on Drive, chassis and body all system to do basic diagnostic function. Enter “Drive” to diagnose ECM (Engine control module-DME/DDE) -Read ECU info: OK -Read trouble code: OK -Clear trouble code: OK -Read data stream: OK Then go to Chassis and Body system to diagnose LEW (Steering-angle sensor) and AIC (Automatic Interval control) separately. Also…

How to Submit Diagnostic Feedback for Thinkcar Issues?
OBD2 Code Scanner / March 2, 2021

If there is something wrong with your Thinkcar Thinkdiag, Thinkcar Pro (Thinkdiag Mini) or Thinkcar2 (ThinkDriver) OBD2 full system diagnostic scanner, you can submit diagnostic feedback on APP to Thinkcar support to identify the problems and help solving it.   It’s easy to operate, just follow the steps as below to do. Make sure you have downloaded Thinkdiag APP and ThinkCar Pro. ThinkDiag App Free Download: ThinkCar Pro App Free Download: Search “ThinkCar Pro” APP on Google Play or APP Store to download   Guide to submit diagnostic feedback: Go to profile page and select “Diagnose Feedback” Choose the car maker you need Click “Choose file” of the option 1 “Choose feedback log” Tick the related file and click “OK” Choose the feedback problem type 1.e.g: Consult or error Input your available phone number so that Thinkcar support can contact you ASAP. Then click “SUBMIT RESULT” Once it’s done, you will get a feedback about the diagnostic logs are successfully uploaded and some notice info.   2.e.g: Others Write the detailed problem description Input your available phone number or email Then click “SUBMIT RESULT” and get the related feedback. Hope it helps!

2021 XTOOL VAG401 Review: Works Well on Different VW Cars and Worth Every Penny!
OBD2 Code Scanner / February 15, 2021

Here have collected the newest customer’s feedback about XTOOL VAG401 OBD2 Code Reader. A lot of users say it’s a good problem solving tool for VW, because it’s cheap and diagnose perfectly such as for airbag light and brake light issue, etc. Go ahead to read more.   Mr. Fix: YES!!! VW & AUDI Problem Solving tool! There isn’t anything I dislike. This Xtool v401 tool is a necessity for (VAG) VW & AUDI owners and has basic functions for other makes & models. Tool is fabulous, & does everything I expected; it was shipped very fast, was packaged well, and price was super!   Maku: Works to read individual ABS wheel speed sensor 2014 VW Jetta TDI Received xtool vag401 very quickly! Item was nicer quality than I was expecting. I downloaded the update tool from the internet and it updated easily. Connected to my 2014 VW Jetta TDI and it was able to read the detailed codes for my ABS ESC (Electronic Stability Control) warning lights. It identified the specific wheel speed sensor that is not reading in the codes and the live block data confirmed that wheel had no connection at all with no wheel speed. I’m very impressed with the…

XTOOL VAG401 Have Success in Airbag Light Reset VW MK4 2003
OBD2 Code Scanner / February 8, 2021

I have a 2003 vw mk4. But there is something wrong with the airbag. So I purchased xtool vag401 to read the fault code and clear it. Today I’d like to share how I reset the airbag light successfully.   The vag401 I bought is from It just cost me 37 pounds. It’s far exceeded my expectation. Though it’s cheap but also comes with good quality.   It’s easy to do the basic code reading and maintenance reminder reset. This is my mk4 dashboard before resetting. I connect this xtool v401 to my car via the main cable, and it can start to work. Enter diagnosis system, then common system, select airbag Wait for the device connecting and reading system info… It read out my car system info. Then it goes to read data and enter airbag menu. It reads one fault code of the airbag and clears it successfully Look! The airbag light on the dashboard disappears.   This is the single most useful tool I have in my toolbox for working on my mk4. I’m extremely glad I bought this code scanner. I will use it to do more functions. Recommend for the value and performance DIY user!