Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.0.2
Car ECU Programmer / April 29, 2021

Here offer the newest Xhorse VVDI Prog software V5.0.2 free download link and update info. It adds more chip models in Mitsubishi, Volvo and Hyundai, etc.   Free download VVDI Prog V5.0.2: Password: 123456 Size: 1.1 3GB   V5.0.2 VVDI Prog update info: Updated on April 30th, 2021 * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add D160XX (ST), D80XX (ST) M35080XX (ST), M35160XX (ST) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><SPECIAL-FUNCTION> + Add R5F10A/10B_Data_4KB_Write, R5F10AxAx_Flash_16KB_Write, R5F10A/10BxCx_Flash_32KB_Write, R5F10A/10BxDx_Flash_48KB_Write, R5F10A/10BxEx_Flash_64KB_Write, R5F10A/10BxFx_Flash_96KB_Write, R5F10A/10BxGx_Flash_128KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-F13> + Add R5F11B_Data_4KB_Write, R5F11BxCx_Flash_32KB_Write, R5F11BxEx_Flash_64KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G1F> + Add R5F11Z_Data_2KB_Write, R5F11ZxAx_Flash_16KB_Write, options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-RL78-G1P> + Add STM32F103xC, STM32F103xE, STM32F105x8, STM32F105xB, STM32F105xC, options in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM32> + Add Mitsubishi-Eclipse Cross-BCM (D70F3380) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><Mitsubishi> + Add CEM-V40-2014(SPC560B60L7) options in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><VOLVO> + Add CEM1 (R5F64524) options in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><VOLVO> + Add SRS (MC9S12DG128-UNSECURED) options in <7-AIRBAG>-><Hyundai> + Add ELANTRA-INDOOR-DISASTER-BOX (–17) options in <8-OTHER>-><Hyundai>   Read more: Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V5.0.0

How to Code 2008 BMW 335i Fuel Infections by Foxwell NT530?
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 28, 2021

Is it possible to do fuel injector coding on a 2008 BMW 335i using Foxwell NT530 scanner? The answer is YES. When you setup new fuel injectors on your BMW engine, you are supposed to enter each new injector value into the PCM. Foxwell NT530 BMW Scan Tool can perform this function perfectly.   The procedure is not difficult. Just follow the steps to do as below: Step 1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the foxwell scanner (you’ll need BMW software) into the OBDII port of the vehicle Step 2: Select “BMW” from the main menu Step 3: Select “BMW” from [Select Vehicle] menu Step 4: Select “SmartVIN” The Foxwell scan tool will connect to the car and get the VIN automatically. Confirm the VIN info is correct or not Step 5: Select “Service” Step 6: Select “Power train” Step 7: Select “DME” Step 8: Select “Injection volume compensation” Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish whole procedure.   Available link to get Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW Software (UK ship No Tax):

2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD EPB Reset: Foxwell NT530 Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 27, 2021

This post comes with the guide to release the electronic park brake (EPB) for service on a 2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD using Foxwell NT530 scanner. It applies to 2017- 2021 Acura/ Honda.   Check the step-by- step guide as below. 1.Connect NT530 to the vehicle properly 2.Turn on this foxwell scanner, and start to operate 3.Select “HONDA”-> “Smart VIN”-> “Special Functions”-> “Electric Parking Brake”-> “BRAKE PAD MAINTENANCE MODE” 4.Read the instruction of rear brake pad maintenance on the screen and check the following conditions are fulfilled: Stop the vehicle Release parking brake Battery voltage is over 10.0 (V) 5.Currently, brake pads are in the normal control position, make sure to execute pad exchange mode Note: Execution time takes about 25 seconds at the maximum. 6.When the EPB system transition to pad exchange mode, and go to perform rear brake pad maintenance. 7.After that, brake pad position returns to normal brake pad position 8.Wait about 25 seconds till the process is completed 9.Finally, turn the ignition switch off Job’s done!   Device used: Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner:  

How to Change VVDI Key Tool Max Language by Yourself?
Car Key Programmer / April 26, 2021

Customer problem in FACEBOOK: Hello everyone here! i want to change the language on the xhorse vvdi key tool max, but the device says i have to get authorized by the dealer! I don’t have a dealer anymore! It doesn’t exist anymore! How do I do that now??? Please help me! Thanks!   For this problem, we have collected the related solution as below. In fact, VVDI MINI Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max, Dolphin XP005 Multi-language is free to switch now! The language includes English, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese. No need to get from local dealer!   What you need to do is: Delete the xhorse application and download the firmware version V2.1.8 or above. After that, you can change the language as you like.   The guide to change language on Xhorse Key Tool Max: Click “Setting” icon and select “Language” The current language is English, just select the language you desire to change directly. e.g. French language After changing, the xhorse application will switch to the corresponding language. If you have any problem about Xhorse tool, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp/…

Clear Honda VSA Dash Light: Foxwell NT530/ NT650 Elite Works!
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 23, 2021

Sometimes, after you change spark plugs or new battery on your Honda car, and then go to start the engine, the original VSA warning light appears on the dashboard and remains on. Many customers want to know how to solve this problem. Here will share a method which is offered by @ CarsNToys to clear the VSA light and indicator using Foxwell scanner.   The device can be used: Foxwell NT530 /NT510 Elite, Foxwell NT650 Elite, Foxwell NT630 Plus   Step-by-step guide to turn off VSA light: You can try to turn off the light with the switch to the VSA switch. What we need to do is that reset the system to perform the test. Step 1: Connect Foxwell scanner into the vehicle via the diagnostic cable Step 2: Turn the ignition switch on Step 3: Select “ABS& Airbag”-> “Asia”-> “Acura” or other car model-> “Smart VIN” Note: When you perform this test, make sure the vehicle is level and the wheels are straight because it’s going to reset the entire system. There are four options in the main group: Quick Scan Control Modules Vehicle Details SCS Step 4: Select “Quick Scan” to scan the system Step 5: Read…

SVCI 2019 Auto Diagnostic Tool Error 3 Solution
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 22, 2021

Sometimes, when you install SVCI 2019 software and run it, it may appear “Error: 3” problem. Don’t worry! Just try to solve it following the suggestion of engineer.   Caused the error reason:   1.The SVCI auto diagnostic tool is not connected to the computer properly. 2.The car model is not supported. 3.There is something wrong with the software.   The solution: 1.Make sure the connection between SVCI 2019, computer and the vehicle is correct; 2.Try to test on other cars; 3.If it also cannot work, please uninstall the current software and install the newest one by the following free download link: Note: You must make sure the anti-virus was uninstalled. Come and share your test result with us! Or if you have any other SVCI diagnostic tool problem, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype: Hot line: +8618150117535    

How to Solve Renault Can Clip V200 “Corruption interne 7” Error?
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 21, 2021

Customer problem: I have a Renault can clip, when I installed the software v200 on Win 10 and wanted to run it, it failed to recognize the device (see the fig. 1). I have tried to connect again using another USB and computer, but I got the error “Corruption interne 7: veuillez contacter la helpline Bosch” (see the fig. 2) engineer replied as below: In general, if the error occurred, that means there is something wrong with the software installation. Please uninstall it and install the newest software V202 on Win10 64 bit. Free download Can Clip 202 crack for Renault: Password: 0n6oyj Size: 2.7 GB Security: No risk! Note: please contact us to get weiyun account to download as soon as possible Operating system: Win10 only! Language:  English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish Compatible devices: For all Renault Can Clip diagnostic tools (Item No. SP19-A, SP19-D and SP259-B)   Guide to install Renault Can Clip V202 on Win 10: The key for registration is 333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-999АВ7. It will work till 31/12/2029. Reference: Renault Can Clip V202 Crack on Win10 Installation Guide Tech support:  

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Key Programming: Which Car Works?
Car Key Programmer / April 20, 2021

More and more customers purchased Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to do IMMO programming on their cars. Here have collected more customers’ feedback about which car model can be done by this all- in-one key programmer.   Benz: MB W210 1999 year AKL acquired data from EIS in 14 minutes prepared key file and programmed in less than 25 minutes the wiring between the EIS and the DLC was made locally using junk cables what a good business day   2014 Benz w246 copy a new key via obd in 7 min   Program Mercedes Benz C250 key by VVDI Keytool Plus W204   BMW: BMW 2010 CAS3++ (ISTAP) easy with keytool plus via obd2   Keytool Plus programming BMW X4 cas4/cas4+ easy via obd2   Hyundai: Vvdi keytool plus generate remote & program remote Hyundai i20 ….. easy   Land Rover: Just programmed Range Rover 2012 smart key with keytool plus (add key)! It’s working well! Easy to follow the instructions   Mazda: Mazda 2020 ok Mazda CX5 2020 Smart Key Programming Done with VVDI Key Tool Plus   Nissan: 2011 Nissan Maxima read bcm code, release elv (4 digits access code) ok, add a smart key with…

Ford IDS V121 for VCM2 Clone Free Download + Install on Win10
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 19, 2021

Free download newest software Ford IDS V121 for your VCM2 Clone and follow the guide to install step by step.   Here is the installation guide of vxdiag Ford IDS V121 or vcm IDS V121 Free download VCM Ford IDS V121: Ford_IDS Software Download Mzd_IDS Software Download Ford_Mzd Patch Download Compatible device: vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda USB and WiFi, vxdiag vcx pro, vxdiag full, vcm2 clone (using vxdiag solution) etc.   Ford IDS V121 New Feature: This version also has the ability to download the very latest calibration/software files from Ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles. Reading and decoding fault codes Deleting fault codes Displays system current parameters in digital form Combined displaying of data Logs keeping-writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory Special functions- changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.   Tips & Guide to install Ford IDS V121:   Step 1: Open Ford_ install folder to install IDS- 121.01_full+ VCI Manager (Ford) +VCI_Software_1.0.0.10 1.Open IDS- 121.01_full to install Choose the setup language Install IDS on computer Accept the license agreement Select the destination drive Install IDS successfully Remove any disks from the drives, and…

2010 BMW F10 Change Mileage with Yanhua Mini ACDP
Car Key Programmer / April 16, 2021

Is it possible to do odometer adjustment on a 2010 BMW F10 by Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW? The answer is YES. For CAS module, use Yanhua ACDP with module 1 to do via OBD directly, but for dashboard, you need to dismantle it firstly and use Yanhua ACDP with module 4 to work together.   Check the main steps as below. 1.Connect Mini ACDP with vehicle OBD port 2.Disassemble the dashboard from the car and modify the mileage first 3.Then put it back after reset the cas4 mileage Guide to reset mileage on Mini ACDP APP: Select “BMW Programming”-> “CAS1~4”-> “CAS4/CAS4+”-> “OBD mode”-> “IMMO/Mileage”-> “Reset mileage” Then follow the on- screen instruction to operate step by step.   FYI…   Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW vehicle coverage: Covers BMW 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X1 Series, X2 Series, X3 Series, X4 Series, X5 Series, X6 Series, X7 Series, etc.   CAS1 912DG128 (3K91D) CAS2 9S12DG256 (2K79X) CAS3 9S12DG256 (0L01Y) CAS3+ 9S12XDP512 (0L15Y) CAS4 9S12XDP512 (1L15Y) CAS4 9S12XEP100 (5M48H) FEM/BDC BDC2   Here is the related Mini ACDP Module 1/2/4 car list for BMW CAS1-CAS4+, FEM/BDC and BDC2. Note: there is no device can support…

SVCI 2020 “Cannot find LIBEAY32.dll” Error Solution
Car Key Programmer / April 15, 2021

Here comes with the solution for SVCI 2020 “Cannot find LIBEAY32.dll” error.   Customer problem: I received my new svci2020 last week which I bought from But I found there was something wrong with it. When I run vw software, an error message suddenly popped up. It said “Cannot find ‘LIBEAY32.dll’, Please, re-install this application” as shown in the following figure. I followed the prompt to reinstall it many times, but all failed. engineer replied: 1.The possible causes of Libeay32.dll errors Libeay32.dll errors are caused by situations that lead to the removal or corruption of the libeay32 DLL file. The libeay32.dll file is used by various software programs to help transfer data securely over networks. In some cases, libeay32.dll errors could indicate a registry problem, a virus or malware infection, or even a hardware failure. Libeay32.dll error messages might appear while using or installing certain programs, when Windows starts or shuts down, or maybe even during a Windows installation. The context of the libeay32.dll error is an important piece of information that will be helpful while solving the problem.   2.The suggestion to fix “Cannot find ‘LIBEAY32.dll’ error on 2020 SVCI Method 1: Use your SVCI 2020 device on another computer. Method 2: Reinstall…

How to Solve Thinkcar Thinkdiag Failed to Download Software?
OBD2 Code Scanner / April 14, 2021

Customer Problem: I have a thinkdiag scanner and the serial number is 9798603xxxxx. I have paid for it to activate all car software, but I cannot download the software successfully.   For this problem, the professional engineer who has been working at offers two methods as below: Method 1: Please log out your account and log in again. The system will prompt you to download or not. Click “Download” and you will see that the software you purchased is displayed as “Open”.   Method 2: If it also fails, please uninstall the current Thinkdiag APP and download the newest version (2.2.0). For Android system, download from Google Play (APP name: Thinkdiag+). For iOS system (iPhone, iPad), download from App Store (APP name: Thinkdiag).   If you have the same problem on your Thinkcar Thinkdiag, please try to solve it using the solutions above. Come and share with us about your test result. Whatsapp: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype: Hot line: +86 18150117535

W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool Any Good?
Cables And Adapters / April 13, 2021

Some customers want to find a tool to reset ABS SBC for Benz W211 R230. Our engineer recommends them to choose W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool. What’s good about it? Read this post carefully.   W211 R230 ABS SBC Reset Tool comes with W211/R230 ABS/SBC Tool main unit, OBD2 cable and CD with software. It works on W211 (E-Class) and R230 (SL-Class) with SBC systems, and makes the car maintenance easier without replace the new control module. It’s quick, easy and safe to use with LED indications. Just powers ON when plugged into vehicles OBDII diagnostic connector.   It is ideally suited for: – Brake centers – Independent for Mercedes Ben z workshops – Tire Service centers – Service garages – Quick service centers – For Mercedes Ben z Specialist centers – Automotive Repair Workshops   These types are supported by W211 R230 SBC Reset Tool so far: BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 012 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 013 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 015 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 018 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 019 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 020 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 023 BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 025 BOSCH NR: 0 265…

Mazda CX5 2020 Smart Key Programming Done with VVDI Key Tool Plus
Car Key Programmer / April 12, 2021

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad supports IMMO programming for Benz, BMW, Audi, VW and common car brands – Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford, etc. Here will share a newest test report about Keytool Plus successfully programs smart key to Mazda CX5 2020 (ID 49, 433 MHZ).   Let’s see the test in detail. Have tested the working key can start the car normally, and the new key cannot start. Connect Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via main cable properly and turn on ignition Go to “Immo Programming” -> “Mazda”-> “CX-5” -> “2017- ” and click “Begin” Select “add a key” Make sure the ignition has been turned on Confirm the current number of smart keys is 2 and continue Start to read the password, after a moment, read password successfully. Then continue to match It takes about 7 minutes to configure the system, just wait… until the horn to sound. Step on brakes when automatic- shift, step on the clutch when manual-shift, and keep the maker end of the smart key close to the start button OK, match the key successfully! The current number of smart keys is 3. Then complete the steps on the screen after programming: Switch…

Foxwell NT530 2013 Audi S8 Oil Reset: Support or Not?
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 9, 2021

If the service lamp is on, you must provide service for the car. After service, you need to reset the driving mileage or driving time so that the service lamp turns off and the system enables the new service cycle. After changing engine oil or electric appliances that monitor oil life, you need to reset the service lamp. Here will share a test report on a 2013 Audi S8 oil service reset by Foxwell NT530, which has been confirmed by FOXWELL tech.   Check the details.   Note: the device used is Foxwell NT510 Elite, but NT530 also supports the same function for the car model and the operation guide is similar.   The test: There is a prompt on the dashboard to remind us to do maintenance service. Start to reset oil service by connecting the Foxwell OBD2 scanner and the vehicle via main diagnostic cable Select “VOLKSWAGEN”-> “AUDI”-> “Smart VIN” to read out the VIN automatically Then select “Audi A8 2010”-> “2013 (D)”-> “Saloon” and confirm the vehicle info detected out Go to “Common Special Functions” -> “Oil Service” There are two methods to select: Old Mode and New Mode. If the old mode does not successfully reset…

Foxwell NT650 Elite Review: Diagnose ABS System and Reset SRS Successfully
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 7, 2021

Here share a newest customer review about Foxwell NT650 Elite from the customer who has purchased it recently. He says this foxwell scanner worked well on his 1999 bmw e39 and 2007 fiesta in abs/srs system test and reset, it’s done the jobs he wanted and saved him money.   Read more…   I had looked at good and bad reviews about ordering NT650 Elite from the website, and problems with orders and kit.   However, this was all laid to rest in my experience.   They were quick to respond via email and the diagnostic tool arrived in the specified time 5-7 days via yodel.   The foxwell OBD2 scanner worked well on my 1999 bmw e39 with the bmw adapter and tested the abs system and done a Srs reset dsc lights out! Happy days!   Next car I tried 2007 fiesta, abs fault found, tested abs system repaired and reset, lights out.   Not all functions are supported however for the money it’s a lot of bang per buck. So overall I’m very happy with my purchase it’s done the jobs I wanted and saved me money. I’m happy with the service provided and would recommend…

2017 Jaguar XJ All Keys Lost Add New Key by Autel IM508
Car Key Programmer / April 7, 2021

Question: I have a 2017 Jaguar XJ (VIN: SAJWA1C70H8Wxxxxx). I lost my all car keys, so I want to find a car key programmer to add new key. Does Autel IM508 support that? engineer replied: Yes. You can use Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP400 Pro or XP400 to perform the function with disassembling and reading the RFA (KVM) module. For Land Rover and Jaguar year 2015-2018, basically to disassemble the module to read and write startup by Autel XP400 or XP400 Pro chip programmer. Please refer to the guide about Range Rover 2018 all key lost with Autel IM608 and XP400 and APA106 (dump mode) Note: The operation steps apply to Jaguar and Land Rover year 2015- 2018 all keys lost using MaxiIM IM508/IM608.   Please kindly notice: If you encounter any type of problem during the process, please upload the datalog on the top-right corner after failing to perform the functions. Please connect your device to the network while performing the following functions.   Here is the specific add key (all keys lost) procedure as follows: Make sure the connection between Autel key programmer and the vehicle is correct Then operate on the tablet Select the corresponding…

Launch X431 V+ V4.0 Print Diagnostic Data Report Guide
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 6, 2021

This post comes with the guide to print diagnostic data report  using Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scan tool and Mini Printer via WiFi.   Something important to know: Launch X431 V+ V4.0 newest upgrade in 2021 is that it increases the internal storage and expandable memory, adds more special function and fix some issues. Now it features in 30+special functions, Bluetooth/WIFI connection +Free Software +ECU Coding + Actuation Test + Make AF Adjustment + 2 Years Free Update + 32GB Storage (can be extended to 128GB)+ multi- languages supported.   Now let’s see how to print diagnostic data report. Turn on the Launch WiFi printer Connect X431 V+ to the printer hotspot (e.g. X-431PRINTER–, password: 12345678) In the main menu, enter “Report” function Then select the related report you want and click “Print” in the corresponding page Print report successfully Note: This guide also applies to Launch X431 V V4.0. Done!  

2018 SUZUKI GW250 Throttle Match by OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner
Auto Diagnostic Tools / April 2, 2021

It has been tested and verified by OBDSTAR® Tech that OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle Scanner can do Throttle Match (TPS throttle position sensor reset) on 2018 SUZUKI GW250 without any issue.   All devices used: OBDSTAR MS80 Motorcycle diagnostic scan tool 2018 SUZUKI GW250J-H motorcycle   The test: Connect MS80 scanner to the OBD2 port of GW250 Motorbike using the M001 main cable and M012 SUZUKI cable (located under the back seat) Start the motorcycle, turn on OBDSTAR MS80, and go to “DiagProgram” menu Select “Moto Diag”-> “Asia”-> “SUZUKI”-> “SUZUKI V30.03”-> “Select from system”-> “Auto Scan” It detects out ENG system is normal It can perform the following functions: Read ECU information Read fault codes Erase fault codes Read data flow Read freeze frames Active test Special function ISC value reset (not available on all models) TPS reset (not available on all models) Read out the ECU code is 32920-48H0 Then go to reset ISC value and TPS in sequence Adjustment takes about 2 seconds for each one Reset ISC value and TPS successfully Finally, start the motorcycle again, it works normally.   Read more OBDSTAR MS80 scanner test reports: OBDSTAR MS80 Have Success in BMW All Systems Diagnosis OBDSTAR MS80…

SVCI 2020 V12.0 Free Download + Firmware Update Guide
Car Diagnostic Tool / April 1, 2021

Free download the newest software V12.0 for SVCI 2020 ABRITES Commander Auto diagnostic tool and follow the guide to update firmware.   SVCI 2020 V12.0 Update info (March 30th, 2021): Upgraded Mercedes- Benz V10.8 special function. Click here to check the full functions in the latest SVCI 2020 ABRITES Commander for Mercedes user manual.   SVCI 2020 V12.0 free download link: Download from Mega: Size: 5.97 GB No password! No risk! Has been tested 100% works by engineer. O.S: Win 7/ 8/ 10 (Win 10 Pro 64 bit is recommended)     How to update SVCI 2020 firmware? It’s very easy to do. Just follow the steps as below to operate. 1.Connect SVCI 2020 diagnostic tool to computer Note: Make sure the network is connected and supply the power in the whole upgrade process! 2.Open SVCI 2020 Quick Start Software Click the device icon to enter the firmware update page 3.It will automatically connect to device, read firmware version info, connect to internet and download firmware 1& 2 from the server. When all are successful, click “Update firmware” to start upgrade process. 4.Download firmware program 1 & 2 in sequence 5.After that, the firmware update is completed. Now…