Solution: Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S “Device fault26” Error
Car Key Programmer / September 22, 2021

How to solve Lonsdor K518ISE/ Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer “Device fault26” error? This is a guide to solve the problem.   Solution Hold and press 2 buttons marked in red meanwhile, you’ll go access to the interface.   Press “Factory Setting”. Lonsdor K518 will show a prompt: “This will uninstall all apk, and format all user data, also the device will automatically restart and return to factory settings. Please be careful!!!”. Press “OK” and wait for about 1 minute.   Press “Repair”. A warning displays: “This operation will clear apk related data and reinstall, please operate carefully!!!”. Press “OK”.   Follow the path to find a repair file: Android desktop >> Circle button >> File manager >> Internal storage >> emulated >> 0 Note: if do not find the file, please connect Lonsdor K518 to a PC to put the file in.   Press repair file. A install blocked prompt shows: For security, your tablet is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown source. Press “Settings >> Unknown sources >> OK”.   You’ll come back to same interface. Press repair file again. And then “Next >> Install >> Open”.   Connect Lonsdor K518 to WiFi, press “Update >>…

How to Refresh BMW F Series 6HP EGS with Yanhua Mini ACDP?
Car Key Programmer / September 8, 2021

Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW + Module 11 can support to refresh BMW F series 6HP EGS on bench without soldering, this is a guide to show the operation process.   Procedure   Installation Preparation Prepare parts: ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, EGS interface board & EGS module.   Connect EGS interface board & EGS module: Aim the 6HP end label point on interface board with the EGS interface label point during installation.   Short the jumper cap to the “CAN-R-Join”, connect all parts together. Refresh BMW 6HP EGS Open Mini ACDP app, click BMW >> EGS refresh >> 6HP data refresh(supports F chassis) >> Data refresh >> OK   Check info, click “Continue” It starts reading data…   OK >> Save >> OK Data file saved success. Read data is completed.   Click “Continue” to start write data.   Note: Start writing data. It is forbidden to unplug the ACDP and keep steady power supply to ACDP during the process! If the device disconnect, please unplug the ACDP after disconnection 15 mins, the ACDP will automatically complete the writing! Click “OK” to continue. It is writing data, please wait…   Data refresh is completed. It’ll show the backup path automatically. Done!  …

Xhorse VVDI MB W204 EIS Reading Failed Solution
Car Key Programmer / August 23, 2021

Problem: I have a Benz C Class w204 with a ESL issue when reading with VVDI MB BGA Tool, someone tried to repair it and now, the EIS has all the keys blocked, 0KM and can’t make an emulator for this car. I have the car erase and key pass. I had tried to renew the EIS but failed. I have tried with two IR readers and none of them did it. I have VVDI MB BGA Tool and never seen problem like this.   Look at the picture of the EIS reading.   Professional advice: You can re-enable disabled key(s). Don’t just renew EIS in this case. If keys are disabled, most likely they are also disabled in entire drive authorization. If you have key with car, re-enable that key slot see if the key work again. If all key lost, re-enable one of the slot, generate key file, write key and try. if still nothing work, will need sdconnect C4 and Vediamo or something like that to check the drive authorization. The worst case will need to renew ECU TCU EIS ESL etc to rebuild drive authorization. But most of the time is easy to fix if you…

How to Activate Launch X431 Pad V/Pad VII Online Programming?
Car Key Programmer / August 17, 2021

Launch X431 PAD V & X431 Pad VII may require activating the configuration file before using online programming function. The function does not support in US, Canada ,Spain for the moment. For other areas, just follow the steps below.   Note: The online programming button won’t display in home page, please find in specific diagnose function.   How to activate online programming function? Search “StdCfg.ini” file in the path: Others >> Device >> File manager >> cnlaunch file >> X431PADV >> assets   Use text editor to open & edit “StdCfg.ini” file. Find out “OnlineFlash” field and “Flash” field; Change the defaults “0” to “1”, and save; When the values display as “1” that means success. (“0” means not support online programming, “1” means support)   Done!   Now the configuration file has been activated, you can start to perform online programming function in X431 Pad V or X431 Pad VII.

Audi A4 2002 All Key Lost, Autel IM508 /IM608 works?
Car Key Programmer / August 16, 2021

Audi A4 2002 all key lost, Obd or eeprom work? Autel IM508 /IM608 works? Any experience?   Autel IM508 /IM608: works Yes you can do esay with autel just need pin code super chip works good for this job. Key done no problem, id48 chip , but remote cant register. Autel chief engineer replied: If you can’t read it, try disassembling it. Please view the menu in programmer, immobilizer->Audi, and upload the log.   Good to know: it is sure that xhorse key fob is suitable for this car.   Look at Autel IM608 available list for Audi A4 2002: It can support add key, all keys lost and read password (Part of the models support OBD method, if not work via OBD, dismantle the immobilizer ECU to do)   CK100: Someone says yes Simple 48 chip system, the old CK100 can do it easily.   SBB: Someone says yes if yes you have SBB, read the PIN code, will be a ID48.   Alright, if you only have Autel IM508 /IM608 for Audi A4 2002 all key lost, try to program new key via OBD, if not, dismantle the immobilizer. If with no luck, upload the log for assistance.

Can Ford Mustang 2017 AKL Programming by OBDSTAR X300 PRO4?
Car Key Programmer / August 6, 2021

Question: Ford Mustang 2017, all keys lost, anti-theft system activated and now being in the active alarm mode. Can OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 plus P002 adapter do AKL programming for that? technical support replied: Support. The key should be a smart key. Except OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 and P002 adapter, Ford AKL cable is needed.   Tools: OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 OBDSTAR P002 adapter Ford AKL cable   Here are the operation steps for reference. Turn on OBDSTAR X300 PRO4, and Choose Ford and your specific model into the Functions menu. Press “Tips” and follow the connection instruction carefully. After correct connections, press “All Keys Lost”. Set the door lock as the prompt. Go on to follow the prompts, and the device will silence the vehicle alarm. After data reading, wait patiently for the two beeps and then press “Enter”. Erase all keys of the current vehicle and add at least 2 smart keys as the prompt. Remove used cables and restore previous connections of the vehicle. Start the vehicle to verify keys work well.   Done! Nice work!

Yanhua Mini ACDP Program BMW CAS3+ All Keys Lost with ISN
Car Key Programmer / August 5, 2021

BMW CAS3+ all keys lost programming has been done with Yanhua Mini ACDP and module 1 by ISN mode.   Main steps: Step 1: Read ISN Step 2: Read CAS data Step 3: Program a new key   The procedures: DME module: CAS3 MSV80   According to the picture tip to find the DME module in the car and remove it   Step 1: Read ISN 1.All devices required: ACDP host, PCAN cable, OBP+ ICP adapter   2.Connection: Short the CAN termination resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-Join” terminal Connect OBP+ ICP and PCAN cable Connect the DME module according to the color of PCAN cable Connect OBP+ ICP and Yanhua ACDP Power the ACDP host and prepare for APP operation   3.Operate on Mini ACDP APP: Select BMW>> DME ISN>> OBD Mode Read/Write ISN>> Read MSV80/MSV801 DME ISN>> START Make sure the connection between the ACDP device and DME module is normal Read out the vehicle info (VIN) Confirm to program the ECU It will perform the process automatically as below. Download the programming file-> Erase code area-> Program DME-> Read ISN-> Erase code area> Program DME Check the ISN and VIN read out Record ISN manually…

Yanhua ACDP with Module 19 Clone BMW 7-dual-clutch (TEMIC DKG) Gearbox
Car Key Programmer / August 2, 2021

How to clone BMW 7-dual-clutch (TEMIC DKG) Gearbox by Yanhua ACDP with Mini ACDP Module 19 without soldering? Check the step-by-step guide as below.   The operation guide: Connect Mini ACDP, Yanhua ACDP module 9 and gearbox properly as below Run Mini ACDP APP Go to BMW -> EGS -> DKG Clone (Supports E /F chassis)-> DKG436_Gen2 (TC1784)   Step 1: Identify Start connecting devices, testing network and loading hardware program Make sure Mini ACDP and the gearbox have been connected properly During the read/write data process, it is forbidden to unplug or plug the device and keep the device connected to internet. The system info has been identified. The data file will backup automatically   Step 2: Full Backup Data It will read the system info again and wait about 40s to read chip data. Then go to save the chip data file   Step 3: Full Write Data Disconnect Mini ACDP module 19 and the original gearbox, then connect it to the new gearbox Select “Full Write Data” Read out the new chip data successfully Select the original chip data file to write in Write chip data successfully Done!   Besides BMW 7-dual-clutch (TEMIC DKG), Mini ACDP with…

How to Solve Autel IM608 “Chip Communication Failed” Problem?
Car Key Programmer / July 26, 2021

Sometimes, when you use Autel IM608 with XP400 key programmer to read chip like key ID46, 47, 48, 49, AES and 5C, etc, it cannot read successfully, and shows “Chip communication failed. Please check whether the chip is placed correctly or in good contact” (see the figure as below). How to fix this problem quickly? Check the solution offered by engineer.   The solution: 1.Check if the USB interface and cable are normal, go to “Programmer” menu on Autel IM608 tablet and provide the programmer version information & device series number. Step 1: Make sure that you have not connected the programmer to the vehicle OBD connector. Step 2: Check if you use the right USB cable to connect the device to the programmer. Step 3: Go to “Programmer” menu to check the programmer function.   2.Please download the following PC version programmer V2.61 software directly or go to Autel official website to download and check if it can read successfully.   Please kindly notice: If programmer connection can’t detect any keys both with PC end and tablet. Please describe how the programmer stops working after what operation? And it needs to return to the factory to repair…

Autel IM608 “Failed to Read Software Name” for Toyota Pirus 2014 AKL Solution
Car Key Programmer / July 21, 2021

Here is the solution on Autel MaxiIM IM608 “Fail to read software name” Error.   Issue Description: Try to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to do AKL programming for Toyota Pirus 2014 with Autel APB112 simulator. After he connected APB112 key simulator to Autel IM608 as the prompt, it showed “Failed to read software name”. Then he submitted the data log and contact us to send the data log title and the serial number (SN) to our technical support. (If you don’t know how to submit a data log, here is a video link below:   Possible reason: Autel MaxiIM IM608 doesn’t read the software name of Autel APB112 simulator, so there is probably something wrong with the hardware.   Solution: Try another Autel APB112 simulator.   Detailed operations: Use JVCI to connect Autel MaxiIM IM608 and the vehicle via OBD. On Homepage, press IMMO>>Toyota>>Manual selection>>Other>>PRIUS>>Smart Key (Note: “Automatic selection” sometimes fails, then we should choose the specific model manually) Press “Yes” to enter the main menu. Press Control unit>>Keyless System(CAN)>>Back up immobilizer data>>Back up immobilizer data(OBD) Press “OK” to continue. Save the file. Back to Keyless System interface. Press “Generate simulator key” and then load the EEPROM data file….

How to Change Language for GODIAG GD801 and ODOMaster?
Car Key Programmer / July 20, 2021

Both GODIAG GD801 and GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster support 8 languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian. The default language is English. You can change the language to what you desire. It’s easy to do. Just follow the guide to operate in this post.   Guide to change language: 1.Provide the SN of your GODIAG device to us to change language 2.After the language is changed, you can go to your device to select the corresponding language, and then update software. How to select language: Go to Settings>> Language>> select the language you need (has been changed) How to update software: Go to Upgrade>> select the car software you need and click [Bulk update] to update fast   Learn more… Besides software update and language change, the registration guide for GODIAG GD801 Key Programmer is same as GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster mileage correction tool. They have the same hardware configuration. The differences between them are functions, vehicle coverage and update fee, etc. GODIAG GD801 User Guide: Language+ Software+ Car List   1.Differences in function GODIAG GD801 (Item No. SK303) – Immobilizer+ odometer Adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC Adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ Gear Learning+ CVT Reset+ Battery Match+ EPB+ TPS+ SRS Reset+ Low Tire+ Steering Angle Reset+ DPF Reset+ Oil Nozzle Code   GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster (Item No. SM68) -Odometer adjustment+…

OBDSTAR X100 Pro No TF Card Problem Solution
Car Key Programmer / July 18, 2021

OBDSTAR X100 Pro appears “No TF card” issue. Where to download the info in the SD card? Here share the solution offered by engineer. Hope it helps the users who encounter this problem.   The possible cause: There is something wrong with the SD card.   How to solve: Please format SD card and download the file firstly. Step 1: Unzip the following file in another place (don’t create a new folder) Step 2: Copy all the files inside and paste to the SD card Step 3: Insert the SD card into X100 Pro device and start Step 4: Go to Settings menu to read the serial number and activation code, and then write them down Step 5: Format the SD card, and then download the file from   After downloading the file, please operate by the following steps. Step 1: Remove the TF card from your device, insert your TF card into computer, and format your TF card and ensure it is empty Step 2: Login this website:, and click “A Key upgrade” Step 3: Download and install the “One Key upgrade”, and you will see this software Step 4: Open the “one key upgrade”,…

How to Program BMW CAS4+ Keys by Yanhua Mini ACDP?
Car Key Programmer / July 16, 2021

Today we are going to show you how to clone and add new keys to your BMW with a CAS module by a Yanhua Mini ACDP. So this demo also applies to cars that have CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 modules. In this case we’re doing a CAS4+ out of my BMW F10, so we also need a ACDP MINI CAS module.   Tools: Yanhua Mini ACDP ACDP MINI BMW CAS1-CAS4 module New F-series key*1 Original key*1   Preparation and Connection These are all we need to use. Connect OBP+ICP adapter and Yanhua ACDP main module. Attach the CAS4 adapter to the CAS module and fasten them by the fixing piece. If you puzzle about anything, check the diagrams on the Yanhua App. You may ask what if I miss a pin because the pin is very tiny. Before the very first operation, the app will check to make sure it can connect to all pins. Use the ribbon cable to connect OBP+ICP adapter and CAS4 interface board. Supply power to Yanhua Mini ACDP.   Operations Open the Yanhua App. Press BMW>>CAS1-4>>CAS4/CAS4+>>ICP mode Here we’re going to pick the mask number which is on the big chip. If you click “help”, it…

Volvo 2018-2021 Key Programming by Yanhua Mini ACDP via OBD without Soldering
Car Key Programmer / July 15, 2021

New Volvo IMMO module- Yanhua Mini ACDP module 20 has been released. It’s specially designed to work with Mini ACDP for newer Volvo (till 2021) CEM key programming without soldering.   What exactly can Mini ACDP Module 20 do? 1.Read CEM data by ICP mode without soldering 2.Program new keys via OBD mode   Which car models can work with it? VOLVO XC40 (2020- ), VOLVO XC60 (2018- ), VOLVO XC90 (2015- ) VOLVO S60 (2020- ), VOLVO S90 (2017- ) VOLVO V60 (2018- ), VOLVO V90 (2016- ) Lynk& Co (2018- )   Key types supported:   CEM connection diagram: SPC5646C/SPC5647G/SPC5648G CPU model   Volvo key programming in Mini ACDP APP operation guide: Select Volvo>> IMMO>> select any Volvo module supported above (e.g. Lynk Co 01 (2018- ) Note: For old Volvo, Mini ACDP Module 12 is required. Reference: Program Volvo Smart keys & Semi-smart keys by Yanhua Mini ACDP: Done There are 4 functions can be performed. OBD Detect (new update) Read CEM data by ICP (new update) Add key / all-key-lost Add key / all-key-lost after deleted all keys 1.OBD detect It is easy to operate by connecting ACDP to the car OBD interface. 2.Read CEM data by…

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Hyundai Santafe 2021 AKL Success
Car Key Programmer / July 14, 2021

One customer recently wondered about if Autel MaxiIM IM608 could add a new key for his Hyundai Santafe 2021 when all keys lost. He searched the vehicle coverage on the official website and found it supports models after 2019 but he cannot make sure if his car is included because of the model year.     Our technical support says the answer is yes. Autel MaxiIM IM608 supports AKL for Hyundai Santafe 2021 but it doesn’t support password reading. Therefore, he should get the pin code from his dealership first.   Days later, the customer gave his feedback and his successful. Solution: Success. Autel IM608 made it. Payed to get the pin code from the local dealership, 397*** new and 344*** old pin. It wouldn’t work by vehicle, so I had to do it through “Diagnostics” and there is an available option for AKL programming. So on Homepage, enter “Diagnostics” instead of “IMMO” or “Programming”. Find “Immo&Keys” interface, choose “Smart key code saving” and then input the pin code as the prompts to finish the procedures. Done!Nice work!    

How to Read Chrysler Town & Country 2004-2007 Pin Code by Autel IM608 PRO?
Car Key Programmer / July 7, 2021

One customer recently posted feedback that he used Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO to do key programming for Chryslers but the process of pin code reading failed, and it prompted “Not supported”. Besides, he mentioned one is Chrysler Town&Country 2005, the other one is 2007. Here, our engineer gave the solution and has already solved his issue.   Possible reason: These models (-2007) are too old to read their pin code via OBD.   Solution: Remove the immo module (SKREEM) to read the EEPROM chip.   1.Remove the SKREEM inside the steering column 1)Remove the screws from the bottom shroud of the steering wheel and take it down. 2)Take down the torque screw beside the module. 3)Remove the ring from around a cylinder. 4)Unplug the plug and remove the SKREEM.   2.Figure out the pin1 of the chip There are several types of the module like 363AF, 295AF,363AG etc. Remove the shell and take out the EEPROM. Figure out the chip, it is marked with the chip type like 95040. There’s no dimple or notch at the end, so watch what’s called slanted side. The chip has pins around, but one edge has a slight slant of the pins while another doesn’t…

Car Key Programmer / July 6, 2021

Many of you keep asking me everything about these two things: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS and Lonsdor K518ISE. Now the review comes. Price tag Let’s start with the most important thing. Basically, everyone is initially interested in the price tag. The price of Lonsdor is 1,100$ and the price of OBDSTAR in package C is 1,550$. Lonsdor is cheaper, and there are all manufacturers for each programmer, not only the Chinese. Well, everyone is switching to a subscriber, and programmers are being transferred for a monthly fee. So the OBDSTAR subscriber fee is 400$, and 400$ is a subscription fee per year for an upgrade. At a Lonsdor subscription, the fee is 480$. So if you immediately buy OBDSTAR, it’ll be a little more expensive but cheaper according to updates. In principle, the price tags seems to me not so important, the difference is not very big, and let’s see what goes into complete set. Accessories Let’s have a smaller one to Lonsdor what it contains in the handbag, it is convenient of course. It turns out a case. We get the plug-in, a programmer for reading microcircuits with a loop, and it should be connected to such boards. We…

Benz 204 207 212 ELV Replacement by Xhorse VVDI MB
Car Key Programmer / July 4, 2021

Here will share the method to check ESL or NEC status, replace and program ELV using XHORSE VVDI MB and Xhorse ELV/ESL Emulator.   In general, most W204 W207 W212 ESL will damage with EIS. There are two possible reasons and solutions as below. 1.ESL motor is damaged and needs to replace a new motor 2.NEC chip is locked, theoretically, it can be unlocked, actually, it needs to replace new ESL.   So, how to use VVDI MB BGA tool to tell if the Mercedes- Benz ESL is damaged or NEC is locked? Connect VVDI MB Tool to the Mercedes- Benz dashboard (test platform) and computer Open VVDI MB software Go to ESL Tools to read ESL data The ESL data is read out and the status is opened Click “Check ESL damage” Get the result “ESL is locked (maybe damaged)” Insert the key into the EIS, but it cannot turn on the dashboard So need to change a new Xhorse ELV simulator   How to replace W204 W207 W212 ESL Emulator/ELV Simulator? Change a new Xhorse ELV simulator Note: If you can’t open the meter, you can use an instrument for the commonly used ones. Insert the key into…

Fixed! Autel IM608Pro “Error Code: 4096” for BMW CAS3+ 0L15Y AKL
Car Key Programmer / June 29, 2021

A customer gave feedback that he got “File version error![Error Code: 4096]” when trying to load the file by Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro for BMW CAS3+ (0L15Y) AKL programming on bench. Besides, he connected JVCI and Gbox2 and did the programming on bench again, but no change. Here, our technical support believes the possible reason is incorrect connections and file and raises the possible solution due to limited information about the model.   Solution: First, make sure the internet is connected. Then read CAS3+ 0L15Y on bench and make a key by dump file.   For BMW CAS3+ AKL programming with Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro, partially via OBD, partially on bench . If the OBD method doesn’t work, then choose the on-bench method.   For this model, please do the job on bench and follow the connections below. So the connections should be: 1)JVCI and Gbox2 are unneeded on bench 2)Use the USB cable to connect Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and XP400Pro. 3)Use the APA106 to connect EEPROM 0L15Y chip and Autel XP400Pro. If you puzzle about how to use APA106, check “Schematic diagram” before the operation of EEPROM reading or Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro user manual. Then read and save both original…

Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO Read “0000” Pin Code for VW CC 2014 on Bench
Car Key Programmer / June 25, 2021

One customer asked that how to get the pin code for Volkswagen CC 2014 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO. He says he reads the EEPROM chip on the cluster but all it gives is 0000 for pin. Here our technical support raises the solution on it.   Solution: Take out the comfort module behind the glove box and read it by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   Possible reasons: From the beginning, the immo data of the vehicle is in comfort module which is located behind the glove box but not the one in dashboard or on cluster. So the customer reads the wrong chip. There is no key data information on cluster. That’s why all he got is 0 for pin.   How to take out the comfort module? 1)Unscrew the screws to remove the guards on both sides of the glove box. 2)Unplug the plugs in the glove box and remove it. 3)Unscrew the sting nuts, unplug the plugs and take out the comfort module. Then open the module to get the EEPROM.   For connections: 1)Use the USB cable to connect Autel IM608 PRO and Autel XP400 PRO. 2)Use the APA103 (EEPROM clamp) to connect the chip on the…