How to Repair BMW/Mini FRM Mask 3M25J by Autel IM608?
Auto Diagnostic Tools / January 15, 2022

Purpose: To repair a BMW/MiniFRM module with corrupted data usually caused by low voltage.   Now the FRM module won’t response, and electric windows don’t work. So generally, we’ll read the EEPROM and rewrite it by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   FRM Info Chip: MC9S12XEQ384 Mask: 3M25J   Path On Autel IM608, go to Programmer>>Chip (EEPROM,MCU,ECU)>>Chip read & write>>Other>>BMW>>E – SERIES>FRM>XEQ384>RW   Step 1. Read D-FLASH, EEPROM, P-FLASH Check “Schematic diagram”. Connect APA109, IM608, XP400Pro and FRM circuit board by diagrams. Go to “Set” to check if we’ve got 5 voltage, and turn on read/write/earse validation. Then try to “Read” D-FLASH. Empty, that’s why it is done. Read Partition. Also empty. EEPROM is also empty. So we just read and save P-FLASH as a backup. Usually this part is intact.   Step 2. Write partition Go to D-FLASH and select “Write partition”. (So we can get a new EEPROM to write data in.) Set EEPROM as 16, which will give you four kilobytes of memory on EEPROM. Set D-FLASH as 0.   Step 3. Write EEPROM back Then I find an EEPROM file with the same part number (3456395) on Google. Of course this EEPROM belongs to a a different car,…

Autel IM508/IM608 Read Encrypted Audi BCM2 with G-Box2 Guide
Auto Locksmith Tool / December 29, 2021

To keep up with Xhorse Encrypted Audi BCM2 Adapter, Autel released their updates on IM508/IM608 for Audi this December.   Update info (2021-12-14): Adds Read IMMO Data (Encrypted) via Programmer function in Expert mode for IMMO 5 for Audi A4/A5/Q5 Adds Read IMMO Data (Encrypted) via Programmer function in Expert mode for IMMO 5 for Audi A6/A7/A8 … This function requires G-box and XP400/XP400Pro. Support list: 0510, 0521, 0551, 0560, 0572, 0582, 0633, 0641, 0650, 0711   Here we’ll show you how to read encrypted Audi BCM using Autel IM508 + XP400Pro + G-box2.   Connection Go to Diagnostics>>Audi>>Expert selection>>IMMO V>>A4/A5/Q5>>Read IMMO data via programmer (encrypted) Confirm the Warning: Check the Wiring Diagram: VPP2 and RESET need to be connected to the diode (here “1N4001”) separately Connect the G-Box2 to the ECU Connect XP400Pro to G-Box and IM508 Supply 12V power to G-Box Then select   “Step 1 – identify vehicle information” In this step, we’ll see the ECU version number. If the number is on the support list, then it’s a encrypted BCM; if not, that’s simple, go back and read D-FLASH and P-FLASH. Then select   “Step 2 – read IMMO data” Read and save data. Write data…

Is Autel APB112 Smart Key Emulator Needed for Toyota Programming?
Car Key Programmer / December 17, 2021

Question: Just received my Autel IM608, but my package does not include Autel APB112 Smart Key Emulator. If all key lost, can’t Autel IM608 calculate PIN code to virginize IMMO and then personalize it with new keys? (like TechStream does)?   Answer: Useful and necessary but not for everyone that works on Toyota, and it still depends on what makes you do. APB112 simulator is mainly for emergency start and learning keys via generating the emulator.   APB112 Functions: 46, 4D data collection 46 smart key password calculation 46 chip simulation Toyota 4D (94/D4, 98) smart key simulation Toyota H (88/A8, A9, 39) smart key simulation Collects data from the ignition coil Identify ignition coil troubles Decode vehicle key chip data Simulate vehicle key chip (ex – 4D chip) Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost Chip decoding (Hyundai 46)   APB112 Tips: Have to be used with IM608, IM508, and MX808IM Cannot be used with the XP200; XP400 is required Do Not disconnect the USB Cable when using it   Generally, How to Use APB112 Key Emulator? Enter Keyless System menu>>Back Up Immobilizer Data>>Generate Simulator Key>>Load Immo data Now we can start the car by the APB112 simulator, and don’t…

Cheap SVCI/FVDI Better Than Big Key Tools on VAG AKL
Car Key Programmer / November 30, 2021

Confirmed: SVCI is a cheap but good key tools for VAG AKL programming. The SVCI2020/2019 supports up to year 2019. SVCI2018/FVDI2015 doesn’t work on VW 2016 or up, and the FVDI2014 doesn’t work on VW 2015 or up.   SVCI2020 VW IMMO Coverage (This list is not updated, for the latest list you can check the item page or contact us):   Immo 4th Key Learning/Mileage correction Instrument – CDC3217/CDC3297/CDC3272 + 24C Instrument – NEC+24C32 Instrument – NEC+24C64 Instrument – NEC+24C64 (2013-) Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2012 TFT color display) Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2013 TFT color display) Instrument– NEC+95320 Instrument– Motorola 9S12XHZ512(Golf6 MM7 – 2011) Instrument– NEC+95320(Johnson Controls) Instrument– NEC+95320(JCI–2013 Bora/Jetta) Instrument– Visteon VW Passat B6/B7/CC Touareg/Phaeton/A8/Cayenne/Bentley 4th immobilizer Audi A1 – NEC+24C64 Audi A3/TT/R8 – CDC3217/3297 + 24C32 Audi A4 – instrument Crypto RB4 (2001+) Audi A4 –instrument Crypto RB8 (2004+) Audi A6/Q7/Allroad – EZS-Kessy Audi Q3   Immo 5th Key Learning by OBDII Audi A4/A5/Q5 (Add key, All key lost) Audi A6/A7/A8, VW Touareg (Add key)   Others Immo type Audi A4/A6 (immobilizer box) -1997 – KWP1281 Audi A8 (immobilizer box) -1999 – KWP1281 Audi A2/A3/A6/TT/Allroad 1997+ – KWP1281 Audi A4 1997-2002 – KWP1281 Audi A4 2002+ – KWP2000 Audi A8…

Fast Way to Set Up Your Gmail on Autel Tools
Auto Diagnostic Tools / November 16, 2021

Since many users don’t know how to set up a personal Gmail account on Original Autel Tools, below we have made a quick tech tip. It’s workable for most Autel scanners like Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT, MK908P, Autel MaxiIM IM608, etc.   Here we go, let’s show how it’s done. Steps Go to Gmail inbox desktop version, click on Setting icon: See all settings >> Accounts and import >> Other Google Account settings   Search and access to “Less secure app access”, turn on “Allow less secure apps” button. Return to Autel tool, select Android icon at the bottom: Email >> Input Gmail account >> Select manual setup, next >> Personal(IMAP) >> Input password, press Next (DON’T press “Sign in with Google” button)   Keep all settings, press Next >> Continuous pressing “Next” until arriving inbox   You may receive a security alert from Google, just ignore it.   All settings were completed! Now you’re allowed to move data from Autel tool to Gmail anytime.  

Autel IM608 Jaguar XF SV8 2011 Smart Remote Add by OBD
Car Key Programmer / October 21, 2021

Autel MaxiIM IM608 test report: add smart remote chip 46 433MHZ for aguar XF SV8 year 2011 via OBD.   Let’s go to add smart remote Jaguar XF SV8 via Autel IM608:   Turn ignition switch on. On Autel IM608 tablet, select “Jaguar” and then “Automatic selection”.   Reading VIN, after the VIN number is found, press [OK].   Confirm vehicle information: Jaguar XF 2008-2011 smart remote.   Select “Immo status scan”.   Press Start Button.   Immo status scan… and have key number:2 Next is to select “Immo matching -> Add smart key”. Press Start button again.   Position the learning smart key near the gear selector, and turn on the hazard warning lamp. Turn ignition off. Was the ignition automatically turn on? click on “Yes”.   Number of learned key: 2, click on “OK”. Would you like to learn new smart keys? click on “Yes”. Put new learning smart key on hand.   Press Unlock button of the smart key to be learned 1s with 5s, if the vehicle does not respond, a few more times. Establishing vehicle communication…   Learning successful, click on “Ok”.   Try to IMMO status scan again. Turn ignition on. Alright, Key number…

Audi A4 2002 All Key Lost, Autel IM508 /IM608 works?
Car Key Programmer / August 16, 2021

Audi A4 2002 all key lost, Obd or eeprom work? Autel IM508 /IM608 works? Any experience?   Autel IM508 /IM608: works Yes you can do esay with autel just need pin code super chip works good for this job. Key done no problem, id48 chip , but remote cant register. Autel chief engineer replied: If you can’t read it, try disassembling it. Please view the menu in programmer, immobilizer->Audi, and upload the log.   Good to know: it is sure that xhorse key fob is suitable for this car.   Look at Autel IM608 available list for Audi A4 2002: It can support add key, all keys lost and read password (Part of the models support OBD method, if not work via OBD, dismantle the immobilizer ECU to do)   CK100: Someone says yes Simple 48 chip system, the old CK100 can do it easily.   SBB: Someone says yes if yes you have SBB, read the PIN code, will be a ID48.   Alright, if you only have Autel IM508 /IM608 for Audi A4 2002 all key lost, try to program new key via OBD, if not, dismantle the immobilizer. If with no luck, upload the log for assistance.

How to Solve Autel IM608 “Chip Communication Failed” Problem?
Car Key Programmer / July 26, 2021

Sometimes, when you use Autel IM608 with XP400 key programmer to read chip like key ID46, 47, 48, 49, AES and 5C, etc, it cannot read successfully, and shows “Chip communication failed. Please check whether the chip is placed correctly or in good contact” (see the figure as below). How to fix this problem quickly? Check the solution offered by engineer.   The solution: 1.Check if the USB interface and cable are normal, go to “Programmer” menu on Autel IM608 tablet and provide the programmer version information & device series number. Step 1: Make sure that you have not connected the programmer to the vehicle OBD connector. Step 2: Check if you use the right USB cable to connect the device to the programmer. Step 3: Go to “Programmer” menu to check the programmer function.   2.Please download the following PC version programmer V2.61 software directly or go to Autel official website to download and check if it can read successfully.   Please kindly notice: If programmer connection can’t detect any keys both with PC end and tablet. Please describe how the programmer stops working after what operation? And it needs to return to the factory to repair…

Autel IM608 “Failed to Read Software Name” for Toyota Pirus 2014 AKL Solution
Car Key Programmer / July 21, 2021

Here is the solution on Autel MaxiIM IM608 “Fail to read software name” Error.   Issue Description: Try to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to do AKL programming for Toyota Pirus 2014 with Autel APB112 simulator. After he connected APB112 key simulator to Autel IM608 as the prompt, it showed “Failed to read software name”. Then he submitted the data log and contact us to send the data log title and the serial number (SN) to our technical support. (If you don’t know how to submit a data log, here is a video link below:   Possible reason: Autel MaxiIM IM608 doesn’t read the software name of Autel APB112 simulator, so there is probably something wrong with the hardware.   Solution: Try another Autel APB112 simulator.   Detailed operations: Use JVCI to connect Autel MaxiIM IM608 and the vehicle via OBD. On Homepage, press IMMO>>Toyota>>Manual selection>>Other>>PRIUS>>Smart Key (Note: “Automatic selection” sometimes fails, then we should choose the specific model manually) Press “Yes” to enter the main menu. Press Control unit>>Keyless System(CAN)>>Back up immobilizer data>>Back up immobilizer data(OBD) Press “OK” to continue. Save the file. Back to Keyless System interface. Press “Generate simulator key” and then load the EEPROM data file….

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Hyundai Santafe 2021 AKL Success
Car Key Programmer / July 14, 2021

One customer recently wondered about if Autel MaxiIM IM608 could add a new key for his Hyundai Santafe 2021 when all keys lost. He searched the vehicle coverage on the official website and found it supports models after 2019 but he cannot make sure if his car is included because of the model year.     Our technical support says the answer is yes. Autel MaxiIM IM608 supports AKL for Hyundai Santafe 2021 but it doesn’t support password reading. Therefore, he should get the pin code from his dealership first.   Days later, the customer gave his feedback and his successful. Solution: Success. Autel IM608 made it. Payed to get the pin code from the local dealership, 397*** new and 344*** old pin. It wouldn’t work by vehicle, so I had to do it through “Diagnostics” and there is an available option for AKL programming. So on Homepage, enter “Diagnostics” instead of “IMMO” or “Programming”. Find “Immo&Keys” interface, choose “Smart key code saving” and then input the pin code as the prompts to finish the procedures. Done!Nice work!    

How to Read Chrysler Town & Country 2004-2007 Pin Code by Autel IM608 PRO?
Car Key Programmer / July 7, 2021

One customer recently posted feedback that he used Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO to do key programming for Chryslers but the process of pin code reading failed, and it prompted “Not supported”. Besides, he mentioned one is Chrysler Town&Country 2005, the other one is 2007. Here, our engineer gave the solution and has already solved his issue.   Possible reason: These models (-2007) are too old to read their pin code via OBD.   Solution: Remove the immo module (SKREEM) to read the EEPROM chip.   1.Remove the SKREEM inside the steering column 1)Remove the screws from the bottom shroud of the steering wheel and take it down. 2)Take down the torque screw beside the module. 3)Remove the ring from around a cylinder. 4)Unplug the plug and remove the SKREEM.   2.Figure out the pin1 of the chip There are several types of the module like 363AF, 295AF,363AG etc. Remove the shell and take out the EEPROM. Figure out the chip, it is marked with the chip type like 95040. There’s no dimple or notch at the end, so watch what’s called slanted side. The chip has pins around, but one edge has a slight slant of the pins while another doesn’t…

Fixed! Autel IM608Pro “Error Code: 4096” for BMW CAS3+ 0L15Y AKL
Car Key Programmer / June 29, 2021

A customer gave feedback that he got “File version error![Error Code: 4096]” when trying to load the file by Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro for BMW CAS3+ (0L15Y) AKL programming on bench. Besides, he connected JVCI and Gbox2 and did the programming on bench again, but no change. Here, our technical support believes the possible reason is incorrect connections and file and raises the possible solution due to limited information about the model.   Solution: First, make sure the internet is connected. Then read CAS3+ 0L15Y on bench and make a key by dump file.   For BMW CAS3+ AKL programming with Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro, partially via OBD, partially on bench . If the OBD method doesn’t work, then choose the on-bench method.   For this model, please do the job on bench and follow the connections below. So the connections should be: 1)JVCI and Gbox2 are unneeded on bench 2)Use the USB cable to connect Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and XP400Pro. 3)Use the APA106 to connect EEPROM 0L15Y chip and Autel XP400Pro. If you puzzle about how to use APA106, check “Schematic diagram” before the operation of EEPROM reading or Autel MaxiIM IM608Pro user manual. Then read and save both original…

Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO Read “0000” Pin Code for VW CC 2014 on Bench
Car Key Programmer / June 25, 2021

One customer asked that how to get the pin code for Volkswagen CC 2014 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO. He says he reads the EEPROM chip on the cluster but all it gives is 0000 for pin. Here our technical support raises the solution on it.   Solution: Take out the comfort module behind the glove box and read it by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   Possible reasons: From the beginning, the immo data of the vehicle is in comfort module which is located behind the glove box but not the one in dashboard or on cluster. So the customer reads the wrong chip. There is no key data information on cluster. That’s why all he got is 0 for pin.   How to take out the comfort module? 1)Unscrew the screws to remove the guards on both sides of the glove box. 2)Unplug the plugs in the glove box and remove it. 3)Unscrew the sting nuts, unplug the plugs and take out the comfort module. Then open the module to get the EEPROM.   For connections: 1)Use the USB cable to connect Autel IM608 PRO and Autel XP400 PRO. 2)Use the APA103 (EEPROM clamp) to connect the chip on the…

Solved! VW Polo Dashboard Dead After Add key by Autel IM608 PRO
Car Key Programmer / June 9, 2021

Recently, a customer had a “Error” problem on the dashboard after adding a spare key for VW Polo 2007 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO and XP400 PRO. Every step by IM608 PRO was normal and the both keys worked well, but the dashboard seemed dead.   Solution: Disconnect the vehicle’s battery for a few mins and restore it again.   Tools: Car with a battery (here VW with a Polo Cross battery) Socket wrench Socket wrench extender   Step 1. Find the positive and negative terminal on the of the battery The negative terminal is usually covered with a black shell. If not, there should be a small minus sign near it. While the positive terminal usually has a red shell and a plus sign near it.   Step 2. Choose the correct socket size Figure out the correct socket size you need to loosen the nut on the negative connector and the positive connector.   Step 3. Assemble the correct-sized socket on the socket wrench Apart from the socket, you may need a socket wrench extender to be able to reach the nut on the connector.   Step 4. Loosen the nut on the negative terminal Place the socket…

Nissan Original Key Not Working After Add Key with Autel IM608
Car Key Programmer / June 2, 2021

One customer gave the feedback that when he used Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add key for Nissan March 2013 the new key worked but the old one didn’t work. According to him, later he tried few times but the vehicle beeped five times and the old key beeped twice, and then the old key was working again.   Actually, the problem is answered already as one choose Key Learning function of IM608. As the prompt, Add Key function for Nissan will delete all the smart keys. Therefore, when the IM608 tablet told you to cycle in new keys, just cycle in all the keys you have including the original one (Maximum: 4). That’s why the customer’s original key didn’t work but later got right again.   Then let’s take Nissan Rogue 2020 for an example, although different model but same Add Key procedure, to show you how to add smart keys for Nissan by Autel MaxiIM IM608.   Tools: Autel MaxiIM IM608 New Key*1 & Original Key*1   Preparation: Use OBD II cable to connect VCI with vehicle’s OBD II port. Use USB cable to connect the diagnostic tool (IM608) with VCI. (Note: Bluetooth sometimes cannot confirm the alarm is…

Autel IM608 & MaxiFlash JVCI Read Data Stream for Mazda via OBD
Car Key Programmer / May 31, 2021

This is a demo on how Autel MaxiIM IM608 & Autel MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU Programmer to Auto Scan VIN and read Mazda Atenza PCM data and retrieve CMDTCs (Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes).   Tool: Autel MaxiIM IM608 Autel MaxiFlash JVCI Mazda Atenza DLC DB-26 MVCI–OBDII cable   Part 1. Auto Scan VIN by MaxiFlash JVCI & Autel MaxiIM IM608 Use DB-26 MVCI–OBDII cable to connect MaxiFlash JVCI and Mazda Atenza’s DLC which is located In the lower left of the console (location D).   The power LED (the right one) illuminates amber automatically every time when the device is power up, which is a normal self-test procedure, and it will turn green automatically later when the device starts working normally.   Then the connection LED (the central one) illuminates solid blue when connected with the Autel IM608 tablet via Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, connection success ticks the VCI icon on IM608 screen.   Press Diagnostics>>Mazda>>Accept>>Automatic Selection>>Read, now Reading VIN…Success! Press “OK” to the next step of VIN information decoding (The Vehicle LED flashes green when communicating with the vehicle’s system)…Success! Press “Yes” to the step of System data loading…Success!   Part 2. Live Data Reading by Autel IM608 Remain…

How to Solve Autel IM608 “Key Generation Failed”
Car Key Programmer / May 25, 2021

One customer used Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add new key on Benz and VW cars, but it failed to do. Check the specific feedback he gave and the suggestion offered from engineer.   Customer problem: When I do key add and im608 programmer is involved. It’s always a failure and can’t do Mercedes or Volkswagen. Is there faulty on XP400 programmer or IM608 tablet? When I make the dealer key with the CS code in the programmer menu, it shows “Key generation failed” as below and the programmer doesn’t work. engineer replied: First of all, confirm if your key is a blank key. Next, confirm if it happens to all keys or only this key chip type. If it happens to all keys generation, then the upgrade chip of the programmer is broken, has to return to repair. If other keys can do the key generation and this one cannot, please change another blank key to retry. Use XP400 key programmer to write the original key data from Autel IM608 tablet into the blank key.   Hope it helps!   For further problem, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp/ Hot line:  +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

How Autel IM508 Perform Precode and Cypher Mode for PCF7946 Renault?
Car Key Programmer / May 21, 2021

One customer asked: On used Renault remote key-one button I replaced IC PCF7946. I would need advice on how to implement precode and cypher mode for PCF7946 Renault now using Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP400 Pro.   Here is the suggestion offered by Please go to “Remote” menu Download the software of Video 1.00 Then go to “Academy” menu to watch the video “How to Renew with XP400 Pro” and follow it to operate   Any further questions, please feel free to contact us! Whatsapp/ Hot line: +8618150117535 Email/ Skype:

How to Change Autel IM608 Touch Screen by Yourself?
Car Key Programmer / May 20, 2021

If your Autel MaxiIM IM608 appears screen hopping during operation, it starts to click randomly on the screen by itself without anyone touching the device [e.g. it automatically jumps back to the main menu from other interface (view the figure as below)], it means there is something wrong with the touch screen. You need to purchase a new touch screen to change. It’s not difficult to replace it by yourself, just follow the guide offered to do.   Guide to change touch screen and LCD screen: Note: the device used is MaxiSys Ultra, but the guide also applies to MaxiIM IM608. 1).Prepare a new top shell and a new LCD screen. Make sure that they are goodones; 2).Refer to following image to install the LCD screen on the holder; 3).Tighten four screws (Torque of electric screwdriver: 1.5± 4).Stick 4pcs screw gasket to the places circled in red 5).Stick acetic acid tape to the places circled in red Notice: a.Do not stick acetic acid tape to the LCD screen; b.Stick 1pcs acetic acid tape to every place 6).Remove the protectors from LCD screen and touch screen. Use air gun to clean top shell and LCD screen and use a dust-free cloth…

How to Solve Autel IM608 Touch Screen Cannot Work Normally?
Car Key Programmer / May 8, 2021

Customer Problem: I have an autel im608 and used it for a while. Sometimes the touch screen cannot work successfully. How to solve this problem? engineer replied: Please do it as below. First, troubleshoot the software. Go to settings-> system settings-> restore factory state Besides, the possible cause is the hardware is not connected well. Please refer to this video to check the hardware connection.   Tech support: