How to Adapt Mercedes Benz W203 Used Cluster?


I have a problem adapt used cluster that is virgin to car Mercedes w203.
I cant adapt the EZS to it it makes error , when i look in ezs it says the right km 419200 km.
but in IC reading the interior canbus it says 1677721.4 km.

Is there other places than ezs it takes km from?





if your cluster is same age (not facelift) only need is tool can connect kline ..make 0 km then adapt with MB star sd connect c4 or ..(step4)  , you don’t need block anything.
all work is in cluster set 0 km .. then adapt cluster ..  don’t touch EIS !

But if your second cluster is facelift, you can only after some modification  (update with zgw, see picture)
I did this. my car w203 2004, when I change cluster with one facelift.
so if your second cluster is facelift,  do following procedure:

Step 1.  You must put ZGW gateway w211 w203 -2006 on the car ( if you don’t have it.  is to old car)
Step 2. can L and can H (body can bus = brown wires)  from EIS and from new cluster (if is facelift)  must interconnect some how in gateway.  (attention ! the browns wired  not green)   see pictures
Step 3. for connecting with diagnostic tool  in your new cluster,  you must wire your obd2 with wires canL  and canH  (pin 6 and 14) > gateway in pin9 and 10  (as i remember, like in picture)

Step 4. if all is ok , you must connect to your new cluster thru obd  (with cgdi mb tool) mileage repair. put 0 km. write.  then if all ok and done, use mb star diagnostic scanner. select cluster by selecting 2005-6 can, go to adaptation. take automatic odometer from EIS to new cluster or something like that, wait some second. Your new cluster have now ur original odometer. if your EIS is long model use assigned can bus pins. In this picture, I use one from 2004+.

Your car must wire just like one from 2005+ a second-hand ZGW cost around 50 euro, cgdi and star c4 call a friend if you don’t have it. total work about 2 hours.Update Ur Cluster With Facelift One W203