CGDI ECU Connecting Board DME Cable User Manual
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / January 29, 2020

CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board is coming! It is a professional DME harness to test and program ECU, which known as the king of harness.   Advantages of CGDI ECU Connecting Board DME Cable:  -Connect to 12V power supply -The model port is connected to the corresponding ECU module -It’s very easy to use. Just push the palm of the plug, pull it back and push it back   What’s the function of CG-ECU simulator?  -ECU test -ECU programming -ECU clear -ECU refurbishment -ECU replacement   Which models does CG-ECU simulator support? MEV9N46 (N46) ME9.7 (272) MED17.7.X SIM4LKE SIM266 DE2.0  SIM271 KE2.0 SIM271 D62M57 (MSV80,MSD80) CR3.XX CR4.XX CR5 CR6/CR60.XX CRD.11 CRD.2XX   CG-ECU simulator Display: Motherboard   ECU connector   CG-ECU simulator Connection:   How to use CGDI CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board:   Available link to get CG-ECU simulator DME DDE ECU Connecting Board:

CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator Manual
Car Key Programmer / January 14, 2020

Today let’s talk about a new CGDI tool- CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator. What’s the function of CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV testing platform instrument emulator? CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV can work for different Benz programming device. -Support EIS testing without ELV – Support emulating ELV function (except for 204, 217, 212 old); -Support different Benz programming device; -Support CAN line EIS Monitor; -Support EIS read write and data collect.   Which EIS models do CGDI MB testing platform support? 204             207 212old         212new 166             246 209             211       169 203             463 639K Line      639 CAN Line 202            208       210 215            220       230 216old        216new 221old        221new 164old        164new   CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Emulator Display: Host OBD adapter cable EIS adapter cable   Interface display: EIS to interface EIS status display area ELV function selection, 12V power interface, OBD to interface   ELV status display: Key inserted Key…

CGDI PROG MB User Manual: How to Erase EIS to Make New keys
Car Key Programmer / September 27, 2019

How to check all Benz key positions are used or not? How to wipe EIS to program new key? Here is the step-by-step guide to solve the problems above by CGDI MB Benz key programmer.   Part 1: How to check the key position is used or not? Connect CGDI prog MB with vehicle Select “EIS” -> “Read EIS Data” to show current EIS information See the key status “used” or “disabled” from the EIS Key Basic Information   Part 2: How to wipe the EIS? If all the key positions are used above, please wipe the EIS as below Step 1: Collect EIS Data  Step 2: Save EIS Data Step 3: Wipe the EIS Step 4: Write EIS Data   In detail…   Step 1: Collect EIS Data Click on “Compute Password”->“Copy key with key”-> “Collect Data” Select “Other keys” and click “OK” Follow the prompt to insert the original key into EIS and press “OK” Then take out the original key from EIS and insert into CGDI Prog MB device Note: Please make sure the voltage remains about 12V and keep the original key insert into CGDI MB key programmer.   When data collection progresses to 100%, a…

CGDI Prog MB Program Mercedes-Benz W207 All Keys Lost
Car Key Programmer / September 17, 2019

Purpose: To program a new key for Benz W207 (AKL) by CGDI prog MB.   Preparation:   EIS: Mercedes-Benz W207 Car key: Original Benz key, blank key Device: CGDI Prog MB Mercedes-Benz key programmer Firstly, check the original key can use or not The original key cannot unlock the ELV Plug the original key into CGDI prog MB Read EIS- OK Read ELV- OK Read key- cannot read Use the new key to read key data successfully It indicates that the original key is broken.   Procedure:  Step 1: Calculate password Step 2: Save EIS Data Step 3: Generate Key File Step 4: Read/write the key   Let’s go one by one.   Step 1: Calculate password  Connect CGDI MB key programmer to EIS well Plug the BE key into CGDI MB device Click on “Compute Password”->“Copy key without key”-> “Collect Data” Select “OBD Mode”, and press “OK” Follow the prompt to remove the plug on ELV, and connect the OBD yellow line with K line on the ELV (K line is the thinnest cable on the ELV plug) Then insert the simulated key into the EIS within 30 seconds, and click “OK” It will take about 2 minutes to collect…