BMW 7 Series 2018 odometer correction with Yanhua YH35XX Simulator + CAN Filter

Have BMW 7 series 2018 to correct odometer, one Yanhua YH35XX Programmer with simulator (€129) + Can filter (€26.99) ,no need the big digimaster 3.


This is Yanhua YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator:




Plug the programmer to the computer to run the software directly.

Simulator replaces the original 35160WT /35128WT eeprom.

No red dot on odometer.



This is YH CAN Filter:



Just connect this filter to the plug behind the instrument (the black cable is 1 pin).


***After odometer correction complete, the odometer in the key will be synchronized with that in the dashboard, no need to process the odometer in the key.