Which to Buy AutoHex II or BMW Explorer?


What genuine tool to buy that fits my needs.

There are 2 tools left which is Autohex II and BMW Explorer.
My requirements for E and F series:
-making keys
-replacing dme with an used one inc. everything to make it work
-egs with an used one inc. everything to make it work
-isn reading and writing
-replacing cas module inc. everything to make it work
-custom coding
-flashing modules
-fa manager
-adjusting running hours
-reading of fault codes
-installing and coding an used cluster of F models. (6WA + 6WB)
I do have a software engineering background.



Suggestion based on user feedback:


Review 1:

I have both tools because my BMW explorer got damaged and I had been fed rumours that support was bad so in anticipation of delays ig getting it going again, I got autohex, only to get my explorer repaired in a week!! Before Fx82 gives his experience.

BMW explorer – Almost exclusively a BMW tool so of course will be thorough. If you are the kind who has no knowledge or is too lazy to learn how to do things then this is not your tool. They won’t entertain silly questions. Like asking how can I replace a used DME. User manual is comprehensive. Russian English but quite good. You get this tool to do for you what you understand. You need Hitag or Tango to make keys, Clone Htag can work. Clone tango does not work for me, error making key container. Interface is simple and to the point. OBD for most things. You can buy licences on the go. Takes 3 minutes to purchase a license, all online and automatically, license for life. ECU explorer for tricore ISN work. Bench connections straight forward.
Offline tool for most things.
AutohexII– Handles other car models but still equally good as it seems to value BMW. Very active support online for those who like being spoon fed.  Here you can be a novice and keep asking support to hold your hands. Good locksmith too and some added features like FRM repair, CAS dump reading, EEprom reading and cluster dump reading. Online tool, no options.

For yearly license fee you get online programming and coding too.

Personally I love explorer for its simplicity and nice user interface. Still Autohex 2 is a very attractive tool too! Choice is yours.

Funny enough I still like Yanhua mini acdp better for making duplicate keys and repairing FRMs, no soldering!!



Review 2:

Autohex II is an incredible software for use in BMW and you will love their 100 percent active support, adapt  make use of ecu coding as well as isn in egs and in addition to that it is cost effective than BMW explorer. If you have used both Autohex II and BMW Explorer, you will definitely agree that Autohex II for BMW has a number of advantages over its competitors and here is why;

It is perfect in adapting modules and flashing

The software is compatible and can easily read the EGS ISN, CAS and DME, it is not only stable, but also efficient.

The software lets you re-flash a DME that has complications, and coded it to your car without any problem and save yourself a huge chunk of money.

Those who use this tool for BMW are contented with its performance, because of its amazing performance as well as support.



If you are a coder, then you already know F series BMWs have time locks that have been incorporated into the DME, stopping writing and reading of certain parameters like for instance the secret key otherwise known as the ISN, KAT as well as VMax- that is limited to speed. ECU Explorer is a tool that is only meant for reading and writing the internal eeprom of the DMEs that are used in many BMW models at the moment. The hour counter is found on the eeprom. If you use using this tool, you will be able to reset your hour counter and hence unlocking time locked parameters such as ISN.

If you use the BMW Explorer, then your car will be working just fine in a matter of seconds, and you can be able to figure out the next step in the software once you install it. The hard part is long gone, personally, I have done the required hacking successfully of the board, and what is remaining it to remove the DME again and complete the process with Explorer.



Review 3: 

Well they both have have functions that the other can’t do. I have explorer and main reason for that is that I don’t need yearly subscription, with low info from Autohex side on this subscription I chose for explorer. And it never failed on me, also support is there not always instand reply but I can live with that. Also it is impossible to find a tool that can do everything….



Review 4:

Autohex II isn’t the favorite tool for old CAS systems. For FEM/BDC is better than Explorer (no need for extra tools). Due to the high costs I have Autohex II, a friend of mine BMW Explorer. To be on the safe side for old CAS I use also ACDP on Yanhua, nice and smart.


Review 5:

i got hands on both tools and experienced both myself on various cars, both has its on up and downs but for me as
personal AutoHex got a higher hand among both, specially for doing latest car its the best one
FEM and BDC unlock is easy as few clicks and no need of any soldering even when all keys and DME lost.
Also their latest update added some DME’s for editing ISN which i believe explorer cannot do
Also AutoHex software is much user friendly and support is far better compared to explorer even though got yearly subscription.
the only advantage for explorer i feel above AutoHex is mileage reset  which is personally i m not interested in.



Review 6:

I have both of them and if you do lots BMW you need at least one.

Autohex2 – Very friendly interface it will help you a lot. I using it mainly for the ISN job and the key making. It does more ECU then the Explorer eg: MEV1723.
AKL for most of E series you can do entirely via OBD. Downgrade the CAS never failed for me. Even so you can easy fix it with Autohex.
CAS3 replacement is easy and you can do it via obd or on the bench
Programming function is handy due to you don’t have to waste the time for fire up Ista P or others when needed.
It comes with all required cables and adapters and clear instruction.
Support friendly, They will never ignore any of your questions via Skype, always help you when you get in trouble.
Yearly subscription – this is nothing new when you use proper tools. It will bring you much more benefits. All updates for free.

Bmw Explorer – another grate tool. It has more function such as reset mileage for the cars.
It comes with no adapters if you need to do ECU on the bench you need to make them self – so waste the time for me – and also purchase ECU Explorer
Software comes with the dongle ( annoying) Scanning F series it takes very long time crashing at the end so need to do all from beginning.
During the CAS downgrade it sometimes stopped in the middle of the process without no reason – support ignore – CAS dead.
Doing mileage reset on Mini it wiped the mileage completely so I had to fix the eeprom…..uff, all dash out.
Bmw Explorer is twice more expensive then Autohex and is no for beginners. If you get in trouble support wont help you.
Anything you decide you still need some others tools as they both not doing everything. I hope I helped with my experience



To sum everything up, there is really know such thing as a perfect or the best tool, it all depends on your preferences and what you are looking for in a particular software tool for BMW. This article serves as a perfect guide to help you make a wise decision regarding the three tools for BMW.