VXDIAG Benz C6 Driver for Xentry 2023.06 Update Information

VXDIAG released new Benz C6 driver version to work with Mercedes Benz Xentry software 2023.06 on June 21st, 2023.

Benz C6 driver


UPDATE: supports Xentry Diagnosis 06/2023 new version

Vxdiag Benz now has support for xdos 06.2023.

Update C6 driver in VX Manager

Vxdiga Benz Update Xentry 2023 06

Connect vcx se benz or Benz C6 VCI with laptop

Run VX Manager

Update firmware- Update VCI and DoIP

Go to Diagnostic tab, Update Benz C6 driver

After update C6 driver, run Xentry recovery tool on the desktop to sync Xentry VCI.

Update firmware/VCI-> Update C6 driver-> Sync VCI.