Many of you keep asking me everything about these two things: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS and Lonsdor K518ISE. Now the review comes.

Price tag

Let’s start with the most important thing. Basically, everyone is initially interested in the price tag. The price of Lonsdor is 1,100$ and the price of OBDSTAR in package C is 1,550$. Lonsdor is cheaper, and there are all manufacturers for each programmer, not only the Chinese.

Well, everyone is switching to a subscriber, and programmers are being transferred for a monthly fee. So the OBDSTAR subscriber fee is 400$, and 400$ is a subscription fee per year for an upgrade. At a Lonsdor subscription, the fee is 480$. So if you immediately buy OBDSTAR, it’ll be a little more expensive but cheaper according to updates. In principle, the price tags seems to me not so important, the difference is not very big, and let’s see what goes into complete set.


Let’s have a smaller one to Lonsdor what it contains in the handbag, it is convenient of course. It turns out a case. We get the plug-in, a programmer for reading microcircuits with a loop, and it should be connected to such boards. We connect it to the board with needles to read the information. In one pocket we have adapters, old Honda and Hyundai, and a belt for the handbag, the whole thing kits.

Review Obdstar X300 Dp Plus Vs Lonsdor K518ise 1

The Best Programmer Review Obdstar X300 Dp Plus Vs Lonsdor K518ise 1

So let’s open the OBDSTAR box. We get the coil, so this is for checking the ignition lock. What else is this, we have a frequency tester. Here we get 868,434 and from 300-320, and this implies if there are 315 and 302 frequencies, but I can say that this is not enough because now Ford’s got a 902 frequency.

Review Obdstar X300 Dp Plus Vs Lonsdor K518ise 3

The Best Programmer Review Obdstar X300 Dp Plus Vs Lonsdor K518ise 2

Here it turns out the package, which means a device for key unlocking. There is a connector for in-circuit reading, and by the way a clamp, probably all the same for this. These are emulators for complete loss and Toyota smart keys are already included in the set because Lonsdor needs to buy emulators separately. This is already a separate money, therefore, it is accepted for this kit well. And we still have a whole bunch of cables. Here again we get adapters for reading, and adapters for Hyundai, KIA and Honda.

The Best Programmer Review Obdstar X300 Dp Plus Vs Lonsdor K518ise 3

In short, take all these things into account, then it would be more interesting than Lonsdor.


So let’s back to the difference of 500$. If there we do KIA, Hyundai, ford or something else, Lonsdor doesn’t ask connection with the server. That’s a big plus in certain situations. If there is no mobile connection or mobile connection with 3g, which will not allow the server to work normally. Therefore, I was very much rescued by Lonsdor because for cars like Ford OBDSTAR needs a connection.

Besides, Lonsdor has a built-in antenna. And let’s say OBDSTAR, there is an external antenna. I understand it is not always needed, but if suddenly you forget and go where like VW needs to make a dealer key, you can’t do anything without the thing. But here on the built-in one, so for convenience.

Let’s see the advantages of these two. X300 DP Plus can work with Immobilizer, odometer, service etc. I can tell you that there is a function engine diagnostics, it does diagnostics specifically for the engine. Then “Service” is not the diagnosis, there are certain works that he conducts directly with, but it will not show you an error there. And “Programming”, you can see “SRS Reset”, that is removing the errors of the pillow if it explodes. ECU Flasher, it’s displayed separately, 4 brands in the whole list. For “Other”, there are some repair functions. So built-in timber well, in principle, but again this is like a third-party application.

About Lonsdor here the same thing (IMMO&Odometer). But here is interesting, Lonsdor has “Generate remote/smart” directly. Directly generate remote and prepare chips. So we get it with the adapter, that is, edit some dumps. Let’s see special functions. Here’s chip generation and identification and key unlocking. It determines the frequency to simulate the chip, to decode the chip. The lower part is purely informative, so we get 5 tabs that are potentially working.


These devices complement each other and they are updated a lot, too. It seems to me that a little one step ahead of Lonsdor, because there are certain Fords I did, and when I really didn’t have the Internet and I needed to do, it’s always with me. If you have the opportunity, then buy these devices or others like Autel…every device has some kind of features and they should be different.