2022 Top 6 Mileage Correction Tools at obdiitool.co.uk

January 11, 2022

We’ve rounded up our 6 favorite mileage correction tools at obdiitool.co.uk:  Xtool X100 Pro2, Digiprog 3, OBDSTAR X300M, Yanhua Digimaster 3, GODIAG GD801 ODOMaster and OBDSTAR ODOMaster.


Top 1: Xtool X100 Pro2

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 1


Price: £173 free shipping (UK ship)

Function: Odometer adjustment + OBDII diagnosis+ Immobiliser+ EEPROM


  • It is the best seller among these mileage correction tools.
  • Comes with multi-language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, Russian
  • Supports free update for free for life
  • Key Programmer with EEPROM (Basic 2000-2014 year) supports new keys/ immobilizer/ remote controller/vehicle Identification Number programming and reads keys from immobilizer’s memory


  • It doesn’t support mileage correction for universal cars, Japanese cars such as TOYOTA (some car models), Honda and other new cars after 2015 year.

Some customers gave feedback that it failed to work on their cars. So you’d better ask our customer service if your model is supported before purchasing.

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Top 2: Digiprog iii (Copy)

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 2


Price: £99 free shipping

Function: Odometer adjustment


  • Supports the car models around year 2014
  • Supports multi-language: Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch

Cons: Doesn’t support upgrades now or in the future


Top 3: OBDSTAR X300M

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 3


Price: £168 free shipping (UK Ship)

Function: Odometer adjustment + OBDII diagnosis


  • It covers more than 50 vehicles, and all cars can be adjusted via OBD
  • The operation is more stable.


  • Only supports English
  • Doesn’t support TOYOTA (some car models) and HONDA
  • Doesn’t support upgrades now or in the future

More info:

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Top 4: Digimaster iii

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 4


Price:  £722+£83.70 shipping fee=£805.7

Function: Odometer adjustment + Audio decoding+ Airbag reset+ ECU programming+ PIN Code reading+ Key programming


  • Supports more car models incl. new and old models. Almost all older car models are supported.
  • Unlimited Token version with 200 tokens as gift


  • Only supports English
  • Only support some new car models (2017-)
  • For the old car models, need to dismantle the dashboard

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Top 5: GODIAG ODOMaster

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 5


Price:  £461 free shipping

Function: Odometer adjustment+ OBDII diagnosis + Oil Service Reset


  • New GODIAG brand device with high quality
  • Support multi- language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish and Russian
  • The vehicle coverage is the same as OBDSTAR ODOMaster


  • The upgrade time is one month later than OBDSTAR ODOMaster

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Top 6: OBDSTAR ODO Master

Top 6 Mileage Correction Tool 6


Price:  £615 free shipping

Function: Odometer adjustment+ OBDII Diagnosis+ Oil Service Reset


  • Supports upgrades, supports free update online for one year, No Need Tokens


  • Only supports English
  • Does not work on Honda

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