Bluetooth OBD2 Code Reader:AUTEL AP200 vs. Vpecker PU 600

December 5, 2019

Look here: This is the Bluetooth OBD2 code readers comparison between Autel AP200 and Vpecker PU-600.

  AP200 PU-600
Image Autel Ap200 1 Vpecker Pu 600 1
Model coverage more than 60 only 8
Full OBDII functions
All system diagnosis
Oil reset
EPB reset
BMS reset
SAS reset ×
TPMS reset
IMMO service ×
DPF regeneration
Auto VIN ×
DTC lookup
Multi-language English, traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Italian
Compatible devices Android & iOS Adroid



Autel Maxiap AP200: €51.60 free shipping

Autel Ap200 2


Vpecker PU-600 OBD2 auto scanner: €53.12 free shipping

Vpecker Pu 600 2


Customer reviews:

Autel AP200 is more popular than Vpecker PU-600, you can view many customer reviews at amazon, but only a little feedback for PU-600 at aliexpress.


Here just share some AP200 reviews.


Review 1: Good bang for your buck

Small compact device packed with lots of features. Easy to carry or just keep in your car if you ever need a code reader. This AP200 is very nice not having to carry a large code reader when traveling. Great having an app that can perform diagnostics and programming functions. Live data streaming. Readiness tests. Key programming. Reset check engine lights. O2 sensor test. Evap test. Vehicle information. And much more. If you need to read car specific codes or perform mfg specific operations you will need to purchase that mfg and download it to your phone. You get 1 mfg free and it’s $21.99 for each additional. May sound like a lot but unit is less expensive then the others that include some mfg information. If you only work on 1 make then your golden. In my case I charge my customer $25 to perform specific functions so i get to keep the download for future use and my customer is happy cause it’s less expensive than the dealership. Great if you’re a home mechanic and only work on your personal car. The ability for it to expand is the best part. Only part for what you need.

Autel Ap200 3


Review 2: Good scanner and worth to buy

Autel ap200 is a bluetooth scanner to smart phone. Considering, it keeps the ability of the scan tool and is pretty impressive.
You scan the QR code on side to download the software. OBD2 software is free for a vehicle. If you are just doing a couple of vehicle, it’s pretty reasonable because you just need to pay for the software user permission for the other vehicle.
After set this scanner up, it’s light will turn into blue once it connect to the bluetooth in your smart phone.
There is automatic selection for selecting diagnostic type which can help you scan your vehicle very fast. Turn the key on and choose a diagnostic type, it is easy to use. After confirming vehicle profile and clicking the yes button, the scan tool will establish vehicle communication. You can click auto scan bottom on diagnostic menu and this scanner will start to scan your vehicle. It will scan your powertrain, anti-lock brake system tire pressure monitor and ect..
This AP200 also supports live data, like ATC live data, engine live data and transmission live data. You can click engine speed in engine data part and then click graft, just click back, the graft will be showed under the engine speed.
Generally speaking, it work fairly fast and worth to buy.


In conclusion:

Both Autel MaxiAP AP200 and Vpecker PU-600 are professional cost-effective OBD2 scanners. But AP200 supports more functions, language and vehicle models. It’s a better choice for the majority of users.