How to Use Lonsdor K518ISE to Program Ford Focus 2015 Key Correctly?
Car Key Programmer / June 17, 2021

One customer said he failed to add an additional keyless smart key for Ford Focus MK3 2015 with Lonsdor K518ISE. He followed the prompt of “Smart Key” mode to put the new key in the slot in the armrest but the procedure ended failed. Besides, he read the original key and wondered if the “Locked” status caused the failure. First, our technical support believes that the “Locked” status would not influence the procedure. But because of the limited info of the new smart key, here we raise several solutions on it. Luckily, one of them works.   Solutions: First, we might as well test the failed-programmed key. Sometimes the Lonsdor K518 key programmer says process failed but actually the key is programmed.   Method 1. Put the original key out of the vehicle when Add Key Then at the option Add Key, the original smart key must be outside the vehicle. If we miss the prompt, the new key cannot be recognized by the tool.   Method 2. Try different angles for recognition The transponder of the new smart key selected is unknown, so we reckon that the reason is the weak signal. Low temperature, a fixed angle, different transponders…all…