Benz 204 207 212 ELV Replacement by Xhorse VVDI MB
Car Key Programmer / July 4, 2021

Here will share the method to check ESL or NEC status, replace and program ELV using XHORSE VVDI MB and Xhorse ELV/ESL Emulator.   In general, most W204 W207 W212 ESL will damage with EIS. There are two possible reasons and solutions as below. 1.ESL motor is damaged and needs to replace a new motor 2.NEC chip is locked, theoretically, it can be unlocked, actually, it needs to replace new ESL.   So, how to use VVDI MB BGA tool to tell if the Mercedes- Benz ESL is damaged or NEC is locked? Connect VVDI MB Tool to the Mercedes- Benz dashboard (test platform) and computer Open VVDI MB software Go to ESL Tools to read ESL data The ESL data is read out and the status is opened Click “Check ESL damage” Get the result “ESL is locked (maybe damaged)” Insert the key into the EIS, but it cannot turn on the dashboard So need to change a new Xhorse ELV simulator   How to replace W204 W207 W212 ESL Emulator/ELV Simulator? Change a new Xhorse ELV simulator Note: If you can’t open the meter, you can use an instrument for the commonly used ones. Insert the key into…