How to use BMW AT200 to Read & Write MSV80 ISN and Clone Module
Car Key Programmer / January 28, 2020

This post comes with the guide to read & write ISN and clone module for MSV80 DME by BMW AT200 ECU programmer.   Before operating, please make sure your AT-200 has been updated to V1.6.1. And send the serial number of your AT200 to your dealer to update the MSV80 read/ write ISN authorization.   All need: DME module: BMW MSV80 Computer: Laptop or desktop Device: BMW AT200 ECU programmer MSV80 read & write ISN authorization   Step-by-step guide: 1.Connect AT200 BMW to computer by USB cable 2.Open AT200 software Select car brand, model, Engine- EGS and ECU type Click “Next” 3.Select “Wiring Diagram” Pay attention to the color of the wiring 4.Then connect AT200 ECU programmer and MSV80 DME via professional ISN OBD cable 5.Click “Identification” to see if the module is communicating 6.Select “Read ISN” to read out MSV80 ISN and copy it 7.Click “Write ISN” 8.Read PFLASH, DFLASH and EXT EEPROM 9.Save the original data 10.Paste ISN and change the ISN to new one 11.Write ISN successfully 12.Read ISN again The ISN read out is same as the new one 13.Click “Backup data” to replace and clone module 14.Backup data successfully Done!  

BMW AT200 Read and Write MSD85 ISN Without Disassembly
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / November 29, 2019

Recently, has released the newest notice about BMW AT200 version 1.6.1. There are more functions added incl. MSD85 write ISN. Check the related update info and guide to write ISN below.   AT-200 V1.6.1 Update info: 1.Added MSV80 read ISN, write ISN, Backup Data and Restore Data 2.Added MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 write ISN 3.Added the engine type of the TC1766: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Indian, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Nissan, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Polaris, Renault, Saab, Sea Doo, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW)   Guide to read & write MSD85 ISN by AT200: All need: DME module: BMW MSD85 Device: BMW AT200 ECU programmer Professional OBD cable to read MSD85 ISN no need dismantling   Steps: Open AT200 software Select the corresponding car brand, model, engine-EGS Then it will show ECU automatically Click “Next” to operate interface Select “Wiring diagram” Then connect MSD85 DME and AT200 via OBD cable Click “Identification” to read put VIN and model info Select “Read ISN” to get ECU authorization Read out ISN code successfully Click “Write ISN” It will take about 2 minutes to read PFLASH and EEPROM Save the data read out Backup data succeed An…

CG AT200 Programmer V1.5 Update 432 ECUs, TC1793S & TC1793 wiring diagram
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / September 16, 2019

CG AT200 Programmer V1.5 update with detailed table. 1.Can read and write MSD80 ISN and MSD81 ISN. Add the wiring diagrams for TC1793 and TC1793S 3.Add TC1767 ECU programming 4.AT200 V1.5 update 432 ECUs programming. TC1793 Car Name Series Engine ECU ECU Alfa Romeo 4C 960 1750 TBI 960.A1.000 240 BOSCH MED17.3.3 Giulia 952 2900 Twin Turbo 670050436 510 BOSCH MED17.3.5 2200 Multijet 55266388 150 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 2200 MUltijet 55266388 136 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 2200 MUltijet 55266388 209 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver3 Giulietta 940 1750 TBI 960.A1.000 240 BOSCH MED17.3.3 2000 JTDM 2 940.B4.000 175 BOSCH EDC17C69 ver1 Stelvio – 2900 Twin Turbo 670050436 510 BOSCH MED17.3.5 Aston Vantage IV 4000 M177 510 BOSCH MED17.7.5 Audi A3 8P 1400 TFSI e-tron CUKB 150 BOSCH MED17.1.21 A4 B9 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI quattro flexible fuel CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI 190 BOSCH MED17.1.10 A5 8F/8T 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 2000 TFSI quattro flexible fuel CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10 A6 C7 3000 TDI 218 BOSCH EDC17CP54 3000 TDI quattro 218 BOSCH EDC17CP54 A7 4G 3000 TDI 313 BOSCH EDC17CP54 3000 TDI Ultra BOSCH EDC17CP54 Q5 8RB 2000 TFSI quattro CPMB 220 BOSCH MED17.1.10…

BMW AT200 ISN OBD Reader Mass update free on August 21, 2019
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / August 21, 2019

BMW AT200 ISN OBD Reader & ECU programmer has a massive upgrade on August 21, 2019, more than 1280 pieces in total, and all are free of charge.   Preview here 1280 pieces in total Free update   A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A8L Q3 Q5 Q7 R8 RS3 RS6 RS7 S3 S6 S8 SQ5 TT BMW E82 BMW E88 BMW F20 …… Ko S-Crosser N S T Astra Insignia Zafira Amarok Caddy Crafter Golf Jetta LT Magotan Passat Phaeton Touareg XL1 S80 V40 V60 V70 XC90 XC70 XC60

BMW AT200 Software Free Download & Setup: OBD read write 80% of BMW DME ISN
ECU Chip Tuning Tool / July 25, 2019

This article is available with BMW AT200 DME ISN reader software free download, installation on win7 and test reports (can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD).   BMW AT200 newest software free download!hBoxWSpY!jSNw5hgaw1biW5Zvuy3HJUdbuncGsw1tOCnLABNcvio Version: 07.24.2019 No pass Uploaded by the Engineer from dealer).   BMW AT200 is good at: Read & write BMW DME ISN via OBD: MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 MSD85.2 MSD87.2, B48, N20 N55.   BMW AT200 installation on win7: Plug BMW AT200 into the computer to see if it has established a good communication with the computer, go to Device Manager -> USB Input Device   2.Open the “AT200” folder.   3.Choose the BMW model and engine. For example, choose BMW F48 with engine 2000 N20B20C 174, with Engine BOSCH MEVD17.2.P TC1797. Then Next and have options: identification, Read ISN, Write ISN etc. BMW AT200 can read and write 80% of BMW DME ISN via OBD: