Can Mercedes B180 (W246) Adjust Mileage by OBDSTAR ODO Master?
Mileage Programmer / February 19, 2020

  Is it possible to use OBDSTAR ODO Master to correct odometer for Mercedes-Benz B180 W246? The answer is Yes.   Here are the full Mercedes-Benz car models covered by OBDSTAR ODO Master. Benz B series W246 is one of them. Brand Model Year Benz A Series W169 Benz A Series W176 Benz B Series W245 Benz B Series W246 Benz C Series W203 Benz C Series W204 Benz C Series W205 Benz CLA Series W117 Benz CLK Series C2079E-Coupe) Benz CLK Series W209 Benz CLS Series W218(2011-) Benz E Series A201(E-Cabrio) Benz E Series W211 Benz E Series W212 Benz G Series W463 Benz GL Series X164 Benz GLK Series X204 Benz ML Series W164 Benz ML Series W166 Benz R Series W251 Benz S Series W221 Benz S Series W222 Benz S Series C216 Benz SL Series R231 Benz SLC Series R197 Benz SLK Series R171 Benz SLK Series R172   ODO Master is a new Android-based 5” tablet specialized for cluster calibration and oil service reset. It’s easier to use and covers more car models than OBDSTAR X300M.   OBDSTAR ODOMASTER Highlights: 1.The update cycle is short and fast (updated every 2-3 days) 2.Free upgrade within one…

OBDSTAR ODO Master Test Report: Correct Mileage for VW NEC24C64/ PASSAT
Mileage Programmer / December 30, 2019

Here share two ODO Master VW mileage adjustment test reports which have been confirmed by OBDIITOOL.CO.UK engineer.   ODO Mater newest price: €727.83 (was €885.30)   Purpose: Check if ODOMaster can adjust mileage for 2008 VW PASSAT and 2013 VW NEC24C64 or not   All need: Device: OBDSTAR ODO Master mileage programmer Car dashboard: 2008 VW PASSAT VDO K line, 2013 VW NEC24C64 color screen type   Preparation: Record the original mileage 2008 VW PASSAT is 250000km 2013 VW NEC24C64 is 60000km Connect ODO Master to car dashboard Enter ODO Master main interface   Procedure: Test 1: ODO Master correct odometer for VW PASSAT 2008 video demo:  Select “Diag Program”-> Cluster Calibrate” -> “VW”-> “VW V31.99” -> “Select from vehicle”-> “Passat”-> “VDO K line” Reading mileage… Read out the mileage is correct Input new mileage: 230000km Confirm the value just enter is right Then start to adjust mileage Finish adjustment The new mileage shows on the car dashboard successfully   Test 2: ODO Master correct odometer for VW NEC24C64 2013: video demo: Select “Diag Program”-> “Cluster Calibrate”-> “VW”-> “VW V31.99” -> “Select from type”-> “Identify Odometer Types” Indentify the odometer type is NEC+ 24C64 (2013 Color screen) Then…

How to use OBDSTAR DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost?
Car Key Programmer / July 23, 2019

If you have Ford after 2017 and all keys lost, using one OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS V32.41 to program new keys are the best solution (no need pin code).   OBDSTAR DP PLUS V32.41 test reports:   Increased Escort 2017-2018 All Blade Keys Lost Increased New Mondeo 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Everest 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Transit 2018- All Blade Keys Lost Increased Edge 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Explorer 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Mustang 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased Fusion 2018- All Smart Keys Lost Increased GALAXY 2015- All Smart Keys Lost Increased RANGER 2019- All Smart Keys Lost Increased FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All Blade Keys Lost Increased F-150 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-250 2017- All Smart Keys Lost Increased F-350 2017- All Smart Keys Lost   * All not need pincode.   How to use OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS to program Ford 2017- all keys lost? Choose “Ford”. Smart key System.   Car model selection. i.e Explorer.   2017 –   All keys lost.   Switch ignition off.   Communicating…   This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the…

OBDSTAR adds Lincoln Ford 2017 up All Smart Keys Lost without PIN
Car Key Programmer / July 22, 2019

OBDSTAR released new Lincoln & Ford immobilizer software- adding 2017 up all smart keys lost programming models in July, 2019.   Compatible devices: OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 DP PLUS   Ford V32.41 IMMO Update: 1.Ford Escort 2017- 2018 All key lost (Beta) 2.Ford New Mondeo 2017- All key lost(Beta) 3.Ford Everest 2017- All key lost(Beta) 4.Ford Transit 2018- All key lost(Beta) 5.Ford Edge 2017- All key lost 6.Ford Explorer 2017- All key lost 7.Ford F-150/250(King Ranch)/F350 Platinum 2017- All key lost 8.Ford Mustang 2017- All key lost 9.Ford FUSION 2017- All key lost 10.Ford GALAXY 2017- All key lost (Beta) 11.Ford RANGER 2017- All key lost 12.Ford FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All key lost (Beta) 13.Lincoln MKC 2017- All key lost 14.Lincoln MKZ 2017- All key lost 15.Lincoln MKX 2017- All key lost 16.Lincoln Continental 2017- All key lost 17.Lincoln NAUTILUS 2019 All key lost 18.Lincoln NAVIGATOR 2018-2019 All key lost Lincoln V32.41 IMMO Update No need Pincode. MKC 2017- All smart keys lost MKZ 2017- All smart keys lost MKX 2017- All smart keys lost Continental 2017- All smart keys lost NAUTILUS 2018- All smart keys lost Navigator 2018- All smart keys lost

Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 key programming by OBDSTAR X300 DP plus
Car Key Programmer / July 11, 2019

Have Renault Symbol 2010- 2018 to program key, read/ calculate pin code, OBDSTAR X300 DP plus is the best solution. Because it is easy to use by following the on-screen instruction, and it also programs keys on many other Renault car models.   Here we go for general procedure: 【IMMOBILIZER】–【RENAULT】–【RENAULT V30.66】–【Program Keys】–【SYMBOL】–【2013-2018】–Go on until finish by following the prompts (PS, I haven’t attach all images below until it complete, actually, it really works. Thanks)   Additional info: As you can see. OBDSTAR X300 DP plus has many Renault car models list. The following models are copied from the obdstar official site, you can refer to it, I haven’t tested all. RENAULT V30.64 Read/Calculator PinCode Type 1(KWP) Models From 1387 To 1390 Model Until 1387 Type 2(Auto Detected) Type 3(Duster\Logan\Symbol… 95040 eeprom) Program Keys AVANTIME 2001-2003 CAPTUR 2016- -2015 CLIO 2006-2012 Smart Key System Immobiliser 2000-2008 CLIO IV 2016- -2015 DOKKER DUSTER 2014-2018 2010-2014 2006-2010 ESPACE 2015- Blade key Card Key 2002-2015 2 KEY 3 KEY FLUENCE 2008-2016 KANGOO KANGOO PH1(1999-2002) Type 1 Type 2 KANGOO PH2(2003-2008) KANGOO 2  (2008-    ) KOLEOS 2010-2016 -2010 KWID Type 1 Type 2 LAGUNA 2007-2011 -2007 2 KEY 3 KEY LATITUDE LODGY Type 1…