Volvo 2018-2021 Key Programming by Yanhua Mini ACDP via OBD without Soldering
Car Key Programmer / July 15, 2021

New Volvo IMMO module- Yanhua Mini ACDP module 20 has been released. It’s specially designed to work with Mini ACDP for newer Volvo (till 2021) CEM key programming without soldering.   What exactly can Mini ACDP Module 20 do? 1.Read CEM data by ICP mode without soldering 2.Program new keys via OBD mode   Which car models can work with it? VOLVO XC40 (2020- ), VOLVO XC60 (2018- ), VOLVO XC90 (2015- ) VOLVO S60 (2020- ), VOLVO S90 (2017- ) VOLVO V60 (2018- ), VOLVO V90 (2016- ) Lynk& Co (2018- )   Key types supported:   CEM connection diagram: SPC5646C/SPC5647G/SPC5648G CPU model   Volvo key programming in Mini ACDP APP operation guide: Select Volvo>> IMMO>> select any Volvo module supported above (e.g. Lynk Co 01 (2018- ) Note: For old Volvo, Mini ACDP Module 12 is required. Reference: Program Volvo Smart keys & Semi-smart keys by Yanhua Mini ACDP: Done There are 4 functions can be performed. OBD Detect (new update) Read CEM data by ICP (new update) Add key / all-key-lost Add key / all-key-lost after deleted all keys 1.OBD detect It is easy to operate by connecting ACDP to the car OBD interface. 2.Read CEM data by…