Vident IBT200 12V& 24V Battery Analyzer User Manual

July 14, 2020

This article is available with the user manual of Vident IBT200 12V & 24V Battery Tester.

Part 1: Vident IBT200 overview
Part 2: Vident IBT200 function & feature
Part 3: Vident IBT200 specification
Part 4: Vident IBT200 using tips
-Connection method
-Language set
-Battery capacity test
-Cranking test
-Charging test
Part 5: Vident IBT200 FAQ

Part 1: Vident IBT200 overview

IBT200 is a professional battery analyzer special for 12V passenger vehicles and & 24V heavy duty trucks.


Vident IBT200 Look:

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 1














Vident Ibt200 User Manual 2



















Part 2: Vident IBT200 function & feature

-Test batteries rated from 100 to 2000CCA

Multi-language: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese

-Vident iBT200 is used for lead-acid starting battery, testing the following conditions of the battery, cranking system and charging system. 



-Multiple battery types testing – VRLA, GEL, AGM, SLA

-Multiple rating systems testing – CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, GB

-Directly test the battery on the car, without battery moving

-Test options: battery test, cranking test and charging test

-Quick and accurate to achieve test results in 3 seconds

-Three color lights to indicate battery conditions

-Extremely easy to use with large backlight LCD display and menu-driven operation

-Doesn’t emit light, heat or spark, or discharge battery – keep operation safe for all levels of users


Part 3: Vident IBT200 specification

Item Parameter
Voltage Measuring 9V-36V
Battery Type URLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Battery Rating 100CCA-2000CCA
Standard Support CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, GB
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60°C (-4°F~140 °F)
Storage Temperature 0 ~ 70°C (-4 °F~158 °F)


Part 4: Vident IBT200 using tips

1.Connection method:

The tester is powered by the vehicle battery. Please connect the RED clamp to the positive terminal, and connect the Black clamp to the negative terminal. Connect the RED clamp prior to Black one is suggested.

The tester is ready to use along with the screen displays as below

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 3







Please check and reconnect two clamps fully and firmly connected to the terminals in case the screen displays as below.

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 4








2.Language set:

Enter main menu-> Language Set-> choose the language you desire


Vident Ibt200 User Manual 5







3.Battery capacity test:

This test determines condition of battery according to rated value labeled on the battery.

Step 1: Make sure the engine and all devices are off

The voltage value will be higher than that in the normal situation due to the checked battery is fully charged after the vehicle runs for a while.

Please turn on the headlights for 2 to 3 minutes, until battery voltage drops to the normal value, then turn off all devices and start testing.


Step 2: Press the UP or DOWN button to do the following operations


Both of them are displayed on the battery rating label.

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 6







Vident Ibt200 User Manual 7







Vident Ibt200 User Manual 8








Step 3: Press ENTER to start battery test, the test result will display on the screen

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 9







Battery State of Health (SOH) and Test Result Reference Table:

>80% GREAT Good to Use Green
>60% NORMAL Not bad Green
>45% CAUTION Keep caution Yellow
<45% SUGGESTREPLACE! Replace needed Red

Note: Internal Resistance refers to the sum total resistance of two series connection 12V batteries when testing 24V system.


4.Cranking Test :

This test determines cranking state by testing cranking voltage and time.

Step 1: make sure the engine and all devices are off

Step 2: Select “2. CRANKING TEST”

Step 3: Press ENTER to Cranking Test interface.

Start engine, the test result will be displayed as below

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 10







Cranking Test Result Reference Table:

Reference: For 12V system

Cranking Voltage Cranking Ability Action to Battery
> 10.7 V Good No action
10.2~10.7 V Normal Keep Caution
9.6 ~10.2 V Bad Replace it soon


5.Charging Test:

This test determines charging system by testing it’s condition under loaded and unloaded status.

Step 1: make sure the engine and all devices are off

Step 2: select “3. CHARGE SYSTEM”

Step 3: Press ENTER to Charging Test interface.

Start engine and the test result will be displayed as below

Vident Ibt200 User Manual 11







Charging Test Result Reference Table:

Reference Table (For 12V System)
Status Battery Voltage  Voltage Engine Performance
All Electric System Off(Depress Accelerator) > 13.5 Normal
13.2~13.5 General
13.0~13.2 Keep Caution
< 13 Inspection Immediately
All Electric System On (Depress Accelerator) 13.4~14.8 Normal
13.2~13.4 Keep Caution
< 13.2 Inspection Immediately

Note: It’s just for reference. Bad batteries will affect the test results.


Part 5: Vident IBT200 FAQ

Q: What’s the measurement principle of this tester?

A: The battery will gradually aging with increase of time.

The main reason is that it can no longer generate some effectively chemical reaction because of aging of the surface of the battery plate.

That is why most of the batteries can longer be used mainly.

International Electric and Electronic Engineer Association (IEEE) formally looks the Conductivity Test as one of the standard of checking lead acid storage battery.

It points out from IEEE standard 1118-1996 that: Conductivity Test is used to test AC current generated by putting the known frequency and amplitude AC signal to both sides of the battery.

AC conductivity value is the ratio of AC current signal which keeps same phase with AC voltage and the AC voltage.

This Vident iBT200 battery tester is designed from this principle actually.


Q: Is the result affected by the installation of negative current for the vehicle?

A: All the negative currency will affect the result. Therefore please remove the negative currency prior to checking, in order to achieve the accurate data.


Q: Can this ibt200 tester predict when the battery goes down?

A: The internal resistance of the sealed lead-acid battery is complicated.

It is generated by ohm internal resistance, concentration polarization internal resistance, chemical reactions internal resistance and interference effect caused by double capacitance’s charging.

The ingredient of internal resistance and its relative content will change with different test method and different test moment, which can lead to different tested value of the internal resistance.

And there is no strict relationship between internal resistance (or conductance) and capacitance of the sealed lead-acid battery. So it is impossible to predict the life of battery according to a single battery’s internal resistance. But it can be predicted the life of the battery will be over soon from the sudden increase of its internal resistance and decrease of its conductance.


Q: Is the CCA value tested by Vident ibt 200 correct?

A: CCA is considered as a control standard with the produce of the battery.

According to the accumulated records, the tested value of new battery is 10-15% higher than the standard value, and along with consuming of the battery, the value is getting close to standard, even lower afterward.


Q: What is the difference between the method of ibt200 battery tester and the load test method?

A: The load test method: According to the physical formula R=V/1, test equipment forcibly make the high permanent DC current (presently 40- 80A large current is available) go through the battery shortly (about 2-3 seconds).

And then the tested voltage of the battery can be used to figure out the internal resistance by the formula.


Disadvantages of load test method:

(1).Just available for large capacitance battery or storage battery. The small capacitance battery cannot load 40-80A large current in 2-3 seconds.

(2).When the large current going through the battery, there comes out polarization phenomenon from internal electrode, which can cause polarization internal resistance. As a result it has to be tested in a short time. Otherwise there is a large error of the internal resistance value.

(3).The internal electrode will be damage generally when large current go through the battery.


The method of VIDNET IBT200 battery tester: Battery is actually equivalent to an active resistance. So we add a fixed frequency and small current to it, and then sample the voltage value. Eventually the internal resistance can be figured out after some operation such as rectification and smoothing.


Advantages of this method:

(1).It can be used for checking almost all the batteries including low capacity battery and internal resistance of the notebook battery exclusively.

(2). It will not harm the battery.


Vident ibt200 9V-36V battery tester car battery analyzer: