VXDIAG VX Manager V1.8.0.0814 Free Download Update Guide

August 17, 2020

VX Manager has been updated to V1.8.0.0814 All VXDIAG devices (e.g SP238-W, SP239, VX16) need to update, otherwise, it cannot use normally.


The correct update order: update VX Manager-> firmware & device driver->authorization


Very important!!!

If your VX Manager previously installed is an old version, don’t update new diagnostic drivers directly, otherwise, it will not diagnose!


Please update VX Manager and device firmware firstly, then update the diagnostic driver.


The VXDIAG device authorization period defaults to 60 days. Please update it before the expiration date!

Vxdiag Vx Manager V1.8.0.0814 Update Guide 1

How to update VXDIAG VX Manager?

Method 1: Open old version VX Manager, click on [check update] icon at the left bottom of the screen. When it pops up software update info, click on “YES” to download.

Vxdiag Vx Manager V1.8.0.0814 Update Guide 2

Method 2: Visit http://www.vxdiag.net/#download to download the newest VX Manager V1.8.0 Build 0814

Note: You’d better disable anti-virus before installation.

After install the newest VX Manager, open it and check the device info, you can see the device firmware (VCX.BIN), device driver (SDK) and DoIP firmware all are version.

Vxdiag Vx Manager V1.8.0.0814 Update Guide 3


Attach the newest VXDIAG upgrade info:

This update unifies the update of software development platform SDK, adds the authorization to update online automatically, optimizes the underlying stability and the remote diagnosis function, etc.


Specific update info:
VX Manager V1.8.0.0 Build 0814

SDK V1.8.0.0
VCI firmware V1.8.0.0

Optimize the user interface
VCI Firmware V1.8.0.0 2020-08-14

Update the new platform synchronously: SDK V1.8.0.0
Add LIN bus protocol

Optimize OBD ignition voltage signal reading
DoIP Firmware V1.7.0 2020-08-07

Update BENZ remote diagnostic support DAS/XENTRY (DoIP is not supported so far)
Update BMW remote diagnostic support ISTA-D/ESYS (DoIP is supported)
Update JLR remote diagnostic support SDD/PathFinder (DoIP is supported)

Update PT3G remote diagnostic support
Optimize remote diagnostic network service
Update OEM original diagnostic driver synchronously
BENZ v3.2.0.200810
FORD v2.2.0.200810
GM v1.1.0.200810
HINO v02.02.200812
HONDA v04.04.200812
JLR v04.04.200812
JLRDOIP v3.1.0.200810
PASSTHRU v04.04.200812
PORSCHE v1.2.0.200813
PT3G v3.2.0.200810
SGM v04.04.200812
SUBARU v04.04.200812
TOYOTA v04.04.200812
VW6154 v3.2.0.200813