Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max, Any Good?

VVDI Key Tool Max with Mini OBD tool Bluetooth adapter is the update version of VVDI Mini Key tool. This new Xhorse tool makes up for the lack of a display screen, will be used by more locksmiths.


What can VVDI Key Max do:

– Support smart card remote, super remote, super chip XT27A66

-Generate remote and smart key

-Generate transponder

-Transponder Clone

-Generate Remote

-Remote Clone

-OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.

– Be connected to the dolphin XP-005 key cutting machine via Bluetooth to cut the key

-Enter the car directly using KEY MAX+ MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.

-Match the chip remote control for a wide range of car models

-Toyota H chip will be released first


Note: The port which is used to connect the programmer is reserved. After the expansion, the chip can be written start data, and the operation of the IC reading data is equivalent to the function of the tango.


Xhorse key tool Max display:

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max 1

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max 2

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max 3

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max 4


What can VVDI Mini OBD Tool do:

-Battery Programming

-Odometer Correction

-Steering Angle Calibration

-Key Code Learning

-EABS Programming

-Remote Manual Programming

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool Max 5


What’s the advantage of VVDI Key Tool Max:

1.Its color display screen can be used as an external display of the numerical control machine to complete the operation of cutting between finger touch, so as to avoid the embarrassment of calling in during the operation of mobile phone.

2.All kinds of resources of the Key tool Max that are connected to the Internet can be shared and interacted, so you can learn how to open the video before you start it and have more confidence.

3.KEY TOOL MAX will also make it more convenient for manufacturers to intervene and support. Problems in use or in need of help can be solved more quickly.

4.The VVDI Mini OBD Tool works with key tool max, will make people feel more convenient.

Once you get the customer key, identify and generate the KEY — cut the KEY — get into the car and match again with the KEY TOOL MAX. The whole process is seamless, and there is no need to switch devices back and forth. Even the whole process will have operation guidance.


5.The KEY TOOL MAX makes up for the lack of a display screen in the VVDI mini key tool, and upgrades the old display on the phone to support a new generation of android display. VVDI mini key tool is positioned as the use of low-end users, that is, a small number of customers with XHORSE products are the most practical, while KEY TOO MAX can be a good link to CNC machines and other devices, which are more suitable for customers with more XHORSE products. Of course, its OBD function is required by all levels of customers, so it is aimed at a broader group.


Maybe someone will say there are many functions of VVDI key tool max are same as vvdi mini key tool, is it necessary to buy?


In my opinion, just like the continuous development of mobile phones, mobile phones will be constantly updated and we will buy them according to our own needs. The old machines can be used but the new ones will have more functions. Besides that, it’s a cost-effective tool in the market.


To sum up, XHORSE KEY TOOL MAX is a new product of Xhorse positioned as a mid-end machine. It’s not a replacement for the VVDI KEY TOOL and Mini key tool.