How to solve Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Error Code 42


I have a new xhorse dolphin xp005l, and it is already calibrated, when I send the order to cut, it reaches 1%, the red light comes on and this error code 42 message appears, I already tried another cutter and tried.

Xhorse Dolphin Xp005 Error Code 42

First make sure the work area is clear and clean. No shavings on the clamp at all. Next do the ‘Height Level Adjustment’. After performing that, try cutting your key.

If you did a firmware update, you have to perform it AGAIN. — If you truly did the Height level adjustment, and it’s not seeing the probe & cutter at the same height, then it might need sent in for service.

Xhorse Dolphin XP005/XP005L Height Level Adjustment
When should you do it?
•after a firmware update
•after you brake a probe or cutter
•whenever you want to change the cutter size
It’s very simple!
•Click Device Info at the bottom
•then click “Height Level Adjustment”
•Next you will want to READ the onscreen directions and follow them exactly.

Height Level Adjustment 1

Height Level Adjustment 2

Height Level Adjustment 3


I lowered the cutter a bit to the level of the probe and the machine cut a hon66.  if you did the height level adjustment, that’s what it has you do!