HUMZOR NEXZDAS Pro Download, Update & Quick Start Guide

May 10, 2020

HUMZOR NEXZDAS Pro with 10 inch tablet is a professional Bluetooth full system auto diagnostic tool. It works on wide vehicle over 70 car brands. Here will share the guide to download, update and using tips.

Humzor Nexzdas Pro User Manual 1


Part 1: Where to download NEXZDAS APP?

There are two ways to download.

Method 1: Search NEXZDAS on Google Play

Method 2: Download from the official website:

Or kindly scan the QR code below to download


Humzor Nexzdas Pro User Manual 2


Part 2: How to update HUMZOR NEXZDAS Pro?

Free update on the official website: or update for wide vehicle models in the App Store of the software. No other fees with lifetime free upgrade with more powerful versions.

More advanced functions are under developing now for later release, such as ECU coding & programming, more supported models, etc. All free to update gradually.

Part 3: How to use HUMZOR NexzDAS PRO 10 inch tablet quickly?

1.When finish install NexzDAS APP, open it directly with network working

2.Register with an available email and set up your login password

3.Bind the device, get the serial number and activation code from the password envelope

4.Plug NexzDAS PRO device into the vehicle’s OBD port

Turn on the ignition switch with engine off (the red light turns on)

5.Run NexzDAS APP, connect Bluetooth automatically, and the blue light on the device turns on

6.Select the car model and functions you need, then start to do diagnosis.

Learn more details about Humzor NexzDAS Pro with 10inch tablet full system diagnostic tool, click here: