Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47 feedback, PCB, 111 New Protocol

August 6, 2019

Firstly thanks to @ bmwadriatic (poster of cartechnology.co.uk), he said: Little feedback from myside, I decided to bought one (Ktag FW 8.000/SW 2.47). I had not enough time to test it on more ECUs, but I already tested one ECU of the new protocols. And it worked without problem for me. So I recommend to you, if the new protocols are interesting for you. In attachment you have some PCB pics, i cant say if its good or bad, i don’t understand this. But since I tested it already, I trust the tool.







Here new 111 protocol list:


Screenshot the head of this able for first view.


Someone think the pcb will be not different, it’s still same China Ktag pcb on all fw.

bmwadriatic point of view: I was not thinking and saying that PCB looks different. I was only post the PCB pics to help other users to decide if this tool is reworked good and worth the money.

Nothing more.