KTMflash ECU Programmer read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro

KTMflash is a good ECU programmer and transmission power upgrade tool. It can read the chip/ transmission data, and read & write ECU data etc. at a high speed. This article will highlight how to read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro by KTMflash ECU programmer.


Price: 286.67 euro free shipping (was 325.91 euro)

Source: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/latest-ktm-flash-ecu-programmer.html

Package includes:

1pc x KTMflash ECU Programmer

1pc x KTMflash USB Dongle

1pc x PowerBox

1 pc x Multi-Color Cable

1 pc x cable

1 pc x USB Cable

1pc x power adapter

1pc x CD


KTMflash ECU Programmer read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro


The switch board is designed to work with J2534, this device uses the KTAG cables so the user can refer to the KTAG wiring diagram

KTM100 KTAG connection picture display:



Cables from left to right:


1.Green-CAN L
3.Yellow-K LINE
5. Red-VECU
10.White-CAN H



Connect all the devices well as the wiring diagram above






Go to KTMflash software and click “Read”


Select the corresponding options



It will take about 1 minute to read data


Read Infineon Tricore TC1738 TC1767 Micro successfully

Save the file



Please kindly notice:

When you use KTMflash ECU programmer switch board, please pay attention to the advices below.


1.Advise you use Open Port2.0 as the protocol conversion equipment and work with PC.


2.There are 3 types of Bosch Infineon ECU :

1) The Infineon ECU before TPROT8.

2) TPROT8-10

3) The Infineon ECU after TPROT10 which is what we call GPT encrypted.


3.The Infineon ECU before TPROT8 is not encrypted, you directly use the BOOT point grounding, and then follow the KTAG user manual to wire the cable and read the data.


4.For TPROT8-10,the Bosch Company set the anti-debugging mode, reading EEPROM needs no password and reading Flash needs password.

Therefore, during the reading process, there is an extra CNF1, Boot outputs low level and CNF1 outputs high level. When reading, Boot needs to add one small resistor and ground it. CNF1 to connect one 470ohm-2K resistance, then connect 3.3V, it’s very important, otherwise the ECU will be burnout.


2 tips on reading the data: 

1) BOOT and CNF1 must be connected when reading data.

2) Only connect BOOT not CNF1 When reading the password, otherwise the password can’t be read out. Also you can follow the Ktag wiring diagram because KTAG controls the CNF1 turn on and off, so it can’t be disconnected. When reading the password, you turn the two switches to the automatic mode, and to the ON mode when reading the data, when the software prompts, you choose “Manually” then follow the message to turn on or off.


5.For GPT encrypted ECU, the S1, S2 and Boot cable need to be connected when reading password, and the S1, S2 don’t need to be connected when reading data.


That’s all.