XTOOL VAG401 Update Tips & Guide

December 29, 2020

XTOOL V401 is a professional OBD2 code reader for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda after the year 1996. It supports online update. But recently we receive some customers’ feedback that they have some issues during VAG401 software update. Here have collected the frequently asked questions and offered the related answers.

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 1


Q: Can VAG401 still be updated? How much is the upgrade fee?

A: Yes, It can be updated, no need upgrade cost.


Q: What’s the newest version of Xtool V401?

A: Please download the XTOOL upgrade tool V2.0.57directly.


Q: How to solve XTOOL VAG401 white screen?

A: 1.Format the original TF (SD) card;

2.Download XTOOL upgrade tool;

3.Install upgrade tool onto SD card again.


Q: I cannot update xtool v401 successfully, it appears white screen and when I login with my SN and password, it says “Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtooltech\TP200 Series\logs\20201216.log’ is denied.

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 2

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 3

A: The reason is that the upgrade tool you used is incorrect.


So, how to update XTOOL VAG401 correctly?

Please follow the following guide to operate step by step.

Step 1: Visit XTOOL official website: xtooltech.com-> click [Download Update Tools] at the bottom of the home page to download automatically and install manually

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 4

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 5

Step 2: Connect your VAG401 and your computer via the USB cable

Step 3: Scroll until you see the “About” Select Enter.

Find your serial number (username) and password to register XTOOL website.

Xtool Vag401 Update Tips 6

Note: Your username is your S/N, it is listed on this screen (Also listed on the back of your device, it will start with and include VAG401-) and the password is listed on the bottom of this page, literally labeled “Password”.

Step 4: Take out the SD card from XTOOL VAG401

Insert the card in a USB card reader and plug reader to laptop

And then you will see XTOOL Upgrade Tool interface, and click “Upgrade” to wait it done!


More details of Original Xtool V401: