Solved! iProg+ Pro V82 Cannot Connect When Installing

Recently, one of customer gave a feedback that he got trouble in installing V82 iprog pro software.

Customer problem: Hi, I bought iprog+ from your online shop maybe 4 months ago. But I don’t have a time to work with it. Actually I’m installing software, I’ll connect it with laptop and start to work. It shows that programmer cannot connect! I can’t install properly. Downloaded V82 software yesterday also had the same problem. I did same procedure on my friend’s PC again, it also failed. Looks that iprog box not good!

Iprog + Pro V82无法安装解决方案1

Iprog+ Pro V82 Fail To Install Solution 2 engineer solution:

1.Please check whether the connection is correct.

This is the correct connection diagram as picture shown below.


Iprog+ Pro V82 Fail To Install Solution 3


2.The iprog+ iprog pro software can only work in the operating systems of the Windows family . The following versions are supported:
Windows XP
Windows vista
Windows 7
Windows 8


Customer feedback:

Iprog switches on via usb to laptop net and laptop is well.

Thanks for the help.

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